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Barbecue tonite. Asked a question on the forum but one of you can probably tell me. Can I use my own fresh cut bamboo to do marshmallows on the bbq or will it catch fire.

Would have thought fresh cut bamboo is less likely to catch fire nut


I should think that's right verdun, It's harvestedtrimmed to length and I've washed the mud off. That should do it.

Gardening Grandma

Afternoon, all. Just got back from Dyffryn Gardens, where I'd taken a few bags of books for their NT second-hand bookstall. Lovely as ever stting in the sunshine with a cup of tea (still shattered after yesterday's exertions - it's all or nothing with me!) and the dogs love a run in the field, but one of them rolled in rotting compost so it was a fragrant ride home.

Going outside now to tidy up tall pots in front garden. Had enough bending for one weekend!


The potty gardener

Morning all.

I'm awake early- getting ready for September. Difference is I shall read in bed then snooze again

Have a fab day whatever you are doing



Oh Bev, I am so jealous !  My first words this morning were "I need more sleep!".

However, not to be. Dull here.  Just done the morning inspection and all is looking good with my plot. Mad day to look forward to today - trains, planes (well not really) and automobiles ...

Morning all not been on for a good few days been on holiday went to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh for a day visited gardens in Dumfries area on another day then had a lovely day day in one of my fav places called Moffat.But in between that ended up in hospital for a couple of days took an infection and could not get my chemo treatment last fri so will get it this week or next they will phone to let me know good news i have lost 6.5Kilo in weight but at same time dont know why. Now feeling fine and back to work today hope everyone on there is well and if had there holidays have had a great time have a good day all oh my garden is back in shape after it got hammered by the wind and rain a few weeks ago. 

Stacey Docherty

Morning all, good luck with chemo.... Last day b4 back at work  ahhhh well just a couple more weeks then am up north with lil monster to see my folks hope the garden survives a week my oh cant garden with an Xbox controller so..... Just blown the kettle up ! note to self put water in it need coffee...... Looks dull and overcast here today on the upside all yesterday's plants look good no wilting. Got seeds to package up for seed swap today. My rescued iris is going from strength to strength out the front I'm so glad lets just see if it flosprings the spring I ordered x3 more for the back garden near the house!!


Morning all.

Andy glad you feel okay & soz to hear you've been in hospital. We wondered where you were. Good on the weight loss, hope you're not worried, maybe not enough cake and 2 days hospital grub, or maybe warm weather, less food and garden visiting burned off the calories. Hope chemo goes ok. Same goes for work.

Potty ages to go until Sept.

Chicky, no heels today ?

Stacey looks like you'll have to boil a pan.

Off to town this morning to get a pressie for best friend. Then at M's to sort things for tomoz, not looking forward to my sleep over, but it's got to be done. H will have to do morning inspection on Wed and report to me.

Nothing new opened this morning, or anything that I've noticed, sometimes it takes a couple of looks to spot things.

Have a good day all.

Keep strong Andy.  Good luck.

Good morning everybody. Cloudy but bright and warm and sun trying to push through so it will be good day.

Hope you get your coffee fix Stacey.....having my fix now but it's tea.

Echinacea Milkshake is flowering now.....this is a lovely classy plant.  Like it a lot!

Good health everyone


Nice to see you back, Andy. Don't work too hard and look after yourself.

Morning all, done some housework (yuk), now off to do some shopping, then mow the grass/weeds, vacuum the car and other bits and bobs.

Have a good day everyone, hope the sun shines for you, or it rains for those who need it.


Morning peeps. Have aleady done ironing! Son off today for a week and like a good mummy I have got all his attire ready.

Good to see you back Andy. We were wondering where you were.  Do hope you are feeling OK now.  Will have to do a bit of conversion as I'm from the lbs and oz era.

Not sure what I'll be doing today. Filling brown bin first job, once it has been emptied.

Enjoy whatever you are up to today.


Morning all. Andy- we're all thinking of you. Take care. 

Cloudy here but bright. Got electrician coming shortly to sort heating timer but hope to get some painting done outside if the showers stay away.

Having tea too - Verd do you drink the Echinacea Milkshake or just look at it?


Morning all. Up late, slept badly. Wanted to weed round the sundial before it got too hot, it's in full sun. Gardening this morning, housework this afternoon, don't feel like any of it, want to read "50 Shades of Grey" that daughter has lent me. Bursting with curiosity after all the publicity.


Steady on BL- we don't want you getting all of a flutter- we won't know if it's the sun or the book! 



Don't think the book will get you all of a flutter. 

Bored possibly

The potty gardener

Lizzie I found the book really boring. I forced myself to finish it..I've got the second one but haven't bothered to read it


Wouldn't know-  haven't read it -not my thing. Has to have a good murrrderr in it for me to enjoy! 

Anyway- I'm a lady- I like lady's things -like crochet and needlepoint....

Raining again- just when I started painting 

Lunch instead.


I've read all three books. Wanted to make sure there wasn't something I didn't know about. Skipped a lot of the storyline..if there was one, and read all rude bits  2nd & 3rd book more graphic than the first.

Seriel killers more my thing. Fav' book ever Silence of the Lambs.


Don't like violence and serial killers. Like a nice gentle romance. Like Joanna Trollope and Maeve Binchy and Libby Purves.