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Well, avoid biscuits Stacey.  They have more calories, fats and sugars than most foodstuffs.  Even those plain simple ones!

Morning FORKERS.


Morning all. We got back from hols in Venice and England late on Tuesday night, wet and windy drive from Calais to Dordogne. We had a great time, posted a few pics on "Gardens we have Visited" and "Evening Forkers".

Friends coming to stay for a week, arriving this afternoon, Church BBQ to organise here, hope it doesn't rain, on Saturday, about 37 people coming. So, busy!


Fairygirl, not only has he not taken an umbrella, he nearly forgot his case with the clothes in, and he's left his waterproof jacket behind. A big red helly hansen, he doesn't like wearing it because with his beard, he gets so many stares from kids that think he's Santa Claus.

Dove, Bacon sarnie and tomato for me please, they look like great toms.

 Being nostalgic, I was browsing through some photos. I found Spring 2009, pre great frosts, when I still had a large phormium, a mahonia and a daphne Jacqueline Postill.

 How things have changed in 4 years. Still the gaps leave space for more plants, new opportunities.


 Must be honest - that's not one of my toms - but it is a Soldacki and I have a sideboard stacked with Soldackis exactly like that 

I'll be out at lunchtime but OH will be here and making bacon sarnies so he'll do some extra - brown or red sauce?



on a work course all day, arrived late, bored to tears, reading thread at coffee break rude but cheering me up, ah cake arrived...bye, have a good day (bet this won't connect?)


brown sauce please dove. I won't have time to cook brekky, too busy making plum mincemeat and fruitcakes.


Glad I logged on in time to book my lunch.

Bacon sandwich with tomato please Dove,no sauce....... Thanks very much,will your OH be able to cope with these multi orders?

Stacey.....500 calories a day for a week is 3500 calories more than enough for a bacon sandwich,just use calories in advance ,you will catch up sometime


Sorry, I couldn't get out of bed for 500 calories a day.


surely 500 cals a day can't support life. 

But I'll leave the bacon thanks

Stacey Docherty

It's just 2 days a week lost loads (22 lb in 8 weeks) then I eat normally the other 5!!!!  Nut I'm not a zombie I hope lol..... Fidget is that the plum recipe I posted? It's sooo yummy I am doing mine tomorrow if I can get some russet apples from the farm shop!!!

Stacey Docherty

Fidget if it is the recepie I posted waterbutts messaged me to say its fab and the batch she made wont last till Xmas lol....


i've used half worcester and half some slightly underripe james grieve.  I've accidentally put in twice as much sugar, and I put in some dried mandarin and dried pineapple as well. Its at the end of stage one. I'm debating whether to give it a boil first, worried it might turn into jam.


Glad you're no Zombie Stacey. Reckon I'd feel like one on 500cal



I'm ready for my roll now Dove. No sauce for me thanks 

Couldn't tell you the last time I had a bacon roll!

Fidget- the rain's going off a bit now - hubby might be ok without his jacket, although I'm a bit south of the town. Going to the nursery later - will I get you a few things for him to bring you back?


oooh, fairygirl, have a look and make a list. He's got to come back next week....


I had a bacon sarnie for my lunch. Damn fine it was too! 

Stacey Docherty

nut you can actually eat more than you think For 500 calories popcorn is my snack saviour..... Yeah fidget will be an interesting jam if it does turn out like that


I've got the dried fruit soaking now in rum, ready for making fruit (&nut) cake for tomorrow. Its kind of based on Delias creole cake, but more fruit and less cake.