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have cleaned out, well tidied and swept GH. No still have tomatoes etc but was so much in it couldn't see anything and needed room to plant seeds. That's tomorrow.

Have also washed pots, and seed trays so now feel as if I am half way to autumn.

next job is to sort out and re-organise the side entry so wehave room to stor the logs I will have to order soon.


Yes folks - back of five on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend - the spammers doth return....

Anyone for cake instead? 

Chocolate fudge icing, cream and choc ganache with bits of choc sprinkled on top....

Fat free of course



Looks yum

still in my hammock  - haven't had a day this lazy since my spanish holiday 


Good morning folks  Thunder and lightening during the night (so my OH tells me ) and still raining now - that wet sort of rain that really soaks things - that'll help the lawns.

I had some little plug plants arrive yesterday - they're keeping damp in the shade out there now - hopefully it'll dry out later and I'll be able to put them into the modules I have waiting for them.  I also have some Aquilegia White Swan to sow (present from a foodie friend).

The two fora I'm on are sort of crossing over - we've got cakes on here and my foodie friends are sending me seeds 


Good morning Dove & all. Been catching up on latest posts and I think far too much cake on here

We've also had thunder, lightening and rain since 8pm yesterday. Still raining on and off. At least all plants will now have had a good watering.

I think I've been a bit heavy handed with the can, as I've killed my Delphinium Summer Nights, rotted at the base and just lifted from the pot. I could blame slugs but it was me  Well it was nice whilst it lasted. I'll get a replacement next year.

Have a good day all, BFN.


Stacey Docherty

Lol morning dove, always the way isn't it!! Drizzle here this morning but as I didn't water last night I don't mind so much!! Gotta pack for me and Lo going to my folks I. Yorkshire next week. Don't want to leave the garden cause if its warm I know my oh wont water ( he can't do it with an Xbox controller). well best I go feed the chickens.... Have a nice day all 


 Nothing there that you could try to strke a cutting from KEF?  I know basal cuttings are traditional for delphiniums, but there's no rule that says you couldn't try rooting a sideshoot.  Nothing to lose really 

Tasmanian rellies visiting on Monday/Tuesday (the ones that were in the fire).  We're lunching out with my son and daughter and their spouses (spice??? ) on the Monday, but wll be here for Monday supper and Tuesday breakfast/lunch.  I'll have to make some cake ......... 


Morning. Not looking like a goodday weather wise. The wet ringsoutthe colour in th egarden quite nicely though. Lots of fallen apples, kids not picked them up for a while so that ca  be one of their 'drag away from tv/computer jobs' - any orher ideas to entertain them, especially 15 year old ????


Good luck with that MrsG....

Dove that sounds like a nice Aquilegia. I found a site that sells some lovely shade loving plants on it that had a few white ones so I might be tempted over the dark, wet winter months ...

Bright here - we had the rain last night and getting dry now. Help coming today to move shed so I'll have to go and start emptying soon. Will be glad  lot of turf to lift too. Rain started yesterday so didn't get as much done as I'd like. Cake duty interfered too. That was an enjoyable break - lots of chocolatey pots and bowls to lick- chef's perks!

Enjoy the day everyone 


this is just a friendly warning about a scam

i recieved a letter yesterday from china informing me that my recently deceased BIL had invested large amounts of money in china and if i emailed i would be able to claim it as his executor. my name and address were correct  but not BIL christian name 


Oh little ann, aren't they little S****s? So sorry to hear about BIL. Thanks |I will keep an eye on mum as dad pasted away recently and this would worry her as he did do some daft things over his last few months, (dementia) so she could believe he'd do this .


Little Ann - it is shameful the lengths these people go to -  with no thought to the distress they might cause, regardless of whether or not their "victim" falls for their lies.

predicted rain has come with avengeance, but the garden needs it (come to think of it, so does the house - it might actually get cleaned).

one of my expeditions yesterday took me past a GC, where I invested in two sidalcias - reddy pink ones.  I need some more pink in one of my borders, and these should do the trick.  Also very pleased to see all my roses getting ready for another show.  And (stop press) I finally have a red tomato in the GH

enjoy your visitors Dove (spice made me lol). And good luck with the shed move FG - do we get some before/after pics??

Have fun at home Stacey, and Mrs G - I wish you luck with your mission!


Morning all.

Trying to stop e-mails about this thead as I look every day any way. No success so far

Have decided to write down the plans for autumn/winter in garden, digging, shifting, planting you know the sort of things - the ones that only a few are done because you found something else that needed dooing/not the time!

Rained overnight and some very picturesque clouds drifting past-white over grey - but it seems all you in the north and east will get the brunt of the 'weather'


Chick- do you want pix of us all swearing and crying when we can't get it in position!

Pic please of your first tomato 

These scammers are vile. No conscience. At least the ones that do it on here will get no joy-everyone's too switched on. The kind that prey on the elderly in particular should be jailed for life.


The china scam looks like a variation on the letter I got. Deceased man left millions , with my ex surname and my initial. It coud be transferred to my account (for a fee). It had to be kept secret.  I could email person in Hong Kong.   Funny thing was , it was postmarked Brixton and had a British stamp on it.

Matty I have never had one email from the forum.

The messaginging system seems to be up the spout. I will save seeds for you Stacey, and send them on when you can send me your address.



Matty2 - the notifications annoy me too, I've turned then off in profile settings but some do still come through, not since I did it again today though.

Stacey - when are you up in yorkshire?

FG and Chick - thanks for your good luck wishes, (not sure which smiley fits here) but HELP - practical advice needed, 15 yr old still in bed (ok it's only 10.00), 11 yr old still watching tv. I'm peaceful though. Could make them watch GW with me  Think I'll take them to visit GParents later. Going to fetch new aquisitions for garden soon as I missed delivery yesteday so little one can come with me...


Mrs G - only another week and they will be back up at 6.30, and there will be lessons and homework coming out their ears - so maybe another lazy day won't hurt them?  Or you could make them a list of chores - always a good way of flushing out all those "must do" activites they had previously forgotten about.



Hi all.

Dove, no chance of any cutting, I thought it was dying back for the Winter as it looked pale  but when I finally got around to inspection it had no roots. Even kiss of life out of the question. Years since I had delphiniums in the garden and couldn't recall end of season habit.The ones I had were eaten when they emerged the following year, so I thought put this in a pot and transplant next spring...

That scam is awful.

Fairy when you've moved the shed mine still needs painting.

Tracey bring your wellies to Yorkshire.

Looking forward to seeing the tomato pic.

No advice to offer re: "young uns" suppose HW and ironing out of the question

Happy cake day all.


Hey KEF did know but just remembered that you're only a stone's throw away from me.

Chicky - like the chore job idea (can I muster up the strength of the onslaught of teenage opposition? - bring it on!)

Any one know the best way to get more coreopsis - cuttings, division, seeds? Mum bought me one which I havent planted yet.


oops sorry didn't think i'd posted as separate thread, though I'd deleted by mistake so this is duplicated now.(coreopsis) thanks fidget off to read your response now