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Chicky, Do the slugs eat rudbeckia indian summer?


Fidget - they did last year, but this year they left them alone (but last year the slugs were really bad, this year I didn't have too much trouble with anything) - pictures now up on Gallery 2013 - but here are Indian summer again:



The deer haven't eaten any of my rudbeckias, but they have just eaten a purple phlox for the first time, in the unfenced bit. They have eaten some michaelmas daisies but not others, some years they don't eat any. It seems to be worse in dry summers.

Your rudbeckias look lovely, Chicky.


Good morning all   

Looks like some people got carried away chatting about rudbeckias after hours!!!

They do look gorgeous Chicky 

It's a misty morning here in Norfolk, but mild, and I'm sitting here with the door open to the terrace, being serenaded by a wren - it's so loud it could be here in the room with me!


What one up yet?  Come on, there's lots to do 


Stacey Docherty

I was inspecting heuchera roots at 6.30 this morning!!!! Morning forkers... Verd you are a pixie but I did laugh lucky I had checked a heuchera lovers web site before I read your thread  or I would have run screaming into the garden... Although the blighters can play dead.... Can't treat with nematodes now as the temperature is too low so will just have to hope in spring.... Very muggy here this morning I had a quick look round the garden one of my monarda is growing like mad..... Which is great but could Also cause a problem as it is towards the front of the border and may block out some stuff mmmmmmm may need to plant it in the veg bed in spring.... Right bfast time later peeps......

Stacey Docherty

Verd..... Do I wash the roots now or in spring?

Hiya Stacey

Either is fine.  However think I would do it in very early spring before growth starts.  Heucheras often look tatty then anyway.  You likely will find Heucheras will easily divide when you dig them up.  Plant either whole or divided parts back to make bigger impact

For me, I will cut back my Heucheras now leaving no leaves at all and then water on vine weevil killer.  There is still time for them to regrow and look good for the winter


Good morning all. Sun shining so I'm a happy bunny.

Lovely pic Chicky.

Verdun, I haven't got any vine weevil. Can I have some to scare neighbour's cats.

Oops! Forgot.  Good morning FORKERS.

Very warm and humid here.  Looks like a great day to come.

Lucky you KEF having no vine weevils.  I have been vigilant over past few years and see much less damage now.  

Stacey Docherty

Mine are still in pots ATM they are waiting to be planted in the woods in spring. I'm not doing the bed till theN cause I have to get electrics down there and the patio laid and don't want to loose plants to builders boots..... What brand weevil killer do you use? Wonder if that's why the last time I had a couple of heuchera my chickens dug them up!!!!! Well it's bulb day today my neighbour is lending me his long handle planter that will make it easier on mu poor old back!


I bought a large pack of nematodes last year and applied them twice to The Shady Bank, where primulas and honeysuckle leaves in particular were being nibbled to bits and vine weevils were rampant on dark evenings.  We've had no damage this year at all and I've only seen one VW and it was on the opposite side of the garden to The Shady Bank. 

Do you remember the damage done to my big hostas earlier in the year by fighting cats?  I've discovered the cause - whilst tidying up in that corner I've found the remains of a roasted chicken carcass - neighbour's cat must've been thieving and had a fight, either with another cat or one of those red weevils Verdun was talking about - if they can see off a cat perhaps they'd take up residence in my seedbed next spring 


Morning all. Looking nice here. Not caught up with all the posts for last day or two yet. Back aching from too much construction work so will try and do some planting today if poss. I don't seem to get too much trouble with vine weevil but I do check every plant I buy before I put it in and don't buy too many 'imported' plants whenever possible which may help. Better find some wood to touch now...plenty outside anyway! Cats are a b****y nuisance Dove. Apologies to cat lovers- I've had several myself- but they are! Stacey- chickens do scratch and dig all sorts of stuff so it might not have been weevils they were after.

Verd's specialised Cornish ones are very interesting - are they big and ugly and scary enough to deter children Verdi? 

Stacey Docherty

I think I want a few Cornish verd weevils in my garden.....

Stacey Docherty

Ordered some Provo weevil killer..... I kind of want it to be a big hammer have images of me playin whack a weevil!!!!


Woodgreen wonderboy

Many years ago I and my heighbours had a major crane fly larva problem. Grubs eat roots of grass. New houses , soil disturbed, makes ideal conditions. We used nematodes and haven't seen them since.

Sitting here nursing a cold which started yesterday. Had to cancel day out with local train lovers to Paignton/Kingswear/Dartmouth. Not fair to share my germs in coach, and I feel energyless anyway. Nevermind. Will watch Beechgrove on IPlayer to cheer up.  to  

Omg - just seen my " name" in print in the GW mag. Does this mean i am now a celebrity ? Best dig my sunglasses out for when i venture out of the house tomorrow morning. Autographs anyone ??

What page are you on Chicky? I don't subscribe yet (hopeful Christmas Present!) and am not sure if I am getting the most up to date mag.

Morning all  Off into town shortly to get something to mark where I've planted my bulbs. Have a habit of forgetting and disturbing them with further planting 

hope the cold doesn't stick around for long Woody.


I was in the GW Mag a couple of months back - my life has changed irreversably since then, I am two months older than I was and about to retire  

Have I mentioned that before?