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Good morning all 

Another glorious morning here and warm temperatures to come - maybe I'm going to get all the big tomatoes ripe outside after all 

Good luck with the medics Chicky 


Morning all,

The jeans are out, after a few months of dresses and shorts. Brrrrr...  

I'm off to work as well, have a good day


I got a woolly cardi out of the cupboard last evening, and I've got it on  this morning - first time all summer - but it's going to get warmer ............... 

Need to start thinking about bulbs for spring pots, and what are we going to have in a pot on the front porch over the winter?

I've got today at home (got to use my leave up before I retire) and the Virgin man is coming today with a Tivo box 

Then I'm having a home reflexology session - never had one of those before!  

Some pastry to make to top the chicken and leek pies I started yesterday for when MIL and some other rellies appear in a couple of weeks.

I wonder if there'll be time to go out and find some blackberries to pick?

Stacey Docherty

morning all, home on the plane today with lo...... Can't wait to get back to my garden and start planting seeds that have arrived and that have been collected from my folks garden. Got some lovely pineapple lilly seeds...... Dove TiVo is fab fab fab..... my oh works for vm and is responsible for its license to the uk.... Regrettably we long get virgin in our area so I have to use sky + which isn't half as good..... Mmmmmm chicken an leek pies must get the recepie for that from got 250 spring bulbs yesterday for £14.99 (groupon) great mix of alliums, anenome, daffy, tuilips and other stuff I can't remember lol oh yeah sparaxis bulbs... I. Going to have a lot of planting to do..... Bulbs bulbs everywhere...... Have a great day all hope you have nice weather....


Well, it looks like a lovely day today and I'm off to work for the first time in two weeks  Hope everyone has a good day, I'm not convinced that I will . . .



Think positive panda

Missed that deal on groupin Stacey, will look - see if still available though.

Good morning forkers

Cloudy so far.  Warm,though.  

Local radio currently about the Foodbanks and child poverty.  More hardship than even a couple of years ago.

No chance of any gardening today methinks.

Have good day folks


Morning all. Eventful weekend. Son No 1 & family stayed Friday and Saturday nights, then friends stayed Sunday night and Son No. 2 had his 30th birthday party on Saturday. Just been catching up on here.

Then we are off to England on Thursday, Venice on Saturday for 5 nights then back to England for a few days. So I won't be in touch while we are in Venice.

Friend who stayed gave me a big bag of mixed daffodil bulbs. Will have to wait for rain to soften the earth before I plant.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Morning each, walked aroung my garden with friend yesterday and was surprised to see just how thirsty everything looked, so I know what I shall be doing this morning.

Talking of spring bulbs am off to my favourite Malvern show at end of month. It's an annual pilgrimage... loads of lovely everything in the bulb/corm/rhyzome etc line. Can't wait.


Morning.  Must have been half asleep as I posted on wrong thread.  Never mind. Retrieved it for what it's worth.

Must do things today. Washing, bin filling and get to Post Office. I find it so annoying that instead of walking up the road I now have to hop, well get, on a bus to the nearest one.  Did us OAP's no favours when they were all closed down!! Good job I have my Freedom Pass. Will you get one Dove?  Of course, if the government get their way, they will take it away and give the money to ............who knows.

Think I should be on MOB thread.  Bit early for me and I'm always a bit grouchy in the morning at the best of times.

Have a good day one and all.


Freedom passes go with state pension, TT and as my state pension age has just gone from 60-66 will now not get one for 9 years..............oops did I say 9 .I meant 39 as like Fairygirl I am only 27

Lovely sunny day,hoping to replace trellis over arch that the weight of the wisteria has started to break,replacing with cross sections of wood this time (OH doing that bit) I am in charge of cutting the wisteria back first.

Have a good day all.


Lots of gardening catalogues falling through the letterbox. Time to plan for next year. I must have that, and that, and that. Must win lottery. Need more space. 

 I ordered more amaryllis bulbs yesterday, and a few other things. I currently have two spikes on last years bulbs. As they had 2 spikes each in spring, I think that is good value. They have been outside all summer , with the occasional feed of comfrey juice.

 I also ordered some more yellow tree lilies, and a few other things. free postage over £50, what can I say...

I need to pull out some of the bindweed in the front garden. Other half has gone to Glasgow this morning at silly o clock, so I can get on the big computer to post some photos.


Just picked my first Victoria Plums,enormous crop this year after last years poor showing.

Still warm from the sunshine delicious


Autumn raspberries almost ripe 

The reflexology session was great, but I'm totally zonked and will not be making pastry this afternoon.  Think I'd better buy some tomorrow if those pies are going to get made. 


Might spend the rest of the evening playing with our new TiVo box and drooling over the Sarah Raven catalogue.



All this garden porn--- it's not good for my bank balance.


I was asked the other day what I want for my leaving gift - the words were out of my mouth before I even thought about it - National Gardening Vouchers please 

Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Well back to work for me  got back yesterday to see the oh had built me a potting table I had ordered hurrah then looked at the garden  wilted plants everywhere, grass yellowing dead Vietnamese coriander ( took me ages this year to find one) I am less than impressed. I did water it he said what with a teaspoon!!!! So I spent 2 hours watering it and showing it some love last night!!!! All my seeds have arrived from the seed swap my my I'm going to be busy On my potting bench this weekend!!! Gotta book Thursday off to go to hampton court flower show mmmmmm wonder if I could get another coriander from there....!!!! Still quite emotional about the garden neglect I may petition Xbox to develop a remote watering system.... laters peeps


Good morning all   Sorry to hear about the wilting plants Stacey (I'm very lucky with my Undergardener who is coming along nicely)

I'm back to work today as well - and there's so much I could be doing in the garden ....