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Stacey Docherty

Morning all..... Chicky I think as you live so close we must do tea and cake sometime ( and I gan get help from you about my garden!!!) lol well checked the garden quickly this morning and needed a hard hat for the woods with the squirrels eating the horse chestnuts and acorns!!!! I felt like a computer game avatar dodging falling missiles......just debating what to wear to wisely soooooooo excited...... Grave a good day all


Morning all,

Beautiful morning,sun out already and quite warm

Picked blackberries yesterday and now have several tubs of blackberry and apple in the freeezer.

Also tidied two of the borders,pruned a couple of shrubs,picked plums and visited elderly neighbour,tired last night.

Did anyone else watch Whitechapel, ? .I enjoyed the last series,but last night was hard to follow and very gory,don,t think I will be watching any more.Not keen on scenes of torture.

Going to make the most of what they say is "the last day of summer" today,visit to GC,lunch out and relaxing sit in the garden this afternoon.


Morning all! it's a trifle misty here this morning, but what a scorcher promised for later  

Have a good day at Wisley Stacey, and good day wishes to all, what ever you are up to.

i'm off to the drs this afternoon, taking the bull by the horns and making the first step with the professionals 



Come on Woody, altogether now:

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way.

Except it isn't. Just ventured into the loft again to confirm what I saw yesterday, started coughing and I think son was worried I was about to expire.  Don't think he would be up to giving me a fireman's carry down. So, had to leave it, feeling very agitated and annoyed.

Apart from that, very hot and sunny. 

Babe's 3 new outfits just turned up. 


Hope everything goes ok Panda.

Forgot to say enjoy Wisley Stacey.

Forget the loft today Tina,get out and enjoy the lovely weather .


Morning, errr, afternoon all.

Ditto gilly s messages.

work day but finishing a bit early.


Good morning all   Everything damp and dripping here this morning - the plants are going to love it, so is the lawn   It's a shame that we can no longer rely on wall to wall sunshine and eating out on the terrace and having barbies etc, but we did need some rain didn't we?

I suppose I'd better give that barbie a brush down and bring it into the garage 


Morning dove and all,

Working again today. Haven't looked out yet but forecast is grim today, so I shouldn't mind being at work too much.

have a good day.


just seen this if anyone interested ....

Groupon offer to stillingfleet lodge gardens,, York

entry for two £4.50, for four £9.


Morning all. Off to take car for MOT so not sure how much I'll get done today before the wet weekend we're forecast. Hopefully I'll get some of the new plants put in that I bought the other dya.

Have a good day all. 


Morning everyone! Thank you for your best wishes. Meeting this morning with my manager to let him know how drs went. Am keeping positive.


Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Cold an wet here today.... Went and looked at my new plants am trying to decide if to plant or to leave till spring I may have over packed the border "again"!!! So am umming and ahhh ing.....


Just di it Stacey

Just started typing and managed to report myself to moderator I think instead of posting.


Good morning everyone.

Still clinging on to the sun but rain, rain and more rain later and in the forecast.

Will,remove large picea today or weekend.  I removed top late yesterday ....will cut off all remaining foliage to leave just 6' stem.  Then the fun n games......actually digging it up.  Always the same, viz., immovable at first then the first signs of rocking and then my mad attacks at roots and crowbarring.  Finally my yell of "got you, you......." as it yields to the pressure.  Then the satisfaction of seeing open ground for,plantIng.


Stacey Docherty

Verd sounds like you could do with some of this rain to loosen the ground.... 


Morning. Humid here and have had some rain overnight.  Looking very dreary on this late Summer morning. (OK Woody?)

Spent some time with new granddaughter yesterday.  Was quite worn out when I got back but have to say that her mum was very relaxed about her screeching.  Now I know why I have resigned from babysitting!  Other two grandchildren were there and made a lot of noise but you can tell them to shut up.  Their noise was brought on by eldest grandson tormenting them. He got a clip round the ear. Was glad to get home.

MrsG, how is your son getting on? 

Panda, you will find may of us posters have been where you are and come out the other side.  Take any medication as it's there to help you as is not addictive.  Well, I didn't find it so. Talk about how you feel even to us as we are all very good listeners and will understand. 

Hope it's not too wet a day for everyone. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Nice cool wet late summer day ahead... keep positive everyone, there's lots of fun to be had in the garden before 1 November. Then we can enjoy "A" to the full.

Very grey and dark today got to have the lights on already. And then theres the rain. My daughter is on the isle of wight camping. I think im going to have a lot of muddy washing when she gets home on monday.

Had a wonderful day out on wednesday., I went with a friend, to the village thay i lived in as a child. My dad was the village bobby in Westbourne near Chichester in the 1960s.We walked all round the village, saw the school i went to and the house my friends had lived in. Had lunch in The Stag where we made so welcome.A real trip down memory lane. I dont ever remember it raining but my mum has reassured me that it did.

Does anyone else have such fond memories of being a small child?