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Stacey - doing the same as you - probably heading for the same destination - will wave if i see you! 

... and if you are Betjeman in disguise, best not admit it at home - don't think he is 



... Don't think he is one of Slough's favourite poets


Morning all.

I'm a bit worried about the re-emergence (tried spell check for that but it didn't work, sorry!) of Verdun's underpants, is he now washing just to match or contrast with his garden regardless of what needs to be washed?

Lovely to see old friends yesterday, but what a lot of HW I did before their visit! No rest today though,not sure quite how today will pan out, lots of scurrying around, I don't think I'll be at home much. One of those days when you can't work out a good order to do everything. Best get started.




Don,t overdo it Mrs G.

Stacey Docherty

Chicky don't know why it had me at slough cause I'm closer to the racecourse in ascot!! Think I registered at work and it picked up that postcode..... Must change it....

is anyone going to Wisley flower show in september?


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Lovely morning here in Verdunland. I've been picking wild blackberries for a week now. They are in the freezer for winter puds and pies.

Thanks for the info on ragwort, Nutcutlet. It must be an age related symptem as I'm now 27 going on 28.

Betjeman is buried in Cornwall. I think he prefered it to Slough although I think he had a few digs at Cornwall too.


Morning everyone! Hey, the e-mails are working again, had two this morning.

Have bought more compost to make a new bed at the back of our pond, lots of digging in to do now so I can finally plant the pampas grass, azalea, and buddleia buzzes.

Hope you all have a good day, don't work too hard!


Lazy slow start for me, reading this, eating my marmite on toast and contemplating my clear disaster at skin whitening!

Gardening wise, I have my rose hedge to trim and my bed/border to create and the fence to repair.  The weather is looking hot and lush so will be slow going (I may have to take lots of breaks and cups of tea to ensure no dehydration!)Oh, and I too have a washing to do . . . mine get washed like a bloke (sorry chaps) al mixed in together but hung out neatly on the line with wooden pegs (none to match FG!) I do keep all socks together, and try to keep colours together when pegging out.


Morning all. Been watering, wretched small sprinker won't work any more. Other one is too wide for smaller beds.

Would have liked to go to Wisley Flower Show as we arrive in England on 6th Sept, but we are in Canterbury that day then off to Venice on the 7th so we'll miss it.

Went to Rocamadour yesterday, a very pretty, but rather touristy town in the Lot, built on the side of a rocky hill. It's a pilgrimage site with a basillica church on top. Nearly 2 hours drive. We had a lovely lunch on a restaurant terrace with fabulous views.





Good day all

Haven't been here for a while again - busy, busy. 

However Verdun - Honka - at last:

 An unusual flower, not seen a bee near it and doesn't seem to have a scent.

Planted a very small rescued tree yesterday, An Amalanchier, perhaps in about 10 years it may produce blossom! Still am pleased because when I was given it it was just a few dry bare roots and not nuch else and is now (I hope) string enough for the garden.


OH is painting the patio furniture and I have to gat myself going to make a pathe and a seating area - been on the way for months.

So am going to be busy!

back later


The potty gardener

Afternoon all.

I went straight into garden again today but have come in as it is so hot I don't want to overdo it and burn.

Was thinking you should write a book Stacey.

I have had one notification

Well that's enough time inside.

Enjoy your afternoon all


I have had 3 notifications. It was quite a surprise.

Very warm but not bright sunshine. I saw an Acer Flamingo for sale this morning and am trying to decide whether to buy it or not! Decisions !


Matty2 I hope you bought the flamingo.

Mum bought me a plant today  Coreopsis garnet, gorgeous and will fit nicely in a placce just 'made for it'. Will have to look it up though as not much info on the label.


Just finished painting the sheds,did not get on well with the new paint sprayer.

Athough it said for use with timber treatment,it just wouldl not spray evenly just in several jets,however when we gave it up as a bad job.OH found when washing it out with water the spray was fine.Maybe the timbercare was too thick?........reverted to trusty old brushes and had it finished quite quickly.

If anyone spots a woman with grey/fair hair and forest green streaks,its me !


Matty 2,please decide to buy the Acer Flamingo,it is such a lovely tree,I,ve had mine about ten years and still enjoy the varigated foliage each year.



Just been out and bought it. Should brighten up a dull corner in my white border. Feel quite pleased with myself for making a decision that breaks a resolution not to buy any plants until September - well it is nearly there,

This seems to be on a grafted stock to grow about 3m. Just right. Thans fro encouragement

PS as I to am 27 it was on 10% day at B&Q

Have spent this morning in hospital having injections in my back and this afternoon i spent in bed sleeping off all the sedatives. No gardening for me for a few days but hopefully will be able to go out and play a bit at the weekend. Head is definaltely a bit wobbley so excuse any spelling mistakes. See you all soon


It is a lovely tree Matty, but ours is about 18 feet tall after 10 years! Also, you will have to remove the suckers that come out on the root stock, otherwise it will revert to its original stock. Hope I haven't shocked you!




Planted it - no not shocked - will keep an eye on the suckers, thanks for the warning.

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Am I first today?

Just thought I should try waking up earlier ready for the week after next- Mind you I'm not going to be trying to get up yet.

Have a great day everyone