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Morning all - welcome back Andy - you were missed !  Gets lonely here sometimes on the early shift.  Sorry to hear you have been in hospital, but good to hear you are back on form again.

As for novels, given the 50 one a miss, only like murders if they are Agatha Christie, but love my chick(y)- lit.  Lizzie - have you discovered Kate Moreton - you would love her!

Back to the gardening.  Have a window sill full of cosmos flowers that broke off in the weekend winds, and the little blighters (squirrels this time) have started pinching the apples again - thought I had got away with it this year - but I was wrong

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Andy good to have you back.

Have an excellent day everyone


Good morning all - life is getting back to  normal here Chez Dove.  I'll be off to work in a few minutes, friend will be returning home and OH will tidy the house a bit then go to work.  Gardening has been a bit neglected - lots to do this week, not sure when tho'.

Glad you're back with us Andy 

Morning all first of all thanks for the kind words after my post yesterday that's what makes this forum a little special. Nice this morning but a little cold wind the now here just put out 2 loads of washing and watered my tomato plants. Kids all back at school here tomorrow so everything back to normal how time fly's another summer holiday away for them right am off to work have a good day all.


morning all. Hi Andy.

Missed the comet last night, we had spoken about it but then forgot - OH still has telescope unused which I bought him a few years ago.

Sorry to hear about your cosmos Chicky, I'd be so sad because tthe colour is waning without losing flowers as well.

Have a good-as-it-gets work day Dove.

Bev -  our guitly secret, why do we watch it, what a load of rubbish, but once you start...

Cinema today with 2 x 11 year olds and a 15 year old, monsters university. Then hopefully collecting FIL from hospital after shoulder op.

Tidying up after tree-fall yesterday, with a team of helpers! I still cannot believe how little damage it caused.

Have a good day all.



Morning all. Yes chilly here as Andy says but to clear later and warm up. Feels nice to say that again- I mean 'as Andy says' not the warming up bit 

CHick- I read The Distant Hours by Kate Morton- that's a cracking good read! Apples forming well on the little Bramleys I bought- hope the squirrels don't find them before I get a pie out of them 

MrsG- what are the two of you watching!?

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. You echoed my question exactly, FG! What is their guilty secret? of course, if we knew that it would be a secret no more...

Used to love whodunnits and have read hundreds - but not of the nasty kind, mostly cosy village murders with larger-than-life characters and, hopefully, a bit of a chuckle built in. Nowadays, I like something that makes me think, often non-fiction. Sorry to be boring!

Fat Club today.  Have tried hard. Bathroom scales not encouraging.

Hope others are more successful today than I seem likely to be...


Morning GG- are you more of a Midsomer Murders than a Val McDermid type then! 

My youngest can watch 5 minutes of MM and tell you what's going to happen and whodunnit - most amusing! 5 minutes after I've watched it I couldn't tell you anything about it - instantly forgettable but enjoyable all the same! 

Just wear you lightest clothes today at FC and lean more on one foot than the other...

Morning all.  Morning Alan....yes, the forum is right with you.

Bright day here and warm.

Foodbank duties today.  Dog is staring intently at me .....he wants his walk.

Have good day folks


Morning all.

Haircut this morning and then popping out.

Have just started 'The Distant Hours' by Kate Morton on a certain poster's recommendation. I can actually remember what's happened so far!! 

GG, re Fat Club, exhale! Can make an ounce, or whatever it is these days, difference and every little helps. However, when push comes to shove, you know whether that needle is going to drop or not, don't you. The excuses I have heard.

Best be off otherwise I will be greeting hairdresser in my nightclothes.


Good morning all.

Just been for a walk round the estate, a row of radish have appeared overnight, must have been the heavy shower we had yesterday that got them going.

Some deadheading to do today and maybe a trip to the GC to get some plants for a bit more autumn colour.

I like Vera - Val McDermid, have read alot of her books. so looking forward to the new series.

Things not looking too bad on the plot, garden that is..

Take care Andy.



Morning all.

Chicky, I'm reading a Kate Moreton at the moment, the Secret Keeper. Was going to read 50 Shades after it, sounds as though it will be a let down.

Must go and muck out the horses summer shelter before farmer delivers big bale of hay into it. My idea was horses' cafeteria, but horses think it's a loo!


bit chilly here . then again we have had  a fair summer . must go and feed the cat




Mornng All 

Haven't been here for a couple of weeks, since the forum went silly and then was prioritising and forums were bottom of list of necessary along with gardenng and house work.

back to normal now, did have the occasional lurk though.

Hope you continue to improve Andy

Currently reading Jo Nesbo books on my third but think I will have a change once the current one is finished. May try Phillipa Gregory after watching the White Queen - really dependa on what charity shop has in.

Here is the reason for the lack of gardening priority:

 Verdun the Honks has flower buds so you are forgiven

Garden is now going to have a grand tidy, Can't believe how out of controll it seems to have gone. Unfortunately seem to have lost some newly planted plants with the hot weather.  As each area is targeted I will know more.

Back later

The potty gardener

Matty that is beautiful- you must be very proud.

The guilty secret is Big Brother



Alan Titchmarsh keeps reading out bits from 50 sheds of grey. More suitable I think.


Anyone having trouble using the harvest? i'm making a creamy sage onion and chive soup 

blitzed fresh chive onion and lots of sage leaves and then melted a large knob of butter in a pan and gently sweated the herb and onion mix for a few minutes before adding a tablespoon of plain flour and a cup or so of milk added water a couple of veg stock cubes garlic pepper and a touch of chilli quite tasty and nice with a bit of garlic bread.  I basically adapted a parsley sauce recipe havent found a herb it doesnt work with yet, mint was a winner too  


Mint is lovely in cougette and onion creamy soup, hot or cold.


I used mint instead of parsley in a parsley sauce receipe it went lovely with lamb chops and new potatoes