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MrsG, this is number 5. His or her brothers are turned 18 and 14.  But it's not going to change parents' lives. Obviously got short memories.


You'll be relieved when it's all over Tina. Mine don't cause too many problems when they're around and they can fend for themselves but it's quite a nice feeling when they go to their Dad's anyway. My nephew and wife have twins who were two a few months ago. Think she's finding it hard work especially when nephew decides to go away for a couple of days! 

Matty if you think yours is untidy you should see mine just now!  

Work in progress though.Once the shed's moved and I can start clearing and sorting the back garden it'll improve... I hope 


That's what I keep saying - 'Work in progress' Thing is there are lots of them!


And what you can't see in the corner is a pile of 2000 roof tiles - don't ask!


Heavy rain this morning ,but very humid,so decided to do supermarket shop.Your so lucky Fairygirl that school term has begun,as two little darlings decided it would be fun to scooter around the aisles in the supermarket,watched by their Mum with yet another one in the buggy.............roll on Sepetmber.

Have been to allotment this morning as the sun was shining and i was feeling reasonably ok. Picked loads of beans and a purple cauli that had decided to bolt. Very pretty and im sure my husband will ear it whatever it looks like.

 Heard last night that i have to go into hospital for the day next wedsnesday for some nerve block injections in my spine. Not looking forward to it but as its not as major as other things ive had done i will cope with a smile on my face. If it can stop some of the pain im in i will be happy.



All the best maud 

The potty gardener

Best wishes Maud.

Sorry Tina.I woke at 2.30 this morning but quickly went back to sleep.Then woke at 11.30 so went straight out into garden. Most of the time spent holding lounger down and some deadheading sweetpeas.42 that had developed pods on one wigwam and 19 on the other. Also have to be careful with lilies to make sure I snip heads off and make sure any petals that have fallen are picked up.

The stupid internet keeps disconnection so reading through this and replying is taking ages.I've now been outside just over an hour watering whilst waiting for connection


Good morning folks - it's drizzling at the moment here in Norfolk.  We've been promised rain later, which we could do with - but I think it'll be dry-ish until late afternoon.  That'll give OH a chance to hang the washing out and get it dry - hopefully!  

Good luck with the nerve block Maud - that should give you a lot of relief.  Fingers crossed for you next Wednesday.

Good morning forkers

Cloudy but bright here.  Very warm.

Another visit to the foodbank soon

Have happy day folks


Morning all. Rain all night here but clearing a bit now although it's meant to be rainy all day. Might get something manure spreading done outside before visiting a friend later. I'll make sure I wash my hands first before I go round....

Hope all goes well next week Maud. 

MrsG- daughter's first day back went fine thanks but don't think she was pleased at having homework! Gilly - it's unreal the way they're allowed to behave in s'markets isn't it? A few weeks ago there was two boys playing with the bicycle horns just behind the checkout.  I'd already seen them running up and down the aisles. After 5 mins everyone was giving them filthy looks and looking round to see where the parents were. When they eventually appeared they didn't seem to think there was any problem. Don't know why the staff can't just have a word in their ear- 'either buy that son - or **** off.'

Maybe in a more polite way perhaps... 

Have a good day everyone, whatever you're up to.



Has rained quite a bit over night - thank goodness - but now the sun has got his hat on. So washing in.

It is getting to the time when I need to prune my fruit trees (cordons) so I have my book out, as - in the world of trees - they are still young, they still need shape pruning but it seems this is the first year of proper pruning. I dread it as I really don't know what I am doing. It didn't help last year when I followed a set of instructions for one shape on the 2 free standing trees I have only to read back in notes to find I has followed the wrong shape instructions (doh)

Also need to finish weeding the area I stated yesterday.

No supermarket today - am going tomorrow instead.

Back later

Gardening Grandma

Baking for holiday today - steak pies and fairy cakes, so far. They'll be deep frozen and hopefully the pies'll stay frozen for the first day, packed in ice packs. Caravan fridge is only just adequate for feeding seven people.

Visited friend last night who is disabled and  was widowed recently. Puts my various bits of self-pity into perspective!  She has lots of friends around her, at least.

I'm looking out of the window at a rain soaked garden and it does look refreshed and tranquil.



GG-We are considering buying a cool box that you can also plug into mains for caravan. This year, although a decent sized fridge extra stuff needed to be kept cool.

Saw several caravanners with them in awning, then BIL came with us and he had one as well.

Also plug into car cigarette lighter so keep things cool when travelling.


Just come in as rain has arrived, no, as i type it's stopped - garden really needs a good soaking now but I think we should be careful what we wish for

Gardening Grandma

Thanks for the suggestion, Matty. We have also been thinking of getting one. Thing is, usually there are 2 of us and the fridge is perfectly adequate. So far I've been too stingy to buy one, but this could be the year.

Dogs trod mud all over the floors this morning. Shut them out in the garden while I cleaned it up. It bucketed with rain again, I had to let them in and, guess what? They trod mud all over the floors again! 

OH has unexpectedly taken his elderly sister  on a 50 mile round trip to get slippers wide enough for her swollen feet so we haven't even had lunch yet. Glad he can do it for her, but think it is going to be one of those trying days!

Never mind, I'm grateful that we're alive and well and happy (on the whole ).



I know its evening but don't want to beat Verdun and have him gloating about his cannas again!

Busy tiring day at work. Ready to chill out a bit now., just looked at cuttings which aren't doing well at all - will wine help? If it perks me up surely it'll do the same for the cuttings... cannas seem to have grown even more,today. Oh, sorry Mrs garden!  Tee hee hee



Mornin' all. Work again. Party at BIL  tomorrow.

Have a good day and weekend.