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TT I made trellis using roofing batten, it's about half inch think and about an inch wide.  Works well and quite cheap.


Thanks for the tip Muddyfork.  I only intend having a Clematis Montana growing on it so shouldn't be heavy like the vine was. Will keep that under control.  I have been trying to post a photo of the wall and next door's extension which I am trying to obscure, but seem unable to do so at the moment.  Not sure whether it's me or the site.  Not to worry. Won't get my knickers in a twist.



After a hard day's work, all I come home to are Verdun's smalls !!! Actually just looked outside and mine are also on the line, not gonna have a size competion though.   Enough!

Lovely day, very warm, not hot, dry.

Enjoyed picture forums between working hard.

Getting nails done later for my niece's wedding on Saturday. (Toes only as can't wear nails at work!).

Taliking of pant sizes my 19 year old niece asked me to get some tights for her....she is a petite size....and also wanted a dark pair.  I asked the middle aged assistant for help and then rang my niece from the store to say what I could get and if it was ok. I then asked, in a slighty louder voice, if they would both suit and fit ME.  The look of shock on the assistant's face was priceless.  When she removed her hand from her mouth she stuttered "they won't fit you".  When I burst into laughter she realised I was,joking and her relief was obvious.  Great fun.

The foodbank and charities like this will always be abused.  I used to be a Samaritan and some calls were far from genuine but still occupied our time. We just hope those genuinely in hardship are helped in their low times.  To not help because some will take advantage is not an option.


Morning - TGIF

Wet here - but promised better for the weekend.  Got some new clematis to get in the garden - can't remember their names, but will find out for the evening.

Well done to all you volunteers - makes me feel humble.  One day I will have time .....  not sure I could make any at the moment and still find time to sleep (and garden !)



Good morning all - well done Chicky, I was scrolling down trying to find the Morning thread - you beat me to it!

Re the Foodbanks - the need has grown so suddenly because Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans have been stopped by Government.  These used to be available to people suddenly in need because of a change of circumstances but they are there no longer.  If you lose your job or become ill and are self employed,  and you have no savings, and maybe you have a mortgage or a loan to pay you will be in dire straits. 



By the way, thanks to Evening Forkers for the suggestion - Etoile Violette it will be - it's been on my wish list for a while - now I know where it will go 


Good morning all.

Had a small amount of rain overnight and now it's bright and the sun is shining. Last night I noticed that at 10pm it was really dark, it only seems like a couple of weeks ago that it wasn't dark enough for solar lights to come on.

I did some weeding and potting on and general mainteneance yesterday, haven't decided what to do today. I'm out with the "girls" tonight for a curry and tomorrow evening we are invited to a BBQ, so I'd better do something energetic.

Have a good day all, and for the workers TGIF...unless you work weekends


Morning all. Work again. Sunny dry this am but breezy, hope it doesn't bring rain. Have a good day.

Morning all

Was damp last night but already bright and warm

Beechgrove was good last night....always a happy prog.  

Sounds like dove has got,her garden plan sorted.  Thought I would associate taraxicum with myosotis next spring

Another canna....Durban....has opened a flower.  Loads to come.


Morning all. Shopping this morning. Will drop in to the GC as they have sent me a voucher for the princely sum of 7€. Need some rose fertiliser anyway. Won't be tempted to buy plants as last time I went the plants were looking very tatty and unloved.

Verdun wrote (see)

.... Sounds like dove has got,her garden plan sorted.  Thought I would associate taraxicum with myosotis next spring


Looks pretty good with trifolium repens, angallis arvensis and bellis perennis too.

Well, we're getting used to it 

Oh, alrighty then!.........ha ha 


Dove you won't regret Etoile Violette- she's a little cracker!

Sorry- morning all! Late for me but I'm on holiday now for a week so I'm taking it easy this morning. Didn't get up till after 8...does that mean I can have a chocolate? 

Not seen Beechgrove yet it's recorded -thought you didn't get it till Sunday Verd? 


Morning everyone,

Colder.grey skies and quite windy here this morning,it has rained overnight which saves the morning watering rounds.

Runner beans are now needing picking every day and the french beans are so prolific I am giving some to my neighbours.

My clematis star this year has been Pilau,which I have had for several years,but this year it has been spectacular.climbing over two obelisks and a small trellis section.Double flowers of a dusky shade of pink.My all time favourite however is Nellie Moser(think thats how you spell it)mainly for sentimental reasons as it always grew over my Grandmothers cottage porch.


Stacey Docherty

Morning all, miserable drizzly morning here today but like gillyl means no watering but the hose has been out... Went to put something in the bin and despite sealing all bags, using bin fresh and other things it was crawling with maggots they were all crawling over the drive.... Now I like nature and am tolerant of everything but maggots make my skin crawl think they are the only thing I won't tolerate... So I have already disinfected the drive and hosed it down most of the maggots on the grass now so hope the birds enjoy! My limited veterinary skills have paid off my chicken is all better today... Painting with monster today we have been constructing a paper mâché dragon all week!!! If I enter have a clever idea line that again someone slap me!! after verduns post last night about the ecinecea I have been wondering what to do should I dig them up and over winter them or just let nature take its course? I have decided to let nature take her course but I may help a little am going to cloche them over winter.... enjoy your day and garden whatever you are doing 


I've just noticed (and maybe it's a by-product of the recent forum 'blips' ) but why is everyone putting hyphens between -every- word -on their- thread- titles!!!

Is it a new fashion ???

Dash it. We must stop that.

Stacey Docherty

lol just noticed that fairy girl..... Verdun very good . Just moved 2 acanthus from The border and one from under my hydranger I bought it about 4 years ago from a plant stand outside a woman's house in Devon I love it but alas it has been v neglected.... Little monster has fallen asleep on the sofa my it's tough bring 2.5!!!! Also just dug up my gaura they weren't doing well either o potted them up for the winter might put them out front next much reorganising....


Am I really first? After a night out and not in bed until 11.30pm.

Morning all. Not been out yet but weather looking okay. Won't be gardenening today another social event, living life in the fast lane

Gotta be quick to be 1st, have a good day all.