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Morning all. Well done Chicky. . . How do you know it's 1000 posts? I don't get email notifications so have to do manual checking 

Cold and damp here, with no view to change today if the forecast is right. That just about makes work bearable!

have a good day all 

Stacey Docherty

Lol dove I want no chestnuts roasted on my fire!!


Morning all.  Just going to work. Dull here but to brighten later. Haven't been on much lately- busy with other things and not been well over weekend. Hope everyone has a good day whatever they're up to.

Happy belated birthday cheers Verdi 

Sorry- no money available to send - last week's nursery purchases cleaned me out. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

ooooh what a grey day... I have to admit that these late summer days can be a bit 


Off to water pots next, and a bit of tidying up generally.

Woody.....nearly the A word!

Morning everyone. 

Rain overnight but drier now.  Sun forecast for later.

Congrats to Chicky for 1000 posts on the forum.  No idea what my count is

Beginning to consider what plants to move and where.  Soon will start cutting hellebore leaves as well as other not so pristine summer foliage.  

Hope everyone has good healthy day



Morning All

YAY it's raining here, first proper rain we have had. Plants are slurping it up and looking better already,

Had to put on a pair of ankle length trousers and a pair of socks this morning, first time for months.

OH is moaning about cold but I am still in T-shirt. Fortunately had planned a  GH day, but will have to top up the Christmas potatoes.


Just checked my posts - 6 posts off 4000 

Woodgreen wonderboy

If you hover your curser over your avatar, very gently, you will see your garrulloussness count....doesn't help with spelling however  


Morning all,

Dull and grey,we have had heavy rain overnight.

Just in the middle of cooking beetroot and we have had a power cut, had to bring the water back to the boil and start over as they had only been on a few minutes.Still will be worth it when we have beetroot sandwiches for lunch

Hey I have 4914 posts.  Well. 4915 now.  Oh, 4916


How come I've passed the 4000 mark without knowing it?



Happy Birthday Verdun (don't think you can check unless you actually post something) 


Check no of posts in profile, my posts, will list so many of your grand total, says at the top. My next milestone will be 500.


seems my garroulessness count is pretty high. My spelling is different WW but still doesn't look right and can't be getting out of my seat to find a dictionary. 

Are you saying i have garroulessness?
Must mention it next time i see the GP ......

you won't get treatment for that on the NHS chicky




My begonia fountain has collapsed, I found it on the ground when I went out the front. Tried to stand it up only to find that the main support seems to have corroded/snapped and it won't stand up.

I am going away tomorrow for a few days (breathing space after all the rubbish stuff that happened) so can't do much until I return. NDN will keep an eye on it and will then start the,drying of the corms a little early when I return. Only positive is that at least it's the end of the season for them.

You need to TALK to your doc about that Chicky!

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. I was going to pop on to say morning then something else took my attention.

Still I'm home now and lucky enough to have a wonderful pile of books to mark- lucky me

Have a great evening all

Matty - enjoy your time away - hope it does the trick. I'm sure the begonias will be fine with their ordeal.
Oops detention