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i've  found the sites not working properly as well.

Watched GW, think I'm, going to need some sanguisorba hakusanensis lilac squirrel (apart from the fact I can't spend that long typing it again!).

Must remember Verdun's echinacea advice on thread by that name - weh hey yes - my seeds are looking fab! of course I am under no illusion that they will be dead long before I get to 'stop' them flowering in the first year - but for now they are fantastic and their mum is very proud. Boast over! Just never been able to grow them before, from seed, bought plants, stolen from relatives - nada.


Ta dah...

And the first ones EVER to flower in my garden (sorry just can't bear to dead head them, maybe next year)




I know it's way past time, but Panda, whats a PMA ?  I googled and got this lot - now I'm even more confused

Produce Marketing Association

Pretty Much Amazing: PMA 

  •   The Official Website of Philippine Military Academy
  •   Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • PMA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎   Pilates Method Alliance
  •   Photo Marketing Association International
  • PMA - Home  
  • The PMA – Personal Managers Association‎Terms and Conditions    
  • PMA | FRANK‎     PMA is a tablet with similar effects to ecstasy. Find out the risks of this drug and if you have a question or want some advice, talk to FRANK.    

    By the way site seems fine to me 


    Sorry Dove, Positive Mental Attitude! Although I quite like the sound of some of yours!


    Woodgreen wonderboy

    For the sake of those of us who don't know these abbreviations it would be nice if the full meaning was given when used for the first time... always willing to learn.


    Sorry   Will remember for future ref (took me ages to work out that OH meant other half when I first started reading the threads) 

    Stacey Docherty

    Morning all.... It's dark and misty here this morning..... Walked round the garden but shock horror can't see anything... Dove they look fab I'm going to give growing echinecea a go next year hope they turn out as good as that.... Work today grrrrrr.... I'm starting to think of the edging for my woodland garden cause I haw decided it needs to be slightly raised think I am going to go into the woods for large fallen branches... Ok cabs here later peeps


    Oh glory be, of course PMA!  How could I not have realised that - probably because of the way work is at the moment, we wouldn't recognise any PMA if it got up and bit us on the kneecaps 


    Stacey, not my Echinaceas - they're Mrs G's 

      can't take the credit for those lovely pink ones, although I've got some little pink plugs coming on - I've only got gorgeous white ones with reflexed petals in my garden so far.

    But I did plant these gorgeous violas in little pots yesterday, to go on the table on the terrace over the winter 

     Just couldn't resist them   I've already been out on the terrace this morning with a torch just to look at them again - and they have a lovely perfume too - perfect for the table where we have our morning coffee on bright days, even in the winter 

    Stacey Docherty

    They do look lovely I planted some by my front door at the weekend... Did you say you were cutting them back? will have to take a closer look at mine tonight .... Right new coffee


    Last post fidget at 10.41 yesterday! Let's see what happens when I post this.

    Good morning all, lets hope the forum catches up with us today.


    Morning all. Dull here and a bit damp but it may clear later. Going to get some cream crocus from GC later for the new back border as it should be ready for planting up soon. They had some Spirea argutas on offer too so I shall get them as the nursery didn't have any. May have to get some violas now!

    I PMd Daniel about the posts not updating so hopefully the site will be back to normal soon.

    Have a good day all.


    Hmm posted 2mins ago and still last post I can see is fidget at 10.41, on page 291, can't seem to get any further. Laters guys...


    3rd post on here this am,Tues, now found my post from yesterday afternoon... Getting there!


    Morning all.

    Have a lovely shopping trip Fairy  Am also tempted by violas, will be checking out my local flower stall in the market this week to see what they have.

    Hope we all have a good day. It's misty here, hopefully the sun will make its way through by the afternoon. 




    Morning all,

    Very foggy this morning,hoping the sun will break through late as promised.

    Beautiful yesterday,did loads of deadheading and chopping down.

    Going to Gc today and will use the bulb voucher that came with the Oct GC magazine.

    Beautiful sunny day.  Stunning looking over the sea this morning.  Peaceful, shimmering water, as I sat looking at myself in the mirror I always carry.  

    Morning FORKERS.

    Dont expect this to post but have good day everyone.


    Good morning. It's a bit misty, good gardening weather again. 

    Don't break that mirror Verdun posted then.   Morning nut. 


    just posted on the evening thread  my morning  all . anyone way warm here sun trying  its best to break though .made fish pie for  tea . work soon .have a good day all