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Stacey Docherty

Lol just doing my plums now fidget after A trip to windsor farm shop managed to get some nice Victoria plums and loads of russets so double mix to make yum yum

Hi, has anyone got a green tomato chutney recipe?

I'm not a regular poster and I still don't know my way around the forum but I enjoy reading the posts. 


ooo Lilleybe, I can think of a few on here who can help you out. Welcome.

Morning folks. Saturday any first on here is no fun but off on another work thing today, at least the cake and lunch  will be good.


Morning all. Taking daughter to get something at shops  (early or I won't be going at all!) then more sorting outside while weather's good. Might even get some plants in if I'm lucky- hurray!

Make me something nice please Dove- I'll be hungry later and in need of cake of some kind.

Have a good day all 



No gardening today but lots planned for tomorrow - best go make a list.  Loved both the gardens on GW last night - billowing borders in both.


Weren't those echinaceas gorgeous? 

Morning folks

Enjoyed gardenersworld too last night.  ESP re echinaceas, one of my favourites.  However, wanted to pick up some expert tips on growing them so,disappointed a little that didn't happen

Bit drizzly thus morn.  Expecting sun to appear though.


Verdun - thought of you when the echinaceas were on - thought you might want to offer to trial some of his new varieties!

isn't it funny how some plants make you instantly think of forum peeps? Echs and hellebores are Verdun, astrantias are WW, irises are Fairy, figs are Dove, alliums are Mrs G and, of course, Stacey is Wild Swan.  And every time I whizz through a station I check out the planting because of Gardengirl.


Morning all.

Bit of fitness in the garden for me, I have a friend who is a personal trainer who comes most Saturdays for an hour or so. She loves gardening too, so we spend a good time looking at what's changed in my garden 

Then in the afternoon I'm getting my nails done. And then maybe some bulb/plant shopping so I can plant tomorrow 

Have a good day all


Morning all,

Much better  content on GW last night,but could still do with going into more depth,rather than just basic potting up,If the programme was longer they would be perhaps able to do that,

Dull,but dry here,am going to pick the remainder of the greenhouse tomatoes today ,and clear out thta side of the greenhouse,peppers and cucumber still doing well at the moment.Will make batches of tomato and pepper sauce to freeze..


I thought the planting  of native plants on the bank was interesting, particularly as we've had a couple of queries here lately on stabilising the soil on banks - and it was lovely to see him talking about coltsfoot - one of my favourite wild spring flowers along with butterbur.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Will watch GW on Iplayer later, but from all your comments it looks as if it still fails to deliver the key learning points we all need, particularly those extra tips and techniques that could take us to the next level. Lots of gardening wallpaper, background music and doggies do not a garden programme make. Percy, where are you when we need you?


Good morning all.

Almost tropical here well 12C and 18C expected. Dull, but not windy.

Verdun, I'm sorry to hear about your sad news.

Lizzie, glad the pics brought back good memories.

I need to get some tubs emptied and spring bulbs in. My cucumbers are about done so maybe I'll get them out and prepare GH for over wintering ( oops I've said the W word ) delicate plants. Tom fruits in other GH look okay, but actual plants looking past it so they can stay a bit longer. Courgettes still producing. Winter sprouting broc' has decided to produce now.  It had better not be full of nasties. Leeks looking great. Chillies have done well and some are ready for freezing. Made a load of tomato soup yesterday, but still have more beans to freeze.

Cosmos Purity still performing well, I will def' grow again next year. Got a yellow clematis that is putting on a second show and brightening up dull days.

Right, I go...enjoy your day everyone.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all... I too very much enjoyed GW last night chicky I agree with you that certain plants make you think of people on here... Funny I'm wild swan on here if you asked my friends and family they would say chillies Only cause I want to set up a chilli farm similar to south devon chilli farm. Got a garden day ish ( pending on weather ) today going to scarify the lawn ( oh watched GW last night and suggrated we get a metal rake attachment for the wolf handle thingy) and get some autumn feed.. Then if I still have any energy then plant some of the bulbs ...... Ooooo GW mag just arrived with free bulbs offer in it!!!! Gonna go read 



Hesitating to go out into the garden at the moment as I'm sitting here listening to a Willow Warbler singing in the big ash tree and I don't want to disturb it - it sounds so beautiful - it'll  be migrating back to Africa any day now. 


Much better conference than Thursday but what a shame I'm not in the garden. Lilac to prune to allow more light when I get the miscanthus. Peony to move for same reason. Tired old non flowering montbresia to throw out. need more bulbs for this path project.... Food n cake good here though. Oh and good strong coffee.

read chickys post about what plants remind us of forumers. Couldn't think what would be mine, but lovely and spot on with the alliums chicky. (btw please change your name to chucky so im not constantly correcting my predictive text!!!)


I would love mine to be roses, my favourite, and I've had so much bother with deer. I've answered quite a few questions on roses on the forum.

The Church charity BBQ went very well, everyone very jolly. Now clearing up.


Quite a bit of digging was done after the willow warbler moved on - the end of the veg patch is now ready for OH to plant his garlic tomorrow.  

And a big Victoria Sponge has been made with the 4 duck eggs OH brought home from the farm shop yesterday.  The raspberry jam is ready and waiting, but the cream has been left at the farm shop - OH will have to pop back there tomorrow - sorry folks, no cake yet 


Lizzie - Roses it is !  (plus someone to share deer woes with!  - I have discovered they do not eat rudbeckia "Indian summer" - which has slightly hairy leaves - so have been planting it on mass in my deer exposed borders.  About to post some pics on the gallery thread)