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The potty gardener

Night all- could we have wonderful sunshine again tomorrow please


Good morning all - BP check then work today - at the moment I'm sitting here looking out of the eastward facing window watching the skies lighten - I love watching the sun come up in the morning 

Brumbull, did you not know that most lady gardeners have an extra layer of insulation especially designed to be used for gardening in cold weather.  It's why size 12 is unknown to us 


Towards the end of last summer, every morning at ten to six, a young tawny owl would land in one of our ash trees and call for a few minutes before moving on - absolute magic 

Got our fingers very crossed for our ash trees 

 Good Morning... a few days holiday..pleased i got the main gardening jobs done..

Enjoy whatever you're doing...




Good morning, looks like blue skys and the tree out my window isn't moving perfect. (hit - 2 last night not so good)

my hollyhocks raced to germinate around 24 hours ! Asters are not far behind. Amazing what a bit of soil heat will do. Herbs and chilli's are being stubborn as are my leeks.

Today I will be experimenting with solar heating and thermal syphoning. Using 30 metres of hose pipe a water container and a few nails. I don't need much hot water, enough to wash up or have a shave would be terrific.  Especially when i stop burning oil    

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Golly, Blackest - impressive! not sure I understand the cryptic comment about trees - you hit 2 trees last night?

I'm having a go at setting up a watering system using the 1" hose you recommended on another thread. If your ears burn, I'll be taking your name in vain.


The first thing i see out the window is a large tree. If it is still. its a calm day, if it's moving a bit slightly windy, and if i can hear whistling in the hall way and its moving then its blowing a gale.

Overnight temperatures are by viewing the car windscreen + a temperature sensor which i leave dangling out the window. It's also got a frost warning alarm which beeps at hazardous temperatures.

1 inch hose ? Don't remember that. 



Morning everybody
Perfect sunny morning feeling warmer
Blackest ...all too technical for me but sounds very intriguing.

Tina- the only thing about men that gets bigger is their stomach. 

Dove -the owl story is lovely. My last house was rural and one night I caught a glimpse of something wooshing towards the window. We had a light at the corner right next to it which had a curved arm and there was a huge owl sitting there just blinking and surveying his territory. Looking for all the mice no doubt! No matter how often you see them - and we had loads of lovely  buzzards etc in the garden regularly- these birds are magnificent aren't they?

Very cold here this morning even the bird feeders are frosty! Hopefully get more painting done later  and a walk

Have a good day all.


Morning all, hope you send that sunshine over to us soon.

Slightly foggy here this morning, but still very cold. The first red kite circled over us yesterday, so maybe Spring is on its way after all. All the birdseed and fat balls have been eaten up, so the birds are on their own now!

Jobs today are cutting back and repotting the Lantana and Plumbago, which are just starting to sprout little leaves. So happy that they've survived the winter in the front porch. And am expecting a parcel of double hellebores from the postman, yipeee!


Tina- the only thing about men that gets bigger is their stomach. 

And their egos Fairygirl

Morning all.  No offence meant male posters.  Dull and the usual cold.  Feel quite guilty about doing nothing when you are all so busy, but I hate the cold.  Only venture as far as the bins which, at this time if the year, are right outside the back door.  Can just open and aim!

You mentioned Brummieben Brum.  Unless I've missed him, he hasn't posted for a while.

Breakfast time.

The potty gardener

Morning all. Still at my Mums so no time in the garden for me. No sun here today.

I wish  I lived somewhere where I got to see owls.

When Iget home I want to adapt my watering system to use the larger pipe ( was it 13mm Brumbill?)

SwissSue let us see a pic of your Hellebore when they arrive.

Gardening Grandma

Sorry, Brumbull. I mixed you up with Brummie Ben.    This is because you often come out with interesting technical stuff.I'll have to find the thread.

Now i know whose name to take in vain!

Good morning All, Too cold for the garden and even clearing out the shed, but wondering what foliage snails may NOT like to chomp on this year as my lovely full beds of marigolds looked like skeletons last year!



Not strictly Morning - but decided to post anyway.

Have just seen the weather forecast for next week and am so excited I am making a list of all the things I can finally do - plant potatoes, get seeds pricked out, reclaim my windowsills, plant out my overwintering shrubs .... going to be a very busy weekend.  Yippee!!

Chicky, you have just expressed how I feel and my,own enthusiasm to get growing. I think weather is looking up and we have that extra hour now
Enjoy your busy weekend

Does that mean I will have to give up my comfy sofa and the tv and go out the garden?  Damn.


Is winter going to end? Do you all know something I've missed?