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Goodmorning all. I have joined the 'wicked' set who can't sleep, during the night that is.   Have a new standard lamp that has to be put together, loads of bits and bobs to get in the right place, so must get on with that today. Will not be in the garden I'm afraid.  Feel a bit of a fraud being on this forum at the moment. You are all so busy doing things and I am just looking out the window.

Gardening Grandma

Missing my greenhouse, this weather, having got rid of it last year. It was a cosy spot to play at gardening and drink tea. Now have to wrap up and actually go out in the cold! I blame my OH. Well, why go to the trouble of getting one and then take the blame yourself?












Happy Easter folks! Nice and cold here, my clematis shoots were hammered, but the tulips are keeping the faith! Seeds to plant, not a cloud in the sky at the min, so should be a nice morning to look forward too.


Good morning all.. 

Lets hope for a good day, I can hear the birds really singing this morning. 

Morning FORKERS and happy Easter.
Looks like it might be nice day...


Brumbull, I,think we will
Well, it sounds real baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
Gardening Grandma

Morning, all. Have a wonderful Easter day! Sun shining here, too.


Cold here but not as bad as predicted I think. Will be lovely later. More seed sowing for me and perhaps fence painting  Are all garden centres in England shut on Sundays? We're so used to 7 day opening up here! I'd go to good nursery but I'll just be tempted and I've an extension to save for..My clematis seem to have survived the cold Stay away from the eggs



Verdun wrote (see)
Well, it sounds real baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

And have you turned into a sheep Verd?

Gardening Grandma

FG, shops, Gcs etc which are over a certain size have to close on Easter Sunday, the only day in the year of which this is the case.


Morning everyone. Lovely & sunny here again this morning but there's a hell uv a frost! My fatsia always lets me know how cold it is out there. He doesn't like the cold too much and sulks when it's rather chilly and this morning...boy is he sulking!!!!

Bit gutted yesterday to find by clematis has succumed to the cold I think. I pruned it a few weekes ago and it was sprouting new shoots beautifully. Now it's just all wilted  Ah well I'll leave it alone and see what happens once the weather warms up. 

Got the outlaws coming for dinner today. Not a pleasant experience I can tell you but these things have to be done

Enjoy your day everyone and Happy Easter  


Morning all from a chilly Norfolk - we woke to another sprinkling of the white stuff all over the place - just as well I'm still coughing and sneezing - wouldn't be well enough to go out into the gatden if the weather was good enough.  Shall stay indoors and cook roast lamb 


Morning Brum.

Dove - think of all the money you're saving not buying plants! Or are you spending it on cough bottle/linctus/throat sweets/paracetamol.....

Tattiana my rescued clematis is looking a bit frozen this morning but new shoots look ok. I think you were really unlucky with the timing of the weather. We had a lovely couple of weeks recently too and if I'd had lots of pruning to do I'd probably be the same as you. Fortunately for me there's s** all in this garden at the moment. I hope your's comes away in the next week or two as it's a lovely variety.


This week I am mostly eating Stockley's Winter Nips 



Wet and windy here and thats just the weather, better day forecast for tomorrow yesterday rotated out tomato's lettuce and radishes from the propagator to the greenhouse, snapdragons are up but tiny germinated in 8 days. I've sowed china asters, hollyhocks into the heat and trying to get my herb pots and chilli's started too.

With this weather a day off seems apt.


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

This week I am mostly eating Stockley's Winter Nips 

Not heard of those...I like the Jakeman's aniseedy ones..mmmm

This week I am mostly eating...bara brith ...well till it runs out..probably later today 



After all the work on te raised bed and surroundings yesterday I could hardly move my arm. So no hard work today

I am going to be sowing, pricking out and potting on.

I may also mark out a new border in the white garden I already hav 2 magnolias for it (it isn't a small space)

and maybe persuade OH to move a buddleia Buzz from the front to a patch int eh back wherre I can't see it. _ Don't like it but need so many plants can't afford to doscard it - any way good for the flutterbies


Too late Dove...I succumbed to some bbrith... could  do with getting up a couple of Munros today to work that off  Ooh er missus..


Happy Easter !

Just been searching round the garden on the annual Easter Bunny trail (even teenagers love an egg hunt!) - and I found the label that had blown off my new viburnum - so I now know what its called !  I hate not knowing the names of my plants - so I am now a happy bunny too!