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Good morning all,

A bit misty at the moment,but sun trying to break through.

Going to pick blackberries in the fields behind us this morning,plenty of apples so am going to make a batch of blackberry and apple for the freezer and some for a crumble for tea

Have a good day everyone

Woodgreen wonderboy

In this house and garden the use of the word "Autumn" is prohibited until at least 1 November. Please be advised we are now in "late summer"  Anyone using the "A" word will be sent to see me following which a large fine paid to my favourite charity will ensue. Evening forkers will not be exempt.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all busy busy busy at work... The drive in this morning was spectacular... I drive through windsor great park ( or get driven!) and the mist was so fantastic the yellow sun trying to break through with the ancient oaks rising out of the mist like soilders on guard.... Only thing missing was mr darcy on horse back! Chicky I will report back tomorrow pm... Sherpa Stacey!!!! I was wondering chicky if I was going to have to elbow you won't the way at the crocus open day on Saturday???? If I do t spend money tomorrow then I'm gonna hit crocus Saturday..... Woooooohoooo husband has said ok seeing as he is in the dog house( or should that be the greenhouse?) have a great day all enjoy the weather it's fading fast ( oh and those spiders floating in the air are another sure autumn sign) 


Back to school. it gives me shivers. Instead of taking flowers for teacher, I used to take apples from my mum's James Grieve. (not for teacher, for us kids.).  40 odd years on, my friend in Australia says she still remembers those apples. It started with an English lesson, when we were told to bring  a piece of fruit in and then describe it.  Her dad used to have a greengrocers, but those apples were never the same....

She doesn't have an apple tree now, they grow lemons and oranges in Perth. Although I am allowed to take Teabags into Australia, they won't let fruit in, so the memory of the apples will  have to remain a memory.

I offered my sister some worcesters last night. She said she would have a few but her boys won't eat "tree apples", only supermarket apples, because they might have bugs in.



Morning. Shame some of you have to work but your time will come, hopefully, unless the government decide differently.

I'll second that Woody. I'm in for a hot 2 days. Also, can we have an agreement that the 'C' word is not mentioned until December, even though the shops and TV are already at it.

Do hope your son has a great day MrsG.  If I remember correctly, he was a big hit with the teachers when he went for his 'induction' day.  I think we mums worry more than the kids do.

Nothing much being done today except I want to get in loft, son here, to try and find a shawl I was given 42 years ago.  It will be carefully wrapped so should be OK.  I don'tthink it will be used but I just want to make sure I still have it.  Don't know why.  Don't think I'll be going down that road again!

Oh, by the way Woody, my granddaughter 'Skyped' me last night.  So advanced these days aren't they.

Wished I lived near you FB.  My favourite apple. Had a tree in my parents' garden and I used to cut them up to make sure there were no nasties and have a huge bowlful.  Don't even see them in supermarkets these days.


'A' word not in sight yet.

As for 'C' word, that of course has to start and be planned for from anytime now! So sorry but that's life folks. Would have to take all of Dec off work otherwise and a few trips go psychiatrist!

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Back from holiday and getting on top of things, so I finally have time to have a look on the forum. Hope everyone had a good fortnight. I did!

The garden developed amazingly in a fortnight and the triffid rose has sent long stems several feet across the garden, so tying it up is a major priority. The weeds haven't developed as fast as the new plants and I'm thrilled with the way it looks. If it goes on like this, I'll have to have a plant stall at the gate! However, I wouldn't take bets on my chances of getting paid! (L being just below p on my keyboard, I initially typed the final word starting with the wrong letter! Wouldn't take bets on that, either!)


Ornea, you can't spell. I don't need a fire grate. or artificial grass to put on it????


Probaly got a green plastic brain FB


Puff its gone... Those moderators are good today. No plastic flowers here thank you.


Glad you had a good holiday GG. We are off tomorrow.

I agree, WW, September is a Summer month. Still on Summer time. Sun is out.


September is a wonderful month. I always used to take my annual leave in September in my working days.

Woodgreen wonderboy

As a schoolboy I remember great weather in September every year without fail. That's what I anyway thats what ...... what was I saying?



Good morning all  Yes, September is a lovely month - we used to go away then too Nut - the first week after the schools have gone back is usually a great time to be in Devon and Cornwall 



Back to school for the Chicky household - some glum faces here.

Stacey - enjoy Wisley.  And also to let you know that I drive through Windsor Great Park to get to and from work every day too !  Honk your horn if you see me (I am the fluffy yellow one!)

Another glorious day forecast - enjoy it one and all


Morning Dove - we crossed posts

Woodgreen wonderboy

Beautiful (late summer) morn. The corn is as high as an elephant's eye and I don't have to go to work.