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Morning all, are you all still asleep?

Verdun, ordered this hellebore yesterday, do you think the colour will come true? It's called "Hantay"

Would be great if it does, will have to wait and see.

Having a rest and shopping today, fog this morning but sun out now.


Morning all

Hiya Swiss sue.  Don't know that one.  Been trying to get dark yellow hellebores for few years now.  Got some good yellows with same markings as Hantay.  I think you will find the pictures embellished just a tad......see what colour it is in the garden.  Dark yellows are still not available yet as I understand it.  Wanted a dark green double hellebore   But gave it to a friend couple years back.  It is not, in reality, so impressive.   However, good luck and post a photo when it flowers.  I shall be raiding your garden if it turns out like that

Going to add to my helenium collection this morning.  Will have to remove a veronicastrum though that is looking wonderful.  I have a better location for the veronicastrum.....I don't have the patience to wait until autumn to move it.  Want to see it NOW in its new position!

Bit cloudy right now but sun will burst through. 


Morning all. That hellebore is stunning. Wonder if they sell it in France. They are more expensive here than in England.

Weeding this morning, haven't done any in the flower garden for over a month. A friend is coming here this afternoon. Must tidy kitchen, looks a tip. I look at the post and magazines in the kitchen and I'm very bad at filing.


Steady on Verd!

Cloudy here and a little dampness but hoping it'll clear as I have some grass -well clover and buttercups- to cut. Front grass is looking smart though. Bit more to do with the shed base prep and I need to paint the back of it as well before it's moved or it won't get done -as I won't be able to get into it. Shifting the slabs for part of the base is a bit tough - they're rather heavy 

KEF- you know how to live. A night out and in bed by 11.30....

BL that's the problem when people visit isn't it? My house is quite tidy and clean all the time but you always do a bit more in case they take a closer look!

Pennine Petal

Morning all, has your veronicastrum been attracting lots of bees Verdun. Was at Harlow Carr earlier in the week and theirs were absolutely covered, all very intent on their business.

Spent a lovely day at Bodnant yesterday, garden was still looking splendid, the roses where wonderful. Lots of new sections to the garden since I was last there. Definitely worth a visit. 


Yes, veronicastrums are attracting the bees.  Agastaches and heleniums too

Its difficult siting some spikes but they need to be alongside dumpy or mound forms.  Often the experts say to put spikes next to grasses but that way neither looks distinct.  Maybe there is a new thread here but too many spikes together look "flat" agastache summer sky at 5', miscamthus morning light at 5' and growing and veronicastrum fascination just a bit shorter in same area.  Looks good but helenium the bishop is going to replace the Veronicastrum this pm. Bit fussy?  Probably

Got friends coming soon so better get on with my plant movements


Hi Verdi. Agree- if all plants are the same height it looks nothingy. They need contrasting colours or foliage to make them work. If you like the prairie thing I suppose it's fine, but I often think they look uninspiring and wishy washy. I think most grasses need a good contrast or they disappear.

Pennine Petal

Prairie planting at Harlow Carr is excellent FG, they have big beds on a slope and look wonderful from the bottom of the slope. Will post some photos on gardens visited.


Afternoon all - been busy this morning visiting tree nurseries,taking pictures of the garden and watering. The time just flies by !

Delighted with my flower beds at the moment - been posting photos on other threads, but here is another one to brighten this page too!

 The agastache are specially for Verdun.  Not  sure if I have exactly the right mix of spikes and mounds, but I'm liking the colours.  In fact, think I am going to take a cup of tea out there and stare some more ......


PP- I'd agree it can look good on a big scale but in most gardens I don't think it works very well. I like good plants of any type to be able to hold their own which I don't feel  prairie planting manages. Just my personal choice though! 

Nice chicky.  Nice subtle blends.  Artistic, may I say?

The prairie planting only works with large scale open areas.  

Well, I got veronicastrum out and helenium in ...without stamping on anything....

......and with the rudbekias in full flower, salvia uliginosa in full flower, frikartii monch flowering, anemone wild swan, leucanthemum broadway lights. (what a fresh treat this is) and cannas, grasses, and dahlias including twynings after eight, acteas now flowering, etc. etc. in this  basically hellebore bed. ( they all grow in the spaces between the hellebores so very low maintenance) it's quite a show from my kitchen window.  I have astilbes amd astrantias too here to associate with my hellebores when their time comes.  Not a single annual there so colour there all  year round from perennials

Pennine Petal

Don't do any in mine either FG! My garden is very small and as you say you need space.

I like those colours Chicky, my garden seems very pink at the moment.

Off to the GC, want some agapanthus to put in pots.


Morning from me  off to inspect. Hoping that more lilies different lillies have opened.

Morning folks.....hi DavidK.

Beautiful weather this morning. Won't be any gardening today but still planning  new borders

Must have been a bit damp last night.....mist perhaps...but sun is making everything glisten.....rudbekia Goldsturn is glowing

Enjoy your day everybody



Morning all, I googled hellebore hantay and the websites were all French, but describe it as caramel coloured.  Shame  because I really want that yellow one. There is an offer on Hal


Kindle playing up. Offer at  hayloft  plants for  hellebore Ellen doubles I think I will go for. They should go nicely in the raised bed under the oak tree.,backed up by lots of foxgloves.

Compost heaps to turn today. Busy,busy,busy.

Yes....these websites take advantage sometimes with their pictures.  Until hellebores actually flower you don't really know what exact colour or shade you have.  I have hellebores like hantay but not as bright as that.  If Hantay is really like that we would all grab it. The best hybridisers are in the uk I think 

Fidget.  Just caught your post.  Those plants from hayloft are usually small.....offering in 3's ....that wont flower for year or two at the earliest.  Better to visit Ashwood or wootten for individual plants which will flower this year.   They won't send it to you until the spring but ??ou will have an impact plant when it does arrive