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Does that mean I can now retire too?  Yippeee !!

Stacey Docherty

lol im on the same thread chicky .... Saw it yesterday and posted on Facebook at last I have been published lmao..... 

Any pics?  I may be in local paper and on channel 4 re foodbank.   Hmmmmmm, in background maybe although I did try to attract attention.

Oh!  Made local press recently "for sale" ads column.  

I wont let any of this go to my head......Im still as I always was......evva so 'umble

......can we have a photo of you killing those soil dragons Stacey?  You need to take care tho...they are caustic to the skin causing huge blisters.  Not nice


Talking of photos verd...

Hot sunny mid summer is back!

Grass cut, lilac hacked err pruned is the technical term, garden looked at and planned for, now in the park.



More digging done - much too hot for digging really but it had to be done.  I've also planted out some purple sprouting broccoli plants I picked up from the 'nearly dead' section the other week - they've had a good soak in a bucket and look quite perky, but they're quite small really for September - about 9".  I did put some in earlier on, but the cabbage whites decimated them.  I don't normally grow brassicas these days as the veg patch is so small and we get good quality 'mainstream' greens at a good price from the farm shop where OH works, but what the heck, there's room for a few this year - if they survive the woodpigeons!

I've also picked a load of runner beans  and a bowl of raspberries for supper this evening, and we've just had a sit down and a slice of cake 


I was in GW a few months ago but I don't think the papparazzi reach deepest Dordogne. Mini fame because one of the posters here wrote and told me I was in it!

We've been to a birthday party lunch today.

Were knackered after Church BBQ yesterday and all the clearing up and the booze so we woke up at 9.34 this morning.


 Here you are folks - just like I promised you 


Wow! Will that go round us all?


Depends whether Verdun and Woody are around 

That sure looks good.....good enough to eat

Woodgreen wonderboy

That cake could just save my life!! Cold, waxing and waning, feeling a bit rotten. Thanks for cheering me up!

Get well soon woody


Thanks Dove - what did you make for everyone else though? 

Get well soon Woody - plenty of hot drinks- and cake 

Dove - that will just hit the spot - thanks for looking after us all



Good morning all   more cake anyone?   Or shall we save it for Afternoon Tea? 


Morning all. Even I couldn't eat cake just now Dove- afternoon tea would be perfect! 

Dull but dry here. Hope to get something done later outside. 

Work first though 


Morning all - can't do cake for breakfast  - but thanks for the offer !

need to go round watering everything today - am on residential course all week from tomorrow (hate being away from home so the thought is making me really grumpy). OH normally pretty good at plant sitting, but will probably forget now as he thinks its A*******. 

Had our first ever home grown pear yesterday - a Beth- cut it in quarters so we all got a taste - delish!!  Got 3 conference yet to come.  Not a big harvest, but it is the first time they have fruited - not bad for three years old.


Morning. Is it bad to say I could eat cake now? Esp one of Doves. They look sooooo good 

First day back after panic attack  Have a PMA today, I will be ok.

Have a great day all xx


Stay strong Panda. 

Work for me too so better shift.

Enjoy your day everyone even if it's a working one- not long now Dove