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Hi all, not been on for a couple of days. Son recovering from a little operation, he is AMAZING, when I say recovering I mean just for 1 minute after waking up then asking for his dinner! So no nursemaiding and cuddles for me. So proud. 

Took some pics of garden, which looks quite OK at the moment. I've moved the most part of camomile lawn from along the border path and put it under the tree along with bulbs for spring. Not had time to think about seeds yet. Waiting for OH to drill holes in pots before bulbs go in those. Cuttings looking OK. Life's good. 

Heres my pics, oops that went above, never deadheaded the rudbekia (?) , the one below - anyone know which clematis it is? It was inherited in garden when I moved in, never done much.

I'll find somewhere else to post camomile so not to clog morning up.



Mrs garden, glad your songs doing well.  That's great.

That rudbeckia reminds me somewhat of heleniums.  If you have a good moisture retentive spot I recommend heleniums.....sahins early flowerer just goes on and on amd on and on and..............


To be honest verdun, I'm not sure what the difference is and which I've got, I stole it from my sister who said it was rudbeckia. 

Mrs G - there is a recent thread where Marion was trying to id a clematis - i posted a link to a really good site for identifying them. Glad undergardener is recovering swiftly - always a worry for any Mum.

Oops - friday night detention it is ....

I'll have a look chicky thanks. Undergardener says thanks v and c.


Woodgreen wonderboy

If you are in detention Chicky you could risk saying A*****     I dare you!

I will......Ahhhhhhh


Autumn, Christmas soon

Double detention

Wash my mouth out

Do my lines



Then the hellebores of spring, then another blistering summer then my boat,coming in.........

Still definitely late summer here

Good morning all   Wet overnight but I think it's drying out here now.  I've got a trip southwards to visit my Aged Ps this morning, then back for food shopping and h****work and maybe some baking 

Don't think  it's going to be gardening weather here this weekend  

Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

I do like it when they chop up all the litter into a million pieces when they mow.

Seriously it is mainly the fault of the "management" whoever they may be. The council/contractor management are ultimately responsible for the selection, training, instruction and supervision of the staff. It seems that it's not the latter that we are getting on the cheap, but lazy and incompetent managers as well.

As I keep saying to our 'Site Management' unless we complain to the Groundsmen's management they're going to think we're happy with what they're doing - so I keep complaining - I do try to make positive comments as well, but it's very hard to find any that don't sound facetious   When I said earlier that they damaged my car, it was several hundred poundsworth of gouges in the wing.  Initially they said they'd not gone anywhere near my car, until we sent in photographs of the trackmarks and cutting lines in the grass and where they went over the edge of the lawns onto the car-park in a big arc.  It was obvously 'targetted carelessness'  and their bosses had to meet the insurance bill - I was really glad I had a 'works car' so work sorted it all out for me - can't imagine the struggle I'd have had if they'd done it to my current car which is mine, not work's.    They've had their wrists slapped and also they get checked up on a lot more, so they don't get the chance to spend half the day parked up asleep in their truck 


Winter here. Other half has succumbed to central heating. 10 degrees c last night driving home from work.

Shopping to do, might get a DVD. Too cold for gardening.

Morning forkers

Bright and sunny here.  Butterflies and bees, birds singing and angels playing carried away there but nice morning

Going to swap some plants around again.......

.since my Wild Swans are looking so very, very good I will sit and look at them for a while. Think I will caress those pure white flowers and then admire their beautiful blue backs. (giggle giggle). 

Got to saw the trunk  of the conifer I dug up last week.  It's too heavy to take to dump and too long.  Prob cut into 3 pieces.  

Enjoy your day everyone



Forecast has changed and rain should hold off for today, so I will find my fleece and get out there



Verdun you do make me chuckle. Angels playing harps I can believe but the rest of it?!    

Morning all.

Was sunny this morning, after very heavy rain last night, all night, but clouding over again and looks like more rain  Why smiley? Cos I don't have to work in it and all the plants are happy!!!!! 

To do, paperwork, sort seeds to send, go visit people.

Checked damson tree this morning. Nearly ready. Think next week will be damson jelly time my mouth is already watering at the thought  

Dove that sounds terrible. Glad you got it sorted but does make you wonder how many people just accept things and don't complain. Have to admit ours here seem pretty good.

Are you heading my way to see parents?


Verd- are you taking something love?  Sunny here but very very cold overnight- grass all dewy and sparkly in that AUTUMNAL way....yes- it's Autumn - you're  all in denial! 

Plenty to do today while it's good - don't think I'll be getting anything done tomorrow other than battening down the hatches if the forecast's right.

Have a good day everyone


dismal start to the day here, drizzle! I'd rather it rained properly. If we believe the weather forecast should be nice this arvo thus enabling me to get on with it. If not, another day indoors plotting! 


It's not so bad here, cool but some warmth behind it so should be ok later, not seen forecast just relying on common sense, even a bit of blue in the sky behind the white clouds which only have a slight grey tinge to them.

last night I forgot to put the cuttings and seedlings back in the mini greenhouse but they look happy enough.phew! Repositioned camomile lawn seems to be doing ok too. In fact I'm quite pleased with all of it to say its trying to be autumn (oops there I go again).

off to show grandma how well her grandson has recovered from operation on wed so will check out how my charges are doing in her care, bet she doesn't leave them out in the cold overnight ( few cuttings from her garden which I will take charge of in spring).

OH off with my nephew on bike ride so will have to wait again for holes drilling in pots before I can get the bulbs in.