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Morning all. After a few household errands, we are getting back to clearing the overgrown area of our new garden. This is in readiness for creating our veggie patch.

All hands to the spade and fork, even that of an 21 month old


Morning all.  Been up ages but busy spreading the news and then lost one really long e-mail which I had to redo.

Hi Steebe. Welcome to the madhouse.

Was wondering where you were Andy. Sorry to hear your treatment knocked you for six.  Do hope you're feeling OK now. 

I'm off for a bit of retail therapy.  Eva has told me what she likes so will see what I can do.  So glad she didn't ask for some Dr Martens. 

Lovely day here.  Sorry FG.  You will have to move. 


Very strange Gilly. I started mine indoors and when they went out we had a really cold spell and they got checked, but once they got going again they've been great. Just took a pic of them as the sun came out for a little while. Will put it on one of the picture threads. Got some of a huge bee who landed on the rocket flowers by the back door.


morning everyone. best wishes andy.

not sure what i'm doing today and  tomorrow. visit to GC sounds like a plan. grass to cut. sunny,cool and windy here.


Morning Tina. The sun's come back out but it looks like a hit and miss kind of day. 

I'm sure you can get Doc Ms in tiny baby size if you look hard enough....



Hello folks, I'm back from visiting duties and shopping duties.  Sprinkler has been on the Shady Bank for 40 mins, then the Swiss Chard, now the R. beans - still as dry as the Sahara here in the far east 


Here you are TT 


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My little Twinkle Toes won't be wearing them. Got one sweet little outfit but problem is sales and change of seasons.  Wish I still had a sewing machine. Could then run her up a few co-ordinates.  Thought that some of the material and the workmanship left much to be desired.

Will have to get out and water too Dove.  Been baking hot again today and temperature supposed to be rising again tomorrow.  I am not complaining.  Said I wouldn't so will keep my promise.

Back to my book. Will try not to doze off this time.

Thanks for the kind words everyone here's the picture of the vase of cut flowers from my garden in the school foyer.



Wow Andy - that is stunning. The colours go together beautifully.  Hope they were widely admired


Gorgeous flower arrangement Andy.


Good morning all 

Lovely flowers Andy, and perfect n that setting! 

Well, we're into September now - it's gettng cooler overnight and I've hunted out my warmer dressing gown.  Hedgehogs were on the terrace when we went to bed last night - I shall have to mix up another batch of their evening snack for them today - hedgehog biscuits from the GC, with added chopped peanuts, dried mealworms, sunflower hearts and a few broken up banana chips.


Morning all,

Beautiful arrangement Andy,colours pick up the seats perfectly.

Yesterday was windy ,but very hot in patches,sat out watching Morris men after visiting a classic car event,got a bit sunburnt was very glad of my strawberry and cream ice cream.

Lucky hedgehogs in your garden Dove .....a special biscuit made just for them,I expect they tell all their friends

Autumn has arrived,with the first of Spetember,the blackberries in the field behind us are ripening well,and I hope tp be out picking some this week to stew with apples from Mums tree.Am also picking the Victoria plums now,a very large crop this year.

Andy. Nice colour associations.  Want to copy those somewhere in my garden

Well. I'm always saying it this summer but it's a beautiful sunny morning.  No wind.  There is a cooler fresher feel although it was still 22 plus yesterday

The acteas have been so good this year with their brown/purple foliage but now Brunette is flowering with long thick spikes.  Black negligee's spikes just a fraction behind. 

Hostas dying back now with snails adding their bit to hasten their decline.  

Enjoy your day everyone

Stacey Docherty

Morning all, wow Andy that looks great ... Such a talented lot on here...... Have a good day everyone taking lo to see trains and fire engines!


Going to make a visit to Sussex Prairie Gardens - best time of year for them, plus they have a plant fair on today.  Will take some pics!



Morning all. Lovely flowers Andy - they're very lucky having you so readily available! 

Feeling a bit sore and stiff today but need to go and buy a new spade - I'd had that one for over twenty years and it owes me nothing for the amount of work it's done. Not sure if I'll manage anything too strenuous outside today. 

September already eh. Where does the time go?


Morning. Just done the watering I should have done last night.  Forgot how early it gets dark these days. Quite nippy out there at present but supposedly in for a good day and hotting up tomorrow.

Got a horrible repair job I have been asked to do by DIL on her son's black school coat.  I can't work miracles!!  Will have a go but won't hold my breath. Hate working on black material.

Sunday is day of rest FG. Put your feet up and eat cake.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Watering done, picked sweet peas, swept GH of zillions of dead flies (once in they don't seem to know what a door is for). Sweetcorn cob for lunch and feet up until friend visits garden this afternoon.


Snap!mmWe've got some sweetcorn to eat today (fresh from the farmshop as I didn't have room for any in the garden this year) We'll have it for supper along with some runner beans and some ribeye 

Wonderfully hot today.  Taken a lot of cuttings.....penstemons, osteospermums, fuschias, argyranthemums, pelargoniums, convolvulous ( cneorum and maritima), echinaceas, and salvias.  In a couple of months I will be dividing plants.  Where do I put everything?