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Tina - it's not so much the fence that's the problem as I can grow lots of stuff on it- it's the ef#*%g  No offence to anyone who likes it but I just don't!

Brum when we went to look at houses a few years back we viewed one that an older man was selling. His garden was beautiful (too overlooked for us) and his pride and joy was his purple Acer. He was obviously thrilled when I commented on it and I felt really bad about not buying the house! The house we did buy had an established purple Acer near the entrance and the location was all wrong for it but I didn't move it as I reckoned it would probably kill it. Shame really as it wasn't growing to its best and I couldn't do much about the area round it although, had I stayed there , I would probably have got some more planting round it to give it some more protection.

Brumbull wrote (see)
Yes fairy they need a bit of protecting, I have a good gardening friend who has quite a large home and garden whereby he had a pool constructed for his koi carp, his planting was a majority Japanese maples and acers - it cost him a fortune but it looks absolutely out of this world.

Interestingly Brum this Acer was next to a very large pond with koi but I don't think they realised when they planted it that it was at the wrong end!! I might try and upload some of the pics of that garden when I get my new laptop this week as I'm using daughter's old one and it's a bit hit and miss! We spent a lot of time renovating the pond and the surround as it had been quite neglected (owners were elderly) and it was a great challenge as the bunnies were rampant!

A bit further inland from me acers are abundant. I love em.
For purples in my, I'll start a thread here I think

Ill start you off Verd...Iris 'Night Owl'

Off to watch Broadchurch now 

You too smart for me fairy girl.
Watching broad church too
Good innit!?


Verdun wrote (see)
You too smart for me fairy girl.
Watching broad church too
Good innit!?

Heh heh!

To many red herrings Verd! Pauline Quirke and the Dad's hothead business partner? What's going on there eh?

Gonna check out your 'purple patch' now before I go to bed 


Cough sniffle yes a lot of it about, weather forecast is for a cold but sunny day if I can find a warm corner, I will try and do a little. Haven't thrown this cold of this morning, hopefully it will not last.

Have a good day too Brumbull.



Good morning all - yes still coughing and sniffling, but not as much as I was, so back to work today - at least I got my tomatoes started yesterday 

Have a good day everyone.

Good morning's gonna by a bright, bright, sunshiny day.......musical notes...humming... 

With earlier morning cuppa so read the threads...impressed with the Poetry..oops could bee a bit of rapping the threads...

Interested to read 'is it just me'...lets not forget that there are many new and keen gardeners who need the basics from all presenters...I'm constantly reminded of things I'd forgten to remember!

Sorry Brumball...realise I'm mixing the threads...and many thanks for your early morning greetings..they have brightened the dimmest, coldest mornings ever...

Enjoy your day everyone 


Absolutely Cilmeri - Gardeners' World should be welcoming for all, from those who need the basics to those who have  more experience - a wise person never stops learning - and if the programme is limited by time factors then at least we can help out where we can - as long as everyone, old hands and newcomers, feel able to join in.

Have a lovely day everyone - the sun's shining 

Gardening Grandma

Good morning all. Lovely and sunny here.

Only made is far as the garden centre yesterday - no actual gardening except checking the sedlings every five minutes. Seven out of ten kinds of seeds germinated within 8 days! Still waiting for aquilegias (yes, I know I could have scattered them in the garden, but they were Touchwood ones and I wanted to have a bit more control) and geranium pratense.  Anyway, bought yet another hellebore, with lime green flowers (your fault, Verdun, but I won't send you the bill).

Fat Club and cake this morning then getting some pots for my pansies and violas this afternoon. Am thinking about what to plant the violas with. Pansies look quite good on their own. have a good day, everyone!


GG I thnk I'll have to join your fat club if I don't leave that Bara Brith alone 

My seeds came up quickly too as they're cosy on the kitchen windowsill. Remember to do some sweet peas! Sunny here too but a heavy frost which was what were menat to have yesterday. I suppose I can paint more fence later 

Everyone that's still unwell -stay warm and keep taking the tablets..

Morning everyone
Sunny, blue skies but still cold.
It does seem that some are still suffering from bugs etc so I agree with Brumbull in saying get well soon
My volunteering today at local food bank....expecting it to be hectic's a sad feeling seeing so many people suffering

Morning all. We have sun and the promise of 8 degrees. I'm a happy bunny because the paving men are starting this morning. Just a path, a small patio and a little place for sunshiney (ha ha)dining but it's part of a major re-design and I can start to get some plants in soon

Wishing a successful day to everyone.


You're so right Verdun. I think it's greta that you do that. We don't count our blessings enough. 

FloB- Very exciting! The sun will come eventually! 

Off to work now 



Morning all. Early for me today as we have changed to a new provider, or whatever they call them, who will call between 8 and 1.  What's the betting it is 1!

Re Verdun's good deed today, I listen to the radio a lot and the last few days have listened to the plight of many people who will be affected by the current benefit changes. It's not until you hear individual's plight that you realise the enormity of all this. My heart goes out to so many who are genuinely in need and I am so thankful that I am 'comfortable'.  I can't imagine how they are going to cope. 

On that serious note, I hope you all have a good day.


Morning all. Raining here. Was going to plant potatoes, need to re-think. French marigolds ready to prick out but that won't take long.

Flo that sounds good, will we get a pic on garden gallery when it's done?


Awaiting arrival of not seen for two years son and grand daughter. So not much gardening or forum playing time for the next couple of days

Hey nut, that sounds exciting....better than gardening. Have fun

We will I'm sure. Thanks