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Matty - amazing!! You must have patience galore and a very steady hand.  And much better "visualisation" skills than i possess


Hi all, been too busy to chat today (housework!), but have lurked. Nothing new today, just watering this morning and picked some chard, beans are still too small. Will keep lurking, have a good evening!


While I remember

My daughter - Liz - has aked me to thank everyone who was kind enough to sponsor her on the epic bike ride. She did it in just under 10 hours and between them  they raised £2000.

We have been waiting for the photos but they are going to cost armanaleg(£17.99) so have decided not to.

She even managed to ride up that hill - rather than push/walk she pedalled a bit, then got her breath, then pedalled a little more, so she is very proud of to be able to say she rode the whole route.

Once again from both of us THANKS


thank you for cake compliments, I am sure we all have visualisation skills - thats why we are gardeners


A bit late in the day to post here  but would like to say Hello to David K and Matty - good to see you here 

Matty, that cake's amazing 

Morning all Matty what a lovely cake well done glad everything went good lovely morning here but still a bit cool just opened the greenhouse doors. My first cucumber picked on Sunday and had a couple of tomato's but plenty to come yet still green now off to work have a good day all.


Nice to see you back David K.


Good morning Andy and everyone 

We've had a very hectic couple of weeks what with visiting others and having visitors ourselves - now we've got 10 days to get the house and garden straight before the next lot arrive!  (Oh, and I still have to go to work )


But not many days left now Dove ...

Still no tomatoes anywhere near here - but mini-munch cucumbers have been cropping well since July.  About to go and do an apple inventory - listen out for the cries of anger coming from somewhere southwards


Morning everyone

Nice and sunny again here today. Still haven't mowed the grass, must do it today. French runners are finally producing, had thought they were going to be a no go. Have just read on another post to pinch out the tops, will do that today. Other than that, no jobs to do today, just look and enjoy.

Not much longer now Dove, are you crossing off the days on your calender?

By for now, will look in again later.


Morning everyone.

Great pic last night potty

Hope today goes well chicky and you hold your special times close.

Cooler again but looks like it could be nice later.

Have a good day all.


Days being crossed off, but've lost count of how many to go, what with A/L and flex days .... still, it is getting fewer every day ..... it must be .... 

Better go and cross another off - see you later folks - happy gardening!

Dove, you may be counting the days off but did you know,you have another year to,go? forgot the year count!!

Morning everyone.  Damp, cloudy and humid here. Got new hedgetrimmer yesterday and anxious to use my new toy but it's supposed to be fine later so I'll have fun then.

This has to be the best summer for many years ....what do you think?.....and plants seem to have enjoyed it.



Good monring All.

Lovely morning here in Lincolnshire, bright but with the feel of Autumn. Cobwebs on the hedge and walked through some to get to the greenhouse.

I agree Verdun, best summer we have had for ages, let's hope it lasts.

Episode 2 of the fish catching saga this morning. Last time we couldn't catch all the blighters so 2 large carp had to be left behing. Buyer coming today to collect them. We have got one already, now just the other one to catch.

Have a good day folks, whatever you're doing.


Morning all. Been a much better summer here too - but after the last two or three anything would be an improvement!

Autumnal here but that's normal for this part of the world. Dry and bright. Rowans are groaning under the weight of their berries and leaves turning on ornamental cherry trees.

Schools are back today. Youngest daughter thrilled....

Will get some painting done and cut down last bit of dead tree. A few more plants to move from shed area and maybe get more manure and soil down round boundary. Trip to nursery later perhaps too.

Good luck with the fish ltg!

Have a good day everyone. 



Morning anyone left.  Thought Bev might be joining me whilst she was on her hols, but no. Have been up for ages but been faffing around. It's lovely here today, just as I like it.  Must get the rest of the plants in and do a bit more moving about. Still no dog. Can't think what's happened as the owners are there.  Am not complaining.

Was supposed to have grandchildren for a 'sleepover' tonight but change of plans. Love to see them, but also love to see them go home.

Son and DIL have been given 30 August for babe's birth, unless nature takes over. All getting quite excited now.  It has been a long wait because of all the problems along the way.

Right, onwards and upwards.



Morning All

Overcast here but warm, not humid.

I agree has been best summer for a long time. Summers as remembered from when I was young, but I'm sure they weren't this good

Have taken a pic of a flower in a pot. It is I think eother a helenium or a something else(snr moment)

Feel sure you can help me

 Coreopsis - that's the one.


Oh and this is a photo of the wonderful oak tree I was talking about yesterday (and the messy part of the garden!)



Grrr, just lost post, must concentrate. matty - I wouldn't call that messy at all! I also missed who got married, loved the cake pic. GrannyT - not long to go now.ngood luck catching fish loveto. And verdun - come n do my laurel when you've finished, ta.

absolutely gorgeous here, not a sign of autumn, 34' in garden! 

Just bought a hibiscus Syriacus blue bird (from aldi £3.99 so label could be mixed up, will have to wait and see).



David - That's a lot of beans, what will you do with them all? We are getting enough to keep us going at the moment, but I expect we shall have far too many soon, still got some of last year's in the freezer.