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Morning all. Frost -2° but sun announced. Hope to garden this afternoon, still got lots of clearing up to do. Restfull morning after yesterday but at least it means kitchen and dining room are clean after all that preparation and clearing up!


Nope - farmers don't get any compensation for bad weather.  Everything costs them more to do, they can do less of it, in bad weather their crops are usually of reduced quantity and quality so they get paid less, then we get charged more because of scarcity 


Morning all. Another dull, cold day.  Is there no end? Getting cross-eyed doing crossword puzzles and watching films.

I think the price of veggie is already rising.  I wonder who gets the extra money though.  I paid 75p for a savoy cabbage which was slightly bigger than a brussel sprout and, yes, it was in a plastic bag again!  I can't complain because I have no interest in growing veg.


Morning All

White Rabbits 

Dull and grey but I think today I will have a go at planting out front garden. Not sure how far I will get, but it seems good weather to plant before the plants spurt.

GG I saw yesterday you were bemoaning the fact that you have no plant labels.

I now put plants on computer, just a word doc, saying which bed they are in and a rough guide to care, Seems time consuming but it keeps me quiet on a wet day, and I then know what i have. Do attemot to keep labels, ut they easily get lost.

Right off to do some photography - new month, new avatar

Gardening Grandma

Rosa, funny you should say that but I was thinking about it myself, from notebook in the garden to computer with downloaded photos and growing instructions. Could be a lot of fun, as well as a record to treasure and look back on. Thanks for the suggestion!

I don't grow veg, either, Tina. In fact, I put a patio over the veg plot because OH and I differed so much about how it should be done! (He wasn't really interested in it but felt a failure because he wasn't doing it himself, so I let him off the hook.)



GG, I did start growing veg years ago when I was young and dedicated but, the day I cut a cabbage and saw a gigantic caterpillar on it was the day I stopped.  Oh, yes, I know that the shop bought ones probably have had a few having a chew, but I don't see them.  My next door neighbour, bless him, gives me lettuce and tomatoes but as he also says that his cat defecates in his veggie patch, I'm afraid they go straight in the recycling bin.  It's a case of what the eye doesn't see, etc. I'm just a up-town girl.

Gardening Grandma

I feel the same, actually. I pulled some carrots one day and it took nearly an hour to scrub them. I thought, the carrots in Sainsbury's cost a pound a bag and are clean!! (I realise that this is not PC and that carrots from the garden are nicer and have more vitamins.)


Let's put it down to our age GG


Quick question to all you knowledgable gardeners.  Didn't want to start a new thread. 

Have had a camelia for more years than I can remember.  Bloomed first couple of years but never since. Three years ago, dug it up, put it in a pot, cut it right down and, much to my surprise, it has grown really well, lovely dark green leaves and has buds.  Have kept it fleeced as I could see buds, but when do you think I should take the fleece off? Should I not be impatient? I can see the colour of the buds now.


Finished for hthe day. This evening I will be noting down on PC the plants that have been put in the front today, Saves watching too much TV


Thanks BB.  I think it will have to take its chances.  I will leave the fleece for a bit longer and hope for the best.  Not the best of years to come back to life.


Tina-location might be the problem as they tend to get 'burnt' at this time of year so,like Acers if you can protect them from early morning frosts and wind it helps. They also form their buds in summer so if they get dried out then you don't get buds at all or very few..that's why they do well in the west of Scotland..our summers are on the damp side! I don't think you and GG should feel guilty at all about not growing veg. You compost- so you're doing your bit!! I only grow what I know I'll eat and will I have time for tending.

Girasole..I always try and grow 'Cupani' as I love very dark purples, the darker the better, but  I only have about 10 just now,  and the ones I've  just bought are called 'Cathy' and are creamy looking in the pic and supposed to be very fragrant so I'll see.


Fairygirl, I know I have it in the right spot as when I first planted it and complained about it's buds falling off was told, by a very stern schoolmarm, that I had it on the wrong side of the garden.  It's a wonder she didn't give me lines.  Anyway, moved it to the other side of the garden and it's only just doing well.  I did notice the buds in the Autumn, hence the fleece.  Never been so protective of a plant.

Brumbull wrote (see)
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Gotta say, I love the harmony now on the forum.
Everybody seems to support everyone else now.

 Here, here, thank you Verdun, are we not all gardening friends ? 

Speaking for myself, it is only in the past couple of weeks that I have felt confident enough to post freely. Hope that makes sense. Thanks guys.

Rosa how impressed am I? You are so,organised n efficient
What plants did you put in your front today?
Brumbull I have Acer Garnet Underplanted in part with hosta Fire n Ice. Think it looks good in summer.
Tina, I think keep the fleece on overnight and remove,during the day. Camellias are tough plants. Are the buds red or,white? Often whites are more,prone to frost damage. If dry cold winds I would fleece during the day too,just to,protect those blooms. In future though I would not fleece. You've done well to get it back Imto flower so soon.....that was quite a hard prune!
Agree with fairy girl about watering in mid and late's critical at that time that camellias get plenty,of water
Brumbull wrote (see)

No, thank you Tee T for posting on the forum, at the end of the day we are all helping each other, or i would like to think so

Absolutely Brum. Tina - did you write your name out 100 times anyway? 

I pruned a camellia too and it rejuvenated it so maybe all your tlc will do the trick for it. They are beautiful when they're in flower and a bit of dead heading does wonders. I might go out and buy one now! Spent 2 hours painting the s***ing fence and it still looks lousy. Only another 40 yards to do then redo it all 

Anyway- Paul Hollywood's on later... I've earned it 

Is anyone watching Broadchurch??



Thanks for the advice.  Been a bitter wind today but will see how things pan out tomorrow. It's pink Verdun.

Fairygirl, she was a really lovely person who knew all there was to know about gardening but I always felt like a naughty girl when in her presence. I can't remember ever seeing her smile. It's not flowered for years but I just couldn't bring myself to throw it on the heap, hence back to a pot and chop right down 3 years ago. 

Keep looking at my fence but there's an awful lot there.  Don't want to start something I won't want to finish!


Verdun hope you had a good day and didn't eat too much  I succumbed to some chocolate last night ...not good for my waistline- if I knew where it was that is....

Hosta under Acer sounds good..have to go and get an Acer now. I really like the Dissectum ones especially Atropurpureum.. I'm not supposed to be buying plants Brum.. 1 or 2 won't hurt will it?

Mine is atropurpureum dissectum you know the leaves are more delicate and "fingered". but more easily damaged by frost, strong winds and hot sunshine.
Can't really grow Japanese acers very well as the slightly salty wind permeates somewhat. Mine is a protected, walled garden but I'm not too far from the coast. However I have created a spot where it thrives......on the sunny side I have miscanthus gold bar to cast dappled shade and further over Taxus Stamdishii that provides shade and colour contrast
A salix.....Japanese willow, not going to try to.remember or pronounce its name, .that grows only a few feet high and across with small pink, white and pale green leaves ( this is a truly eye catching beauty) sits on other side next to blue geranium and I think the Acer is set off quite nicely.

Can't grow acer dissectum here, I love them and have wasted money on them, we have frost, strong winds and hot sunshine and alkali limestone.

Feeling very virtuous, have cleared up all the dead stuff in my flower beds. Left it on for winter protection. It was 14°, took my coat off. Everything burning nicely on bonfire. Now it all needs weeding, top of soil forked over and mulching. But I like to do it when the plants are up a little bit more in case I damage something. May rotovate in veg garden tomorrow and plant potatoes.