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Expecting rain here today and tomorrow - although I think it will be welcome.  My Annabelle hydrangeas (my bellweather for water in the garden) needed a good drink last night - so the rest of the garden will welcome the showers.

Saying goodbye to the dog today - feeling quite sad

 Got quite attached to the little fella:



Good morning all - overcast and a little damp in the air this morning - a trip to the dentist and then work, but TGIF -  I need rain for the garden, and so that I can concentrate on getting the house back into some sort of order before the next visitors arrive next weekend!  Two lots, one after the other!


Good morning all. Damp start after rain overnight. Pleased about the rain as last few days I've only watered pots & greenhouse.

Today I need to get some deadheading done.

Thank you to the all who sent best wishes and tips about cataracts. Surgery went well.  I'm on the 4 times a day drops in M's eye, she can't currently do her own, even the device to put drops in is too fiddly for arthritic fingers. To top it all a major leak in her bathroom yesterday and a visit from plumber. On the plus side M is thrilled at the colours she can now see, we keep having a walk around her garden.

We had a nice meal last night with grilled toms, broc, new spuds, courgettes, french beans, all from the garden, so I should be bouncing with health today.

Dove you're going to be a busy lady. 

Chicky, he's a cutie, no doubt he'll visit you.

Best wishes for Wed's Maude.

Better get my skates on Nurse KEF on duty at 8.30am.


I've reported the advert/ spam 

Don't forgt your uniform KEF 

Brighter today. May get something more productive done.

Cute dog chick. I'll send you some rain Dove. Been plenty here to go round.

Have a good day all.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all... been back at work this week so haven't had time to think but have been busy around the garden digging things up that don't work and relocating them! i have come to the conclusion that the train my bed never looks as good as I would like us due to the fact I don't "layer" enough... It's a narrow bed and all the plants seem to be medium height apart from the geraniums so my purchase of seeds for next year is all about layering... Planted some tulip bulbs got some stunning ones a deep apricot colour!!! Well off with little monster today so it's going to be baking and park!! Anyone grown heuchera from seed? 



Good morning folks!

"just looked at cuttings which aren't doing well at all - will wine help?" I don't know if getting those cuttings drunk will help, Mrs. G!

Love the dog, Chicky, is he a Schnauzer?

Good luck Maud, hope it solves the problem.

Someone is advertising a hotel in Paris, have told them we are not Tripadvisor!

Sunny here again today, could do with some rain too, getting sick of having to water everything. Grass (more dandelions and weeds than lawn!) mowing on to-do list today.  Other than that will just relax.


Morning all. I'd like some of your rain Stacey, hasn't rained for nearly 2 weeks.

Going to harvest onions and do a bit of weeding in veg garden.

Going out to dinner with friends tonight. They live nearly an hour away so 1 of us must go steady on the wine.


Morning All.

We had heavy rain overnight so all the water butts are full plus the garden has had a good watering.

Don't think any gardening will be done today unless things dry up.

Was going to get the caravan ready for forthcoming trip to Cambridge, that will also have to wait. I suppose I could catch up in some housework, have already clean bedroom windows inside.

Enjoy your evening out Liz.

Stacey Docherty

Ooooooo love to garden I need to do that ( hate cleaning windows)

Thankyou for your good wishes.Trying to have a blitz on the house today so i dont have to worry too much next week. Just seen the daughter off to music festival in Essex. I'm quite surprised i still have the kitchen sink she took so much stuff, but she reckons its just the basics. Think there is 10 of them going so they all went off in 2 vans and 2 cars. My idea of hell is camping far too near the floor for my liking.

Have got all the info from hospital, filled in i dont know how many forms and then to top the lot i have to go to a funeral tuesday afternoon. I know how to live ha ha. Hope to fit in a trip to the allotment over the weekend, the rain should have made the beans grow.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all.

Have 2 sons and one daughter here todayhaving a blitz on spare room. It's full of rbbish, I mean stuff belonging to all of them. Everyone is being ruthless so much rubbish is being produced.

It has been horrible here all morning.Threatning to rain but not quite doing it. It feels much cooler.


Good morning all   Mizzly here today, so there's a chance that the kitchen and pantry will be sorted - if you lot stop distracting me 

Stacey Docherty

Lol oh dove what a horrid job  well nice day here but don't know what we are up today....... Oh has to make some chipotle sauce and I guess I should plan what cakes I'm doing for a community do on Monday ... Was thinking a massive rhubarb and custard muffin .......... And at some stage will try and get some gardening done..... Enjoy your day peeps


My fault  - when in a rush I somehow distributed the contents of most of a packet of desiccated coconut over the floor of the pantry - which is of course crammed with boxes containing baking tins, bottles, containers of different flours, dried fruits etc, and heaven knows what in it's darkest reaches - it goes back under the stairs 



Morning all, especially Dove and Stacey...just checking in, been so busy the last week or so, came back from holiday, have already been back at work and then been looking for next year's holiday, somewhere hot I think, haven't been abroad for a very long time.  Had nice-ish weather when we were away (in Pembrokeshire) but decided enough is enough, and it's time for golden sandy beaches, clear blue sea and baking sun.

Spent yesterday in the garden, mainly raking soil from where my new fence was put in over the lawn, it can't go back where it was so thought it was time to level the lawn and hope the grass grows through all the soil.  It's hard work because I'm taking out all the stones and the weeds (hopefully!) as I go along, so got about half of it done.  The under-gardener is still digging out the main border at the back, it seems that someone put about a ton of rubble in there, it has to come out because otherwise you can't plant anything more than about an inch deep, goodness knows what we'll do with the enormous pile we have.  Came across something yesterday which is impossible to shift, and decided to leave it as it seems to go under the fence to next door, but decided I can live with that one staying where it is.  I feel like we solve one problem and just create another ten at the moment, but hey ho! I knew doing the back wouldn't be easy.

Anyway enough of my whinging.  Have a good day all.


Morning Daisy, Dove and Stacey. Wet here as forecast. beginning to wish I'd made the effort to cut the grass last night but by the time I finished outside and got dinner it was after eight.

Well I guess you'll be hoovering today Dove! I hate when things like that happen. With me it's usually when I'm about to go out the door and if I stop to clear it up it means I'll be late 

Daisy sounds like you're doing the same kind of gardening as me just now. Has to get worse before it gets better. You'll look back on all the hard slog and laugh one day.....


Morning all.

Went to a good dinner party last night, ate on Terrace outside, wonderful views, nice food.


Morning all. Feel for you Daisy! Earlier this year, cleared 19 bags of rubble from behind my shed as I wanted the ground level. Just one of those idiotic 'women' things. Did get to the point where I wished I'd never started, it being very hot at the time, but now pleased I did it. Last year, it was removing a huge conifer and digging out all the roots go make a new bed. Isn't gardening fun.

Am up extra early for me as I just couldn't listen any more to the ex-Apprentice presenter waffling on about youngsters and jobs as if he knows what the situation is out there. 

Had my confrontation with yapping dog owner, well he was confrontational but, he hit on the wrong person.  I think he was under the impression that I would 'cave in' and be begging his forgiveness for ruining his 12 day holiday with my letter.  Didn't quite go like that. All I can say is I wish I'd spoken up earlier as you would not believe the difference it has made. Now to tackle next door neighbour about his faulty guttering!!! I'm on a roll.

Pleasant here today and what I really want is some more plants for the gaps I have.  No chance of getting any though. Times like these I wish I still had a car.  Any suggestions for tall plants to go at the back of my border. Need to grow upwards rather than outwards. Ta.


Morning all - rain today, so will get the house sorted - plus a trip to town to do bitsy pieces. Tomorrow will be my day in the garden, want to take some more cuttings.

TT - have you ever tried mail orded plants? It would mean that you could get going without waiting for a lift to the GC.  I use crocus ( bit expensive, but have always been very pleased with what is sent), or Hardys are also v good.

Sue - the dog is miniature schnauzer.