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Stacey Docherty

Woooooohoooooo I'm the early bird lol... Suns out here hurrah oh has a list of jobs to do today including mowing the lawn bet it doesn't get Done! Laundry on the line already , I'm hoping my iris dry out a bit today ooooo just sat here and notice a white fox glove flowering. I was at hospital during the week and there was a leaflet about how to keep your children safe in the garden, there was a list of plants that are poisonous  reading through it I was like yep got one of them and that and that and that  lol guess I had better watch Lo a bit better didn't realise soooo much was poisonous.... Well another load of washing to do.... Ttfn peeps


Good morning  I was out hanging washing on the line - it annoys me slightly, this preoccupation with 'poisonous plants' - I mean children shouldn't be in the garden unsupervised until they're old enough not to put things in their mouths, and then they're old enough to understand that they have to ask before they eat anything.  

I grew up putting fox glove flowers on my fingers and playing wild in the gardens, fields and woodlands.  As soon as we were old enough our parents showed us the laburnum tree at the top of the driveway and we knew that the seeds were poisonous etc etc.

I mean, holly, ivy  and misletoe berries are poisonous but the human race hasn't died out from bringing them into their homes at Christmas.  And the fruits of potato plants are also poisonous, we get enquiries about these on here every year, and people still grow them in their gardens.  

I've known people go around digging and discarding all sorts of lovely plants from their gardens in a panic - such a shame - all that was needed was a little education and supervision.  Maybe there should be notices in hospitals telling parents to supervise their children when in the garden - it would probably be more effective in keeping them safe in so many ways!

I'll get off my hobbyhorse now 

Have a lovely day everyone 


Morning all. We had a great time in Venice, went to "La Traviata" in an old palace and a concert, Vivaldi's "4 Seasons". Now in Eastbourne but internet connection is very poor, had to buy a BT one as DIL has gone on holiday and her Wifi must be turned off, or something.

Went to Penshurst Place yesterday and going to Sussex Prairie garden today.


Glad you had a good time Lizzie.  Went to Sussex Prairie a fortnight ago - the drifts of rudbeckia are quite something !  Hope you enjoy

Stacey Docherty

I agree dove the word "no" seems to be fading into the past... My daughter who is 2.5 knows not to put plants in her mouth already ( a lesson painfully learnt last year when despite mummy saying no she still ate a chilli from the plant!) she knows she can eat anything mummy points out is edible but nothing else only this week she was pointing to the honeysuckle berries and saying tomato so I picked one of each and showed her the differance and now she walks under the honeysuckle berries and I heard her pointing them out to daddy last night saying "not tomatoes daddy don't eat them they are little and red..." 

busy lizzie those prarie gardens sound fab fab fab ( oh if I had the room) ((or won the lottery!)


Good morning forkers

Agree that  education is the important thing concerning poisonous plants. I remember explaining difference between blackcurrants and the black berries (not blackberries) growing on the wild privet on the nearby Towans.  Redcurrants too....think of all the red berries on so many cultivated ornamemtals.  Children learn of the dangers in the home too...bleaches for example.  Education!

In a rash of impulsiveness I pulled up my runner beans late yesterday.  Had a huge crop but with the weather changing now bean production will prob now be low.  I will empty a compost bin into that area now

Can see a distant pink dahlia and Acer flamingo from my kitchen window now as well as "titillating" glimpses of frikartii monch, coreopsis and echinacea now beans have gone.




Morning all, still thinking about crawling out of bed. Drainage holes.have now been drilled in pots so can finally plant bulbs. Most 'non gardeners' probably won't know a poisonous plant in their garden so hopefully the leaflet helped educate the parents especially if there were pictures too. My children have never tried to eat anything in the garden, I don't grow edibles so its easy to say no to all, which isn't very educational... Hope your Lo enjoyed the chilli Stacey!


Morning all. Lovely start to the day here, am enjoying my breakfast (well it is a Sunday) in the garden.

jobs for today are pegging out the washing once it's finished, planting out some more plants in the new bed, throwing some of the 100 plus bulbs I bought into the mix and crossing my fingers that the weather holds 

Sounds like you have a clever lo there Stacey, although I bet she's regretting the chilli!  


Morning all- though very little good about it looking out the window- certainly not scorchio!

Glad I got my gate moved and fence reinstated yesterday. It'll have to wait for another day to get the rest of the painting done.

Re poisonous plants- you're so right Dove. My girls knew at a young age they couldn't eat anything in the garden unless I told them it was edible and they were always supervised. I do think people can make an issue of it though if they go a bit overboard. We grew up with a Laburnum in the front garden and I would never have dreamt of eating anything from it, but my Mum went on constantly about the seed pods being poisonous and it made me curious about them! Never ate any though I hasten  to add.

Stacey Docherty

lol no she's never forgotten the chilli she looks at them still on the patio and says thems is chillies mummy don't like them they are lott( her word for yuck!!) those rudbeckia look lovely but I have no more room  its back to winning the lottery again..... Areggghhhgg looks like rain gotta go get washing in

re those rudbeckias Dove, you need fair bit of moisture to grow them well.  Ive looked at these ...or similar...myself but they grow fairly tall too so staking looks necessary.hey! you can trial them and if they good Ill copy you.

rain is coming here has had good run whilst weather is good.  

lm enjoying inserting these smilies  but not liking the thought of rain  but its going to be fine on wednesday   gotta go...hungry 


Just something  I saw in the paper.  One of thos B......s in Parliament I think.

 Dont take sleeping tablets with Senokot. 

 (Hope you're not preparing Dinner, Nut)



Had a good morning in garden, bulbs potted apart from anenomes which are still soaking. Started to clear another tub but lost my nerve as its got a hellebore in along with pretty violas and chives.

what happens to these violas now ? - I've taken cuttings (read that somewhere but not convinced) and taken some seeds but not many left, should I throw out the rest of the plant Orr is there a chance it will come back?

the compost is weedy and mossy so should I tip it all on the compost bin and start again?

thanks guys n gals,I'm  forever learning. previous years I'd just throw everything out but since being on here I'm more interested in knowing what can be saved for next year. I think there will be loads more questions coming, so please you lot don't desert us over winter! 


MrsG- just deadhead and tidy the violas up and they'll be back next year! I love violas. In mild winters they can flower on and off throughout. Remove the moss and weeds (on any pots you're keeping) and refresh with some new stuff to tidy it up.  I top dress all my pots with grit or gravel to keep them neat too. If you're putting new bulbs into pots you've removed plants from you can keep some of the compost and just top it up but I'd only do that if the pots are big. If small, put completely new in and put the old compost in beds or borders or into the compost bin.



thanks Fairy, will do.

rain just started here, very very windy.


Was out in the back garden doing some tidying when the doorbell rang - OH opened it to find NDN in floods of tears - their cat (the one that squashed my prized hostas) is at the vet's with suspected poisoning - had we used any rat poison or anything?  

We did put some poison down at Christmas time but in pet-proof containers, but the problem was dealt with quickly and we took the containers and bait up and stored it all away - I was able to show her it safely in sealed containers and she was reassured that it couldn't be anything we'd done.   Her OH is away at sea and their car is at the menders so I've told her if she needs to go to the vet to come and let us know.


Poor NDN Dove - hope the story has a happy ending.

Stacey's lo and the chilli reminds me of the time i fed my toddler a chilli pasta sauce thinking it was the plain tomato one. When she complained i was having none of it - until she said " but Mummy my mouth feels all scratchy and my tummy feels sick". Then i checked the label .... BAD mum! But its so true, they do make your mouth feel scratchy !

Just moved and divided a couple of phlox - hard work hacking the clump in to bits! Should get watered in nicely now

I did get some garden tidying done in amongst consoling NDN (haven't heard any more news but she was on a drip ) but since early afternoon it's been wet and windy.  I brought in some of the larger tomatoes that were on the verge of turning - now our sideboard and dining table look like a harvest festival 

Now the hotpot is chuntering in the oven and there's a colander-full of sliced runner beans all ready for supper in an hour or so - and I've put my feet up 


Hi dove, have you remembered to take a photo of your harvest festival, maybe post it so we can all see