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Gardening Grandma

I kept all my plant labels, Chicky, and OH threw them away. In fairness to him, I am a bit of a hoarder and it drives him mad. So now I'm researching the names of my plants and writing them in a notebook.

No gardening again on this lovely day - church, lunch out, walking the dogs, spending too long on this forum! Must do better.


frost in north manchester . sunny all day .onion sets frozen in modules in the summer house . cleared four beds . put last years leafs in my new bed.  raised beds ready for veg covered  with  glass etc to warm them . brunch in front of the summer house . great day . a few beers now 


Productive day for me too but more indoor than out as I changed the faulty dimmer switch in kitchen for an ordinary one which blew a few days ago. Sorted out measurements for my ext.plans and started taking notes for planting ideas in back garden which won't get affected by any building work. Will have to restrain myself though and not go to the nursery too often! Have to paint all the fence first before I can put climbers on 


I have been tidying up in the garden all day so nice to be outside, at last!!

Ha ha I have been texting my daughter and nearly put xxx on this post

Highland Jeannie

Very hard frost again last night, so the shady part of the back garden is still frozen,  but tidied up & cut back a bit all over.  The upside is of course beautiful sunshine, but still chilly (thinner fleece!)

I've moved a few perennials & planted out most of the pots of bulbs which flowered indoors (accidentally dug up some lily of the valley - shoved it back!)  I also cut the leaves off some heucheras & cut down the stems a bit too, have done this before but maybe not when this cold, I think they're pretty tough....... 



Glorious sunny day today. Started badly as dog had had upset tummy in the night and I had to feed 22 people in aid of cancer support after church. Cleared up stinky mess, fed horses, cat, dog, put meat in oven by 9am, changed clothes, breakfast, church, been busy ever since. Cleared up, put garden tables back outside, made left over lamb into rissoles for freezer, dishwasher now on for about the 3rd time. Hardly noticed the beautiful day.

Hope England gets warmer soon, we will be there in 10 days time.

Resowed the broad beans yesterday, they'd disappeared.


Bank holiday here too around 4 hours before shops open...  Breezy start to the day but a mild night. If the sun comes out I will get busy



True enough but with that easterly wind itis not much better lets be realistic, 5 C is the same as the inside of my fridge. If the sun gets out then temperatures can be considerably higher but if that cloud stays then even the greenhouse will not have much heat and growth slows down to a crawl.



Good morning and a pinch and a punch etc! Hopefully the day will cheer up as at the moment still the endless grey sky here!



Good morning well it's very grey here this morning but thankfully no frost. Think we may have a trip out to the garden centre this morning then who knows what we'll do...yes it's a lazy day doing not very much today 


PS just watching the weather and they're claiming it will get up to 17* by next week....hmmm what day is it?????? 


Yes, thankfully no frost today but earth still too cold to plant anything which I am finding very frustrating. Aren't you?

Does this endless cold weather mean that all the veggies we eventually sow will be weeks and weeks later?



No day off for me, work as usual, but on the bright sweet peas are poking through so hurray! Not as frosty as it was supposed to be here-- the blue tits have packed their ice axes away...even their fat feeder had a layer of ice on it last week 

Bougth some little primroses yesterday so will try and find a liittle place for them. Thought of you when I bought them Verdun 


That reminds me, Fairygirl. I must buy some sweet peas seeds. What variety are you growing?

Birdbath still frozen here so must get up and out to break it. I have a blackbird that loves its bath on a regular basis and is so funny to watch!


I know, Brumbull. The poor farmers have had a very rough time. Do they get any form of compensation? I think they should.


Gardening Grandma

Well done, Lizzie! I also love to cook for lots of people - but I'm pretty useless next day! I hope you can have a restful day. Well done, Fairygirl, too - I'm impressed!

I have some plants to go into pots. I've just realised I could do that in the conservatory (which doubles as our dining room!) if I sweep up carefully and deny all knowledge of the event to my OH. I miss my greenhouse!

I've got sweet pea seeds but thought it was a bit late to sow them. Perhaps I'll give it a go.


Morning everydoby
Sunny here but it's cold
It's my mums 91st birthday today so well be taking her out...that means more "tasties" to eat and I've still got loads,of chocs everywhere.
I hate chocolate
When I've eaten the last 2 I will eat no more
Girasole wrote (see)

I know, Brumbull. The poor farmers have had a very rough time. Do they get any form of compensation? I think they should.


It does'nt matter whether they get compo or not they are still 5 -6 weeks behind last years planting


Good morning  grey skies and that wind feels colder.

In the garden all day yesterday...sunshine, and a nice all sorts of odd jobs sorted out ...that extra hour makes a big difference.


Enjoy whatever you're doing wherever you are.