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Stacey, please post recipe online. I have loads of plums to use up.

I have just made a huge pasta bake to use up lots of tomatoes, courgettes and onion. With a bit of smoked sausage, and a jar of bolog mix,  I should have 10 portions for £3.50  I then portion it out and freeze so I have lunches for work ready to go.

Just need nuking in the microwave at work then.

 I'd better get started on plums next.

Yes please Stacey - sounds like a good way of putting my plum surplus to good use!
Heather Michaels

So the A word not allowed huh! That's OK, its felt more like Winter here the last few days, I think we skipped A***** altogether. One the plus side, a lot of my tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and turn red and my roses are still in full bloom. Can't wait to get stuck into my tomatoes. I've used up all of our plums already (turned them into crumbles for the OH, which is really good of me I think since I don't eat them!). Starting on the apples over the weekend, I feel lots of old fashioned chutney's coming on, and the obligatory crumbles and pies of course.

Pottie Pam

Hi Stacey,

I've dunked broody chickens in water before. It's supposed to lower their temperature. I close the door to their normal chicken house and make them use the other one when they get broody and that stops them after a couple of days. I decided to let this one sit on the duck eggs as my grandson wanted some more ducks.

Sorry folks....was asleep.  Went to our capital city....Truro .....and slept all the way!

Right, hellebores.  Strictly speaking I would cut back leaves on hellebores next month but in practiice I start doing it now.  Have had more helleborus black spot this year...not a lot but I try to remove those affected leaves when I see them, even in summer.

Down here new flower buds emerge in December so I like to have hellebores "clean" ASAP.  When I cut back the leaves I scatter fish blood n bone and then mulch with dried manure mixed with mpc.   This also helps clean the ground of any black spot spores. 



Stacey Docherty

Don't want detention for this but seeing as everyone was after it thought I would post it before I forgot........ It's a pam Corbin recepie ( grrrrr to those using their own plums )

Recepie makes 4x 450g jars 

1kg plums

grated zest of 2-3 oranges and 200ml juice

500g of russet apples, peeled cores and cut into 1cm cubes

200g raisins & 200g currants& 200g sultanas

100g orange marmalade

250g Demerara sugar

1.5 tsp ground cloves

2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 a nutmeg grated

50ml of ginger wine or cordial

100g chopped walnuts ( I use cobnuts or hazelnuts)

50ml brandy or sloe gin

wash the plums half stone and place in sauce pan with orange juice. Cook till tender (15 mins) blend to a purée (or sieve) you should have 

Stacey Docherty


about 700ml of plum purée. Put the purée and all other ingredients except alcohol and leave for at least 12 hours ...

Pre heat the oven to 130• ( gas mark 0.5) place the mix in a large baking dish and bake uncovered for 2-2.5 hours. Stir in the brandy or gin then spoon into the jars .... Keeps for 12 months add a little more booze if you like it 


enjoy ........

Woodgreen wonderboy

You are excused detention, but you have to send me a jar.... instead.

Morning all.  Getting ready for a busy day - daughter to Frimley Park Hospital for second session of chemotherapy; have to get her there by 7am, then we have to take her two little 'uns to school. If all goes well we pick daughter up at lunchtime - ish, then back to the schools to collect grandchildren. OH will stay overnight as the treatment kicks in with a vengeance over the next 24 hours. I will be at home doing some pruning - it won't be subtle a la Monte Don - I will probably be hacking and slashing just to take my mind elsewhere. Hope you all have a happy, peaceful day .


Good morning Pentillie and everyone - you'll be on your way by now Pentillie - best of luck 

The day is brightening here and it's dry so far - wish I could get out into the garden but it's work again today - but not for much longer - only about 30 working days left 

Financial chappie visiting this evening to do hard sums with me about pension  but it has to be done. 


Hope it all goes smoothly Pentillie, and that your daughter gets over the effects swiftly.  Its great that you can give her so much support.  I know Frimley Park Hospital well - its where I had both my children.

Thanks Verdun, for your hellebore advice.  I think I have decided to only remove the manky leaves and leave the rest til January - we never see buds here til much later than that, and it seems a shame to get rid of nice healthy leaves.  Will dig in some bfb though.

Its so dark !  Went to the garden club last night - a good talk about gardens in Northern France - lots about Giverny, but also the potager one with all the cabbages and lettuces (name escapes me - ??Villandres??).  Picked up 3 heucharas at the plant stall for £2 each - bargain.


Stacey Docherty

Morning all... Pentillie good luck thoughts with you all today.... I had my daughter at frimley too !! Checked my iris this morning just to see I hadnt buried them too deep... They look about right hope they do ok their....busy busy at work and its a 500 calorie day so coffee more coffee and maybe an apple later Lucky me I'm already dreaming of the curry I'm making this weekend! Have a good day all 

Stacey Docherty

Oh and chicky if you have far too many there is a house in ascot that would love some plums........


The potty gardener

Morning all.

Good luck for your daughter Pentillie.

Just having a quick break so I thought I'd wish everyone a fantastic day, whatever you are doing

Good luck today Pentillie. 

Morning everybody

Woodgreen wonderboy

Morning each, good luck Pentillie family... I find lots and lots of hugs help, no need to say much... so hugs coming your way from here...


Morning all,

Stacey..thanks for posting your recipe,it sounds delicious and I will definately be trying it out . 

Grey and overcast this morning,but quite warm.

Lovely day yesterday,went to Wells outdoor market,the flower displays were outstanding all around the market square and cathedral.Have not visited for abot 20 years,so it was a lovely trweat.Lunch out and a walk round the Catheral and Palace gardens.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all.

All our thoughts are with you Pentillie. A bit of hard work in the garden is good therapy for you.

Has anyone noticed that there aren't many sloes or holly berries this year? I've got lots of apples and a few pears but maybe it was too cold when some things were in blossom.

I missed most of the programme about harvest last night but the bit I did see was talking about which crops had done well this year and which not so well. Must remember to watch the next episode tonight.