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Couldn't reply earlier......can't stop dribbling over the iPad.  All this talk of cake!

Its looking like another sunny warm day but rain is forecast later.  I guess though we may need it.......oh yes, forecast now!  Some drizzle for a time but drying again and looking good.  Yippee! 

That cake talk has made me add toast to my's sublim, subleemi, suberlimin.....deep in my mind now to just eat!

Enjoy your day everyone.  Congrats to those passing exams.  Takes me back a bit


Fairygirl, I have one cupani amongst my sweet peas. It only has very short stems. Very pretty but not much good for picking. Are yours the same? my others are getting shorter as the season goes on, but started off strong and long. I've left them to go to seed now, But what  variety do I pep them up with next year?

My friends twins did well in their AS levels. The one who plays football for notts forest ladies reserves,got 4 A's on course for 2 A star and 2 A

The hurdler whos 8 th best in the country on 2 hours training a week , has 3 A's and a B.also got 760 UK CAT points (whatever that is ) so is eligible to apply for all the dental schools. as they need 690 as cut off.  She is dropping history, but is on course for A star in chemistry and biology and A in maths.

They've been grinning all week. 

 Their mother is worrying about the cost of them both at UNI for long courses, with their brother already there.


If I have toast,I,ve just got to have Marmite..............

Apologies to all those who hate marmite,I love it !


Well that's my breakfast sorted - going to dig out that marmite jar .....


I've lightened the load a reasonable amount i think, t-shirts down to 13 lost the odd sweat shirt and now i need to buy more pants. There is space now to hold the clothes I have kept and I can get to my wardrobes and the laundry basket is empty for the first time in months, there wasn't anywhere to put my stuff after I washed it.

May seem odd but I think it comes down to composition. I was reading about the subject in relation to photography and somewhere I read that women are better at it than men. Its fairly natural for a man to live in a mess where as women have a better sense of organisation and  usually have a place for things. So I figured its time i did some sorting. It was some useful reading and surprised me with finding afterwards I could see the choices made in peoples photo's and even tv programs. Applying similar principles to my living area's seems to make things more pleasant. Thanks for the help 

 i'm slightly neglecting my garden at present but this is the view from my bedroom and most of what you see i have added this year. Apologies for the focus i'm still half asleep.



Blue skies here today, and no work until Tuesday.

The garden centre group have half price seeds now. I might have a poddle over. They had an implement for removing hard roots, rather than breaking forks. Having extracted one teasel to make space for some more echinaceas (slug food), I am going to need it for the others. I will leave the rest  until spring so the goldfinches can have the seeds.

I filled up all the bird feeders this morning. The little birds seem to have had two broods this year. Lots of babies all learning where to come for a good feed.

Blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits,coal tits, green finches, bull finches, chaffinches, goldfinches. Nuthatch, blackbirds, robins,  Great spotted woodpecker. But very few sparrows, which is all my mum gets. She says she doesn't get the exotics like I do. We thought it was the food mix, but even with the same food as me, she is still majoring on sparrows and starlings, with the odd bluetit.

I don't have any pets, but I spend a fortune on animal and bird food.


fidget they do have quite short stems but I put them in a little votive candle glass and I have a bud vase which is round and small with a tiny neck (like me!) so it's not too big an issue. I grew Cathy this year in with them which is cream and very scented - slightly pinky/brown flush on some of them which I wasn't so keen on but the scent makes up for it. I put pix of them on the Garden Gallery thread recently as Dove was asking about cream sweet peas.

If your friend lived in Scotland she wouldn't have to worry about Uni fees.... The points thing is very confusing- they get credits/points for all sorts of things and not just academic ones either 

That's it - I'm having another piece of toast too - jam for me though!

Sorry fidget, I will eat anything and you were very generous with your animal and bird food...........


Well done, Blackest.

There's a lot of chat on here this morning! Cloudy today, would love some rain.

fidgetbones, you have all the same birds as me. I feed them in the winter, but not the summer as I want the natural balance with birds eating insects etc. But sometimes I feel my garden is a wildlife park, not mine anymore!

Had toast and Marmite. Off in a minute to weed.


I really ought to make an effort to see some of the wild life that comes in here, had a nice owl fly over recently being tailed by a starling. There are foxes too that come in, as they take the time to relieve themselves on the grass. Not actally seen them yet but they do seem to come quite close to the cottage.


blackest - a good clearout is very therapeutic. I do it on a regular basis with everything! Moving house frequently is a great way of focussing on what's really necessary! I wouldn't say all women are better at organising their surroundings- must introduce you to my sister....  I also had a neighbour who had lost her keys (again) and asked me to take a look in her house (back door unlocked...) to see if she'd left them in her bedroom. I was appalled at how untidy it was -drawers lying open, unmentionables all over the floor etc. I'd never have asked someone to go in it if I knew it was like that!

Your garden's really taking shape and looking great. You've worked very hard on it. 

Verd- would like me to do you some bird seed muffins or something? 

We used to get loads of different birds when I stayed near here but so far it's mainly been sparrows and a few blue tits and robins, so I'm hoping I can get more in over the winter when I feed. The long tailed tits are my favourites. So sweet.


Busy lizzie, I feed the birds all the year round. As only !! 9 can feed at once on the feeder, there is a queue. While they are queuing they pick off the insects etc while they are at it.


Happy B day small fairy I hope she enjoys her cake as much as I did!

I too am enjoying toast with marmite in the hope that it gives me the strength for Guide Camp - 4 days of festival style camping in the New Forest . . . I am hoping for good weather!

Enjoy your gardens (or cleaning, or baking or eating baking or wardrobe decluttering*) . . . see you all in 4 days

*delete as appropriate!


Stacey Docherty

Morning all ( that's all I can cope with today) 


Verdun, if you still wanted Paris Daisy, I could send you some cuttings now, or a cut down plant, later on say october.


Stacey Docherty

Oh didn't think my previous post registered!!!!!

The potty gardener


Happy Birthday to little Fairy.

Cloudless sky and forecast very hot, then heavy rain tomorrow so I'm out to make the most of it.

Last night when I'd gone up to bed I couldn't sleep and so  ended up doing a spreadsheet for my fuchsias.I can then see any I've lost and which need to come in during winter. Well it kept me happy for a while.

Have a great day all  


That's half my lunchtime gone reading posts - stops me eating! Potty, how does that work - spreadsheets for fushias? Is it the IT equivalent of my drawing where they are on a piece of paper?

Hiya  fidget,  that's very nice of you but I now have plants growing away.  That's the beauty of the forum......everyone is so kind.


Whatcha sending me then Verdi?

I'll keep you some cake...

Been out removing turf for the areas to be planted. 

I'm sure it'll be lovely when it's finished....