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Sorry, thought I was on evening. Detention again.


I'll get detention, but yes I've taken some pics but still learning about this new camera and need some more software on the laptop, then I'll be able to post some on here 


Look forward to seeing the pics dove

Morning all.

Bit scary being first in morning, bet someone else is there now as I type...

Working morning only, son to hospital for review after operation last week.

Rain rain rain.


You're not alone Mrs G.  Just venturing out to the GH to cover my sedum cuttings.  Rain has stopped - but since I have a day of work to look forward to it doesn't really matter.  Wind died down too, thank goodness.  Rain is ok, wind is scary


Good morning Mrs G 

OH has just set off - he's doing an early shift opening up the farm shop - he'll be back mid morning so I can leave him in charge of hanging washing out as I've got work beckoning (but not for much longer) !!!  I'm here in a snuggly dressing gown sipping black coffee - in a minute I'll head for the shower then off to work - I'd rather be planting garlic 

NB must remember to buy garlic for planting - which shall I get? Hardneck or softneck - never grown it before - used to live near a garlic farm 

Edited to add:  After reading this think I'll go for hardneck.


Stacey Docherty

Morning all..... chicky you doing sedum cuttings as well ...... Mmmmmm right I'm gonna do some aswell today lol mmmm what do I do? Gonna search online cause my sedum is lovely my oh chose it at crocus x2 years ago ...... Can't take stem cuttings as it only has 3 big stems would I do leaf cuttings? Oh see now the road you have sent me on ..... Damn you gardens world lol ...... Laters all gonna go research


Morning all! Can't believe it's the start of the workin week  Wish I was as near to retiring as you Dove, then I could enjoy this lovely morning at my leisure!

Hope son's review at hosp goes well.

Stacey, don't let peer pressure get to you  Although where else is better for ideas!

Stacey Docherty

I always a sucker for peer pressure lmao done some research and yeah great but not relevant to my sedum but hey gonna give it a go found a few little shoots I can do.... Snip snip off I go

I don't like peer pressure.  Too many nosey people...........!

Morning folks.  TaxI service provider this morning but will seize an,opportunity to pop into gc. 

Sunny half an our ago but then heavy rain.  sunny again.  Not nice forecast at all though.


Thanks panda.

Another disjointed week, haven't had a normal week yet since before school hols. Half day today,car in tomorrow so stranded, course on Thurs so no work. Nice missing work but just know that routines gonna come n bite me soon. Should start at 8.30 but nothing to do til 9.30, more coffee n chat then.

Have a good day all


Dreadful morning after a stormy night,winds gusty,but not quite as bad as expected,.

As soon as it stops raining will go out and do the rounds to check on any damage,spent yesterday morning staking cosmos purity which is still a mass of buds and aprox 4ft tall.



It started off blue skies and sunny at 7am. I was woken early by OH at silly o clock, off to work at some farflung part of England.

 So I cleared out most of the tomatoes out of the greenhouse. Just a few beefsteak and sweet million left. I washed down the staging (which has been the outside nursery), and got half of it back in the greenhouse. Old tom plants are ready to be shredded. I found the heater and checked it works. I've put in the greenhouse the most tender plants, because nights are getting a bit chilly here. Its suddenly gone a bit windy and looks like rain now.  Ho hum.

Lovely sunny breezy day here - have just hung out a line of washing which OH had prepared earlier. As I type this, looking out of the window, there is a Red Kite floating over the garden, only about 30 feet up - looks gorgeous - six foot wingspan, and all the colours highlighted by the bright sunshine. Can see another half dozen over the woods at the back, so obviously the weather is just about right for them.

Just about right for me to go to the allotment and start digging up carrots to go into store - probably dig up two rows of Desiree whilst I'm there - too tempting for Mr and Mrs Slug if I leave them any longer!

Have a peaceful enjoyable day everybody.



Stacey Docherty

3 perfect reasons to take sedum cuttings






Not to mention the honey bees are back. The sedums are the only flowers they are feeding on.


Stacey Docherty

Yeah mine is swarming with the ones above ( I know #2 is a bumble) never seen the black bee with orange bum before!!!! Have to say he was stunning 

Woodgreen wonderboy

16 tons and what do you get? ..another day older and..... have just cleared one compost bin so that it can take the lawn scarifications (new word?) , which is the next big job on the list. Put some on next bin, some on raised vegetable bed, and the rest in bags for the dahlia bed when they die down, hopefully not for a long time. Helped by friendly Robin although all he shifted was a few worms. Lovely friable stuff, not surprising as some of it was the lawn edging I did for the Open day. Avoided nearby wasp nest, shall leave that bin well alone. Cut down sweet peas as they have packed up flowering... not surprised they must be so tired after all the effort. Short shower so potted up some new sedums in the Alpine house.

Picked sweet corn for lunch and runners, shallots, basil for dinner later.

Resting aching limbs now, but a good workout nevertheless  .


I've just shredded the acanthus, and the sweetcorn tops , and most of the tomato plants.  Compost heaps full again.