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Morning Bev, there never seems go be a race to be first on this thread (can't think why) but well done.

Morning all.

Far too tired to get onto evening thread yesterday.

Have almost caught up with garden tv now. Enjoyed beechgrove. Watched one monty's ffrench gardens a few weeeks ago, didn't like it (heavy on veg for my taste ho ho) then watched the artist garden one last night which totally mesmerized me. Finally seen all the usuals - GW and Love your garden - have enjoyed reading your comments before watching too!

Have a good day.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all, mrs garden glad you have caught up on garden tv. I am catching up on garden reading ATM GW mag and RHS mag came this week. The RHS mag has a good piece on autumn lawn care. Something I have never done (and always suffered) so this year I'm going to scarify airate and top dress. I'm away next weekend so will have to wait till the week after. We had a new lawn laid last year and I have been looking after it all this year so.... Husband will be happy!!!! On the train again and it's a grey drizzly day but the garden needs it so..... I'm already wishing I was home to sow my angelica and thilactrum. quick query wheto should you use grit on top of seeds and when not? Both seeds say they need light to germinate so I would be tempted to just top sow or can I use grit????? ( I have grit but don't use vermiculite as my cat tends to like digging in it to wee!!!!!)


Good morning all - light shower going on here at the moment 

Stacey - I use a very light layer of grit as it seems to anchor the seeds down a bit - doesn't seem to block the light 


Morning all. Dull here but dry. Just read last night's posts- wasn't really on as I was reading and then fell asleep. Dove- will there be fireworks when you leave? Or is that happening before the 5th November with your current situation.... 

Hope to do a bit more toiling outside later but have younger Fairy child's birthday cake to start making later. 

Have a good day all 


Definitely fireworks!  There might even be a Guy!!! 



Stacey - I too saw the Betjeman article in the Standard, and thought how the world is full of strange coincidences !!  Then saw your pic on the evening thread - even stranger !!  

Anxious morning in the Chicky household this morning - off to school for that dreaded envelope.

Would be good to have a quick potter in the garden to take my mind off it, but it is chucking it down.


Morning chick- hope the results are good. Do you always get them at school and not in post etc? 

Dove- light the blue touch paper


FG - in my day we used to get them in the post - these days you seem to go in to school - I'm sure it will soon be the norm to get them online.

i personally think post was better - you got to deal with it in the privacy of your own home before you faced the world.  At school the triumphs and disasters all get played out in rather a public gallery.  in the past my daughter has brought an unopened envelope back to the car and made me drive off somewhere before she will open it !!


I know what you mean chick. The online thing gets jammed and goes in to meltdown and the post can be hopeless too - as I recently discovered- but you get privacy as you say. Too stressful doing it at school!  

Off to work now - enjoy the day everyone 


Morning all. The English must be following the French. The French go to school to get the results, have done for a long time, but they have them put up on a blackboard as well, so no privacy.

Weeding flower beds this morning, haven't done it for a bit.

Chicky, I'm sure results will be fine.  It's always that worry of catastrophic results.

Good morning everyone.  

Its hot here already.  Warm last night too. lower lower sun seems to set off garden in a softer way.  

Foodbank soon...twice a week right now but once a week is enough really

Have good day everybody


Good morning everyone!

Dove, just opened that Vance kitchen link you put in, what a crook! Googled photos of him as well, you can tell he's a crook just by looking at him. Feel sorry for the people who want to buy his kitchens!

Don't know what I'm doing today yet, will just go along with the flow. Have a nice day whatever you're doing.


Morning everyone,

Very warm night,difficult to sleep,sun just coming out,but still a bit misty this morning.

Hope all goes well for little Chicky.

Thinking of you Maud,and wishing you a speedy recovery from yesterday.

Fireworks Dove.......lovely.have you thought of having a chain of beacons,like they do for really important occasions?

Enjoy your day everyone/


Morning all

Damp and misty but very warm - shorts and sleeveless t-shirt on. Don't know what I'll be doing as not in a muddy mood, but so much to do now. Bought MP compost yesterday in readiness for the late summer autumn potting.

Off to view estate 

Back later


Little chicky did brill !  Passed them all, and lots of A's.  Her mother is a very, very proud hen.  Good job chickens can't shed tears - that drop on my cheek must have come from a passing rain cloud



Been there, done that, wear the t-shirt Chicky. 

And had the little drops of rain on my cheeks 

Congratualtions to you and your Chick 


Congratulations Mother Hen and Chick!


Here is something I need a bit of advice on I think I have way too many clothes. I just did an audit of what i seem to have weirdly some things seem to have gone missing. Ties especially can only find 2 for now.

but there are at least 82 socks, 22 pairs of pants 22 t-shirts 19+ trousers + jeans (mostly jeans) 7 jumpers 15 sweatshirts 11 shirts and 9 jackets. I figure Women  are better at clearing wardrobes than men. So any idea's what I should try to get them down to? If I wasn't living on my own here i think the cull would have come a long time ago.  I know totally not gardening related but I'm sure there are some very organised people on here.


Blackest, I'm the last person to ask. Can never bring myself to throw clothes away. They all have memories or I will fit into them again when I've lost weight. Bought a new wardrobe for my bedroom, now full, and the spare room wardrobe is filling up too. I would keep all of them, never know when they might come in handy, especially the socks! Just throw the ones with holes.


Verdun will slap our wrists, this is the morning thread!