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Hi to all! To echo the sentiments of others, my thoughts are with you and yours Pentille x
The sun is doing its best to come out, just needs to try a little harder! Am on lunch break so getting ready to chomp a toasted cheese sarnie. Yum!

Good morning all   You must've all had busy afternoons out in the gardens yesterday - no posts after lunchtime - unless you were all sozzled and sleeping it off in the autumn sunshine while I was slaving away at my desk 

I wonder what's going to happen to the garden at work when I leave - I used to sort it out in my lunchtimes, ably assisted by a colleague who has since left.  It's been getting a bit overgrown lately (bronze fennel has begun to take over a bit, but the insects love it).  I have looked after the apple tree and pruned it properly and thinned the apples each year - there's a good crop ripening now - but next year it'll all be left to the groundsmen   They're the ones who cut the cornus back each autumn before I stopped them 

They're also the ones who damaged my car with their ride-on mower after they were reported for sleeping in their van for two and a half hours rather than working!  It wasn't me who reported them, but as it had been me who'd told one of them off for a serious breach of H&S (getting 'the lad' to turn the ride-on mower on it's side and kick the blade to dislodge a lump of wood with the engine still running) they've had it in for me ever since.  They'll be glad to see the back of me LOL


Morning Dove - no doubt your work garden will decline, but your energies will go into making another space beautiful.  Its funny how many people like to look at a nice garden, but have no interest in keeping it that way.  Still, each to their own.

One more day til Garden Time.  Haven't checked the weather yet, but hoping it cheers up a bit as I have lots of planting/swapping round planned.  Also need to do a serious dead heading session - I have lots of things still flowering and the untidy bits are detracting from the overall look.  Happy days


Good morning chicky  I need to spend some time in the garden at the weekend too, but I think the forecast is bad - yes they've promised us wall to wall rain until Monday   Oh well, at least it's getting watered and the butts are filling


Morning all. Dove- isn't it a shame when you try to do the right thing - re your interevntion with the mowing men - but others can't see it? If the boy had his foot chopped off no doubt that would have been the machine's fault too. 

Dull here but dry and to be ok tomorrow before the wind and rain comes on Sunday so I hope I can finish moving  my gate and reinstating the fence where it came from. Seemed straightforward enough except that someone clearly decided in the event of a nuclear war it would be good if the bits I needed to remove would still be standing afterwards...

Is anyone else watching The Guilty? (last night ITV) Very good.



Right - off to work .... have a good day everyone 


Morning all. Dove you are lucky to have a garden at work. We are in the town centre so none for us. We do work next to a Cathedral and they have some lovely flower beds to watch and admire.

I'm with you Chicky, crossing my fingers for a break in the weather, have a lot of planting to do for my new bed 

Fairy, good luck with the remaining fence bits, have missed you and hope all is well with you x Will check out The Guilty on iPlayer if you think it worth it 

Off to dry hair and get ready for work. Have a great day all.


Morning all,

Yes Fairygirl ..........,I am watching The Guilty and really enjoying it,Katherine Kelly is a brilliant actress,and am also looking forward to seeing her again in Mr Selfridge(not sure when the series starts  .......Well worth looking at 4th Panda,

Dreadful morning,heavy rain and a bit windy,though nothing like the expeected weather over the weekend,Will have to do some greenhouse todying as there is no chance of getting outside.

Today may have to do HW


Morning all  Actually managed to get on here before work. Don't have time to read what you are all upto tho will have to look when I get back

Raining today....hooray! Have 2 gardens to do today and will be able to get cracking rather than water. Both my ladies are growing some of the seeds I was sent so will check and see how they are doing. Once established next year I will spread them round all the gardens I work in. Feel its my own little effort at keeping variety going!

Have a wonderful day everyone 

Morning folks

Rain here.  Miserable weather.

Hey Addict!  , don't get too wet 

Seems so strange ....blazing sunshine to dark and wet comditions, seemingly overnight.

Plants enjoy it though. 

Just had email saying an order of agastaches, (new varieties), Centaureas, and heleniums will be despatched next week.  They arrive in 1 or 2 litre pots and they will remain in those pots until early next spring.  


Rain is on here now too - so much for getting on outside...

May have to resort to HW. 

My grass needs cut too- if it ever dries out enough! Went to nursery yesterday too. More plants which won't be going in till next year but since there's 25% off just now it would be downright wrong not to buy them.  Got some White Emperor tulip bulbs too - 15 for £2.20 so I'll have to get a pot for them to go in later. I bought some Cimcifugas last time Verdi- Atropurpureas, so I'll have to find a spot for them in spring in the new borders. Managed to chop the top off one when I got them out the car- it fell over as I closed the door. 

Morning everybody. Thanks to those who sent their best wishes and thoughts for my daughter yesterday morning - her treatment went well and so far she seems OK. 

Messages and prayers from, with respect, relative strangers, can be surprisingly supportive and encouraging - thanks again!

Despite some drizzle I achieved a lot in the garden, pruning went well,and the afternoon was lovely and sunny which made it easier clearing up. Will finish the pruning this morning, then off to Windlesham this afternoon to see daughter.

Hope weather improves for you all so we can all enjoy our gardens.



Morning Fairygirl.

Do you know varieties of cimicifugas/acteas?  Dont forget, they love moisture in growing season so get some good stuff in the soil locally.  Secondly, they improve year on year......first year not too many flowers but better thereafter.  Thirdly, they make largish foliage plants so need bit of space.  Fourthly, not too much direct summer sun if soiI is on the dry side.

Agree, it would be very wrong not to buy those discounted plants.  You are sooooo thoughtful.

Ecky thump!  Got to make tracks and it's raining................

Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Dove I have a growing dislike of groundsmen.... The men wielding tools hacking plants Without a clue! I was admiring the variegated Ivy cascading over the concrete paving... It looked amazing next day it was hacked 

Stacey Docherty

Whoops hit submit by accident .... And on my groundsmen rant lets not forget their attempt to obliterate the Iris's now that did work in my favour I hope as I have 3 flourishing in the front garden and I did go back 3 days later and replant all the rhimazones they had left littered by the side of the road which are I'm ahead to say also now doing v v well!!!! 

Well just harvested some beetroot for a beetroot cake today!!! Lo picked a load of tomatoes and played mash with them so no eating them then!!!!! It's v humid here today so may be able to get out and get stuff done... Have a great Friday peeps hurrah 2 potential garden days ...


Few years back I tackled a council guy spraying weeds on roads n pavements. ,waving sprayer around like a guardsman on rail platform. ,got him before he reached my property.....I shot him, of course.  Well, he might have sprayed my plants!

Stacey Docherty

It just infuriates me these people have no horticultural experience and aren't even interested in plants it's just a job.... Verd you shot him!!!! Did u bury him under the hellibores? No wonder they do so well.....


Verd- Quite right too. 

Council once chopped all my sister's plants along her boundary as she had a corner site and for some reason they assumed the planting was council owned.There wasn't a fence/wall  - the garden just ended with recently planted mixed shrubs and young trees. Do you think they have to have an IQ test before they get that job?

Woodgreen wonderboy

I do like it when they chop up all the litter into a million pieces when they mow.

Seriously it is mainly the fault of the "management" whoever they may be. The council/contractor management are ultimately responsible for the selection, training, instruction and supervision of the staff. It seems that it's not the latter that we are getting on the cheap, but lazy and incompetent managers as well.