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Morning all,

Dove........National Gardening Vouchers ,an excellant choice,welcome to the world of soon to be and already retired gardeners,  I always opt for gardening vouchers if asked.

Stacey.......perhaps you should give OH some training,with the promise of promotion from undergardener to assistatnt gardener if sucessful  ,after a probation period of course.


Oooh, assistant gardener ?    Does that give them carte blanche to make decisions if we're away?

Stacey Docherty

No no and no! My husband is a mare! He noticed a bird had eaten 3 grapes off his grape vine but not tht the plants were wilted and dying!!! He loves his grape vine( my attempt to get him interested) and building stuff but that is it!!!


Oh no  Dove they need to complete several years training before getting to that level......many do not make it 

Stacey..........sounds like yours would not even make the enrolement





mine was sacked for using a football to dead head an allium.

morning all.



I left my ex once to water the greenhouse for a week while I was away. I put all potted plants next to greenhouse, so he wouldn't miss them. Every day he walked past them, watching them dry up, turn brown and die. "you only told me to water the greenhouse" was his excuse. Did I mention he is now my EX husband?

Stacey Docherty

Lol I went to the woods where I told him there were pots he had watered the seeds but not my Scottish lovage which is now looking v v sorry for itself! He reckons its cause it was so hot yesterday! On the up side it's wisley flower show on Thursday for me so...... Like I said if he can't do it with a remote (specifically the Xbox) the. It won't great done... This is the man that when I was pregnant instead of doing the hoovering bought a robotic Hoover for me to use!!!!!



However, 2nd undergardener has just spent 20 mins picking up fallen apples.   very clever plan to avoid getting washed, teethed and dressed! funny as anything - hes now emptying the dishwasher ( well i think getting ready can wait!!!


Oh Stacey, you must feel gutted. Feed him on gruel for the next week.

I'm pretty lucky with mine, he does all the mowing and repairs, makes bits of trellis for my clematis and helps when asked. But he doesn't have anything to do with my flowers, certainly not weeding! We are about to go away, Venice and England. I'm leaving my cuttings with a gardening friend. House sitter will water, not totally reliable but not bad.



May I introduce....

Cheeky and Snarley 


Now just to find thery're perfect spot...

seems like I've waited ages for these little guys. I saw them at least a year ago, hoped for them for my birthday, then Xmas, finally saved my pennies up and got them myself. Their twins came last week or so but were damaged, now I've got 4. 



The potty gardener

Oh dear Stacey- you will have to send him on a course or something to learn about watering skills.

Again once at work this morning I became engrossed so quickly I failed to log on to say good morning to everyone

Mrs Garden love Cheeky and Snarley

Enjoy the rest of the day



Mrs G is Snarley the one that has been bothering Tea?


Gilly, absolutely not !

Been working so hard i've forgotten what time of day it is ( will that get me out of detention??) - but had to admire the goblins - what fun.

Seem to have lost my smileys????????????



Morning all -just been out to water - there's definitely an autumn nip in the air.

However, pots of annuals still looking very fresh - should get a few more weeks of colour out of them yet.

Stacey - am planning a visit to Wisley on Sunday (to the flower show) - will be interested to hear what its like.  I shall use you as my Sherpa!


Morning chicky and everyone - defnitely autumn here too - it was clear when I got up this morning, then as the sun rose a thick mist spread over the valley - it's clearing now.  

Not a lot of time to noodle on here - work to be done (at work ) so byee for now, see you later, have a good day everyone 


Love the imps Mrs G and the back story, a familiar one to me, that I end up having to get things myself 

Sadly I'm with Dove today . . . work is calling. . . . it's never a good thing to be going in early. Gosh I miss my lie ins 


morning all. Sons first day at 'big school' - the one I fought so hard to get him into!  Smileys working chicky. dove n Bev - he wanted to buy flowers fir teachers on first day, had to say no ,  what a teachers pet / creep I'D look! GC later but first try and get some normality and routine back. good luck panda, and hope appt goes well.

The potty gardener

I've been in work for a while- but thought I'd quickly say morning.

Have a great day