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Oops, meant .chicky. Funny predictive text usually calls her 'chucky'! Chocky I quite like though...breakfast? And Verdun becomes 'here' on predictive.


Soz Dove, half asleep again...did mean Fairy


Morning all,

Nice sunny morning,but a lot fresher,ideal day for gardening.

Am going to do battle with wispy Wisteria tendrils today,have only been away a few days ,but they have gone across the roof of OH,s  octagonal greenhouse and tangled themselves around the vent at the top,need to clear it or it won,t open.

Hope your daughter gets her results today Fairygirl,and gets the grades she needs,chocolate is always a good idea

Trip in East Anglia too far for me Dove,but suggestion of trip and cake combined excellent

Have a good day all.


Stacey Docherty

Brrrr autumn is most definitely waiting to descend.... Well have started my Xmas shopping! a day of garden pootling and house work today that's if monster lets me She's full of the joys today. Moved an acanthus from the flower bed into the wooded area yesterday it was far too big and crowding a load of stuff. It's in a nice spot so hopefully it will look stunning..... Also found a great fern for down there a lady in red (athyrium filix-femina) love the red stems they will add a great dimension. Gonna sort some of the strawberry runners today, have a great day everyone and enjoy whatever your doing

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Fingers crossed for your daughter Fairy.

It's overcast today so I shall not be sunning myself. Might get the rest of the ivy cut back-if I can drag myself out of bed

Stacey Xmas shopping . I'd stick to garden pootling and leave housework.

Have a fab day all- whatever you do


Gardening Grandma

Morning all... well, its not evening, anyway. Don't know what toi do with myself today, since I'm no longer helping bro to move in to new house. Have shopped and can see that I could clean.... Garden also needs attention and at last it is not raining. Apparently, we missed a lot of excitement on Monday. The drains failed to cope and water broke through the road surface outside a nearby house and apparently there was a spectacular fountain. We came home to cones and traffic lights which mean that we have to queue to get into our own drive. So far, the cones and traffic lights are the entire show - no workers have actually shown up to repair anything.

After a diet of crisps and chocolate while working yesterday, back on the straight and narrow today. Roast chicken and veg roasted in Frylight for lunch. (Chicken reduced because its sell-by date had arrived).


Afternoon. Didn't do my usual sitting for ages on laptop earlier, but changed bed then went to carry on with the vine chopping up.  There's rather a lot and more to come down! Then spotted something else that needed a haircut, so did that.  Measured up the wall for new trellis and a bit to take it to 10ft,. Can do that as it's to cover next doors horrible extension. Now have a problem as it's collection only. How bloody ridiculous. Who could get a 7ft x 7ft trellis in their car + a fancy bit for the top. Could get son to strap it to his back on his bike. Not sure he would agree to that though.  And, no, I don't know a man with a van.

Oh, well, back to the drawing board. Why is nothing simple?


Ok, am having a play with my new toy (its not often i appear on  weekday lunchtime).  Sat in the meadow behind our office:

 Can anyone see that?


Ooh - it worked

Gardening Grandma

Lovely view from your office, Chicky!

Morning TT. Impressive effort going on! Hope you sort out the trellis.

FG, hope your daughter is soon put out of her suspense.  


Hello all, had my 4 children and 6 grandchildren staying so haven't been on here.

Also it's not working very well, which is a bore when you are in a hurry. I typed some answers on some other threads but couldn't see them until I clicked on F5, which I didn't know about until Dove mentioned it. I used the email notifications but haven't had any for some time.

Also when I click on my avator pic it says I'm from Wyre Forest and I haven't any details or posted anything. I couldn't work out how to get to my messages until I clicked on forum posts by accident and got to them via my posts. So I didn't answer GG straight away, especially as there wasn't a notification.

Sent Daniel Haynes a message, he said it was working OK, sent him about 3 since but no answer.


At least the one above appeared after I wrote it so someone has done something. Really would like the notifications and my identity back.


They're working on it BL. If you read through the back posts, you will find it was a frustrating 3 days on here! Only started working correctly mid-dayish yesterday. Notifications, etc, hopefully to follow soon. Don't know how you managed to move though!


Having lunch - nice view at work chick! 

Thanks for all the kind wishes for no.  2 daughter - post doesn't come till mid afternoon so will have to wait an see  She has managed to struggle on  with the help of some Galaxy chocolate - the brave little soldier.....

Does that come across as sarcastic as it's meant to? 

Stacey if you mention C*******s shopping on here before December we'll have to ban you..... The 'C' word isn't allowed in my house till then. Surprisingly, the girls stuck to that even when little!

Nice now so might venture out for more hard labour. The shooting incident that happened up here yesterday involved customers where I work, and the man who did it lived near me. I knew his sister quite well as she was a regular customer in the saddlery shop we have, which I worked in prior to having my children.  They used to live on the neighbouring farm to where it happened.  Not good.


I second that about the 'C' word FG.

Just got terribly upset as I caught and took the skin off my arm again. Only bent down to to move a rock and didn't see the cut down stem of the day lily.  Probably sound pathetic, but arm only just healed after last time. I could do with a Belgium Bun to cheer me up. Never mind.

Didn't see any news yesterday so am un the dark about what you are referring to FG. Tend not to put TV on if there's nothing which interests me.

Right, must pull myself together and get on. Will put long sleeved top on and just get hot.



Morning all - dawn watering patrol complete.  Out tonight, so it will be the same routine tomorrow too.

TT, hope your arm is not too sore this morning.

Dove - enjoy HH and the paintings

Am I the only one in the world who is still weeks away from a red tomato?



Good morning Chicky and everyone  

My toms are still green Chicky - but then they're outside on the terrace not in a greenhouse - think a few of them are sort of changing their shade of green, but definitely not red yet.


Morning all. Cool here but dry at the moment so hopefully get out later. Very autumnal now -my favourite time if the weather stays decent.

Tina just take it easy today. Don't know what the solution is - could you get two smaller pieces? Still have to get them home though. 

Chick- are your toms outside or under cover? 


Morning all,

Sorry Chicky have been picking tomatoes for a couple of weeks,but mine are in the greenhouse.

TT hope your arm feels less painful this morning.

Sunny at the moment,getting quite dry again ,so am going out on morning watering rounds in a minute.

Have a good day everyone

Stacey Docherty

Morning all..... It seems I need to apologise to you all for using the C word  please accept my sincere apologies I will would up stinging nettles with my bare hands as penance lol........ Chicky no mine are as green as you like saying that I haven't managed a garden mooch yet, just trying to catch the sick chicken who seems a lot brighter!! Tt sorry about your arm right well got a house full of 2 and 3 year olds today so best go Steele myself with vats of coffee ........ Laters and enjoy whatever garden to e you have today