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Not opened the curtains yet but I'll let you know

Read about the hail Verdun, will try n post some pics of hailstrom we were caught in in Austria, need to wake uo first...

Stacey Docherty

Dove thank you the rain cleared and now I have warm sun and blue skies.... Hasie someone cursed you! pm me The details I know a few who could help including a Druid ( don't ask misspent hippy youth!!) looking good for crocus now hurrah

Woodgreen wonderboy

Sun here in Hampshire, but then it's not surprising as it is still late summer.

Off to village hall to see fantastic model railway exhibition with lots of larger scale (sit-on?) working engines. Quite  a group of enthusiastic nutters around here.



Morning all,

Patchy blue skies here,rain during the night and lightening for about an hour,but only heard one clap of thunder.

We have a Hummingbird Hawk Moth caterpillar on our small Kilmarnock Willow,it is huge !,have never seen one before,have double checked in books and internet just to make sure that is what it is.Hardly any leaves left on top section of tree,it has an enormous appetite.


Morning. Is there no end to your knowledge Dove. Said in the nicest way.  I know nothing about wildlife.

If I look out the bay window, I have clear blue sky and out of the french windows it's decidedly grey.  Will look out of bay. But I will still be wearing my sandals and my Summer clothes.

When I was clearing the shed, I found a basket with loads of bulbs in it.  They seem firm enough so am going to plant them and hope for the best.  Will put them in pots I think. 

Think I will pay a visit to my granddaughter today.  Well actually I'm going to see if there's anything her Mum wants doing. Dad's been back to work since Wednesday.  Being freelance, no lengthy paternity leave, with pay,  for him. Their sons are extremely good and have really pulled their weight which has made things easier all round. 

Mustn't dilly dally on this laptop this morning otherwise nothing will get done.

Have a good Saturday everyone.


Lots of rain overnight but lovely now. House needs some serious attention this morning, but have some plants to get in this afternoon - liatris and sidalcea. Still looking very colourful out there.

In two minds about Wisley tomorrow - not sure my Sherpa's report was that enthusiastic?

morning (Just!) all  Enjoying a coffee in town before I get my nails done (I garden in gloves). Accidentally bought some more plants for the garden, some lovely penstimons, another bergamot, a variegated hardy fuchsia and another one I can't remember the name of! Just debating whether to pick them up before nail app and just get wet once or get them after and run the risk of getting wet twice (naturally I have no coat or brolly with me 

I'll be in the garden this arvo working out where to put them and planting them out. 

Hope it stays dry for you all 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Am I allowed to say that like so many organisations, once run for the members(the National Trust also comes to mind) the RHS has become more and more commercialised over recent years. Always in your face for money for this and that. I got a phone call from the RHS this week, as an existing member, to see if I would gift aid my fee. It was explained that this would limit me to taking only family members as guests, not friends. When I said that wouldn't work in my situation the caller soon lost interest.

Lots of effort is taken to promote Chelsea and Hampton Court, with the latter becoming too "lifestyle" at the expense of gardening in my opinion.....and yet humble little Malvern , which is ALL flowers, flowers, flowers... gets hardly a mention.


4thPanda, have you worked what causes this  'accidental buying of shrubs'. I suffer from this condition as well and I can't find cause or cure

Agree with you on NT, RHS and a lot of other organisations WW. 


Stacey, i have PMd you - my first PM post!


I experienced the 'accidental buying of cheese' today at the market - far too much wonderful Chaumes and a Petit Soumaintrain - but just think how delicious they'll be with some salami and figs on sourdough for a 'light gardening lunch' tomorrow.

I also had to buy a small piece of sirloin to roast with some beetroot, carrots and potatoes to accompany a jar of horseradish sauce - they're all needed to go with the Swiss Chard that needs picking in the veg patch.   Good job there's a bottle of Cote du Rhone waiting to be opened 

A gardener needs her sustenance 


certainly does Dove. Cheese was my big love til the cholesterol test results came in. I ate cheese with my cheese. 

But if my huge reduction in cheese intake makes no difference to the result it will be back to cheese with everything



and I just got stung by a wasp

Stacey Docherty

Got some stunners @ crocus.... Thilactrum black stocking, phlomis x3 astrantia and x 3 heuchara 

 If bought online would have been £105 bought today £56.00!!! But no wild swan 

Stacey Docherty

Oh no nut.... I almost got stung by one last night but it stung my jumper!!! Vinegar



Oooh Poor Sore Nut!!! 

Stacey, you haven't got room for all of those - you'll need somewhere to put them

Let me help  I've got some spare room here 

Stacey Docherty

Lol oh I have dove they are all supposedly for the wooded bit .... 


Along with the black stocking Stacey it looks like you got some pink boots too! 

No cure for accidental purchases I'm afraid Nut  and could have accidentally bought some cheese Dove and some heritage pork but I've only got so many hands and have to come home on the bus! 

Stacey Docherty

Lol yeah 4th panda they belong to the rare Docherty monsterous michiefous


I'm going to West Acre gardens/nursery tomorrow. When you head for a nursery, armed with cash/card it's hard to call it accidental. But I'll think of a way.

It's impossible to leave there without a car full. All properly grown on site as well, no over-bred, micropropagated weeklings. I have to have at least one trip a year.