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Morning all. I'm sure they touch up all the photos in catalogues too. A lot of the photos are the same for years in French catalogues.

Love the colours, Chicky, in your bed on previous page.

Hello David K. Don't think I've seen you here for a bit.


Morning all, and welcome (back) to David - how are your sweet peas this summer?

FB - I have used Hayloft for the Ellen hellebores before - they are good healthy plants, but have always taken a couple of years to flower for me. When they do, they are worth the wait

going to pot on some of the cuttings I took at the start of summer - agastache and phlox.  The ones I took last week (penstemon and lavender) are also hanging on in there.

still babysitting the dog, so maybe a walk in the punchbowl this pm.


My post crossed with Verdun's - I think we are saying the same thing re the hayloft hellebores!

Indeedy chicky.  However Ashwoods and woottens are the experts.  Haylofts,the pretenders!!!    


I bought some roscoeas from ashwood the other week . I was really impressed at the nursery. The only hellebore they had were not in flower. I will go again next spring to pick some out in flower. I do have a big area to fill though. My own seedlings flower in two years,but I need some fresh varieties.


David K wrote (see)

How nice, just looked in and delighted to find some of the lovely people from the other place still posting a big wave & hello from me.

Hi David K, a lot of us still enjoy this Forum! Why have you left the other place?

Oh and good morning everyone!


Just popped back with 2nd cuppa. Another lily is open so I take a pic' later, a lovely white one.

Hope TT got off to the nursery yesterday.

Hello DavidK.

Hope the tail is up Chicky

Have a great day all.


Kef - tail up and curly - i think he likes us.



Morning everyone.

Yes Kef, got to one new GC yesterday, but was very unimpressed. Began to wonder whether it was due to lack of staff and not enough watering as many of the plants looked half dead. The nursery I wanted to look at was closed!  Couldn't understand that at all. 

Must try and drum up some energy today to do plant shifting, etc. Why I'm so unenthusiastic is because the ground is rock solid. Son has promised to cut grass, finish painting wall and carry on with the lowering of the bushes, but will see.  Can do the first two myself, but not the latter without standing on ladders.  Not a good idea.

Brekkie and coffee then onwards and upwards.


Shall I send for Rosemary & Thyme ? 

Something secret & mysterious happened before I joined ...


TT on the other thread did you say on the stage or in a cage?

Now off to do as the sun is out.


I rest my case Kef.

Gardening Grandma

A quick 'Morning, all' before I go out. Interesting stuff on here this morning. I got six hellebores from Hayloft, the second time I've done so. They all thrived (throve?) last time, but maybe the weather was more predictable. Two have died this time, as did all except one of the penstemons. I've grown lots from seed this year and the penstemon seedlings I grew failed, too. There must be something about penstemons I really need to know!

KEF wrote (see)

Shall I send for Rosemary & Thyme ? 

Something secret & mysterious happened before I joined ...

Perhaps you could do with them GG - oh they're awful really so maybe not!    

Not a penstemon fan GG so can't help you there. Verdi will know though. I thought they were meant to be pretty straightforward?

Oh -almost forgot - morning all! 


Morning all, Hope your all having a great weekend. I feel great today slept for 13hours last night and i'm still trying to come round a bit.

Today's jobs are mostly front garden tidy hedge and weed a bit, finish topping my pot's in gravel, I agree FG they do look finished with a layer on top.  It did look like it might rain half an hour ago, It now look's bright and sunny. Wahoo.


Was going to the allotment but it has started to rain so here i am catching up on the laptop. No plans as yet for today. Shame the sun is not shining as Worthing has its Bird man competition this weekend.

The potty gardener

Morning all- have been at mums for a few days and forgot my laptop. Have just taken ages reading this thread. I'll catch up on other threads later on once I've been outside.

Was cross on my return to find postoffice card on mat saying had parcel to pick up. I told my son to lookout for post as I was expecting a fuchsia from e bay. What are the chances of it surviving as they tried to deliver on Thursday and can't pic up 'till tomorrow now

Out to catch up a bit- and plant a few bits bought whilst away.

Enjoy the afternoon all


 late good morning ..pork in the oven with herbs and onion from the garden . plus spuds and peas and broad beans on the hob ..and  pudding . apple crumble from a friend .  got my onions up  and put in carrots for a late crop . life is good