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Stacey Docherty

Lol mrs garden what's wrong!!!!! Fish pie looks yum 


Yum yum.

Mrsgarden looks angry.....she's after someone!


Just posted 2 posts on Evening Forkers, looked as though they had posted, but when I left and came back they weren't there


 nothing at all today.   


Been to foodbank...busy.

Hope forum works...we will see!


Mrs G, I can see your test post and the second one that you sent too! I just press refresh A LOT and it seems to work (for now!) 


anyone there hello  this hard work .


If you press Ctrl and F5 the latest posts appear. If anyone sees this!


I'm here, worn out from pulling nettles, stings everywhere including nose. The nettles are tall. they were the main plant when we arrived 21 years ago, supported by blackthorn suckers and overgrown willows. The soil must be full of nettle seeds. I didn't pay the garden enough attention for a year and they're really taking over. Must get it back in hand. 


Ha! Got ya! Hello everyone while I can see you. Not been able to do a thing on forum today or really since yesterday lunch. Now I can see I have posted AFTER your comments but in fact still could only see yesterdays. Knew you were out there somewhere. Bet I lose you again  ! (did that make any sense?) will try other threads now.


Ha ha , now I can see others are having problems too.

Im here MrsGarden.......oh no I'm not!  


weird. Laptop is stuck at 1.30. kindle is stuck at 4pm.  Desktop is at 10pm.


Woodgreen wonderboy

A friend told me today that loading Google Chrome had effectively destroyed her computer? Does this mean anything?

Daniel ( forum editor) has posted on another thread that the problems are being caused by cache difficulties ( sounds painful) and they are working on a fix.

Meanwhile, keep on with the refresh button!
Morning - am i first ?
Well that seemed to work - after a fashion.
Course i am on is truly dreadful - the corporate world is inhabited by some very strange dudes
Will be coming back here for a sanity check whenever i can.