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This is a bit late for a morning post, but couldn't do it this morning. Now Ctrl F5 has just worked, so although it started me off pages back I've arrived here now.

September is still summer here. Runner beans are cropping like mad at last.

One of the four horses decided to jump over the electric fence in the night as the grass in the paddock over the drive was greener (true!). My border collie woke me to tell me something was up. So between 2.30am and 3am I was out in nightie and slippers (very heavy dew) trying to get the other 3 into the new paddock as they were getting very anxious. My daughter's retired  25 year old, deaf as a post, Anglo Arab was b....y awkward! He wouldn't believe me when I showed him where the gate was, then he galloped on the front lawn. Now I'm tired



Oh dear Liz, oh what a night, what a night it was, what a night!

Well, finally this site is working again, Daniel told me to empty my cache, which I did, and whoopee, it worked! Now have to spend hours catching up again.

Verdun, saw this in the DT, what a great idea, very subtle but perfectly clear:



Gardengirl - just in case you see this - OMG, saw what can only have been Zingy Lime today, so wanted to stop the car to take a photo for you! it was a full fence panel and looked fab. It would look great 'en masse' with the blue fence / hand rail behind it. Only problem is, as you said, you'd need an awful lot to get that depth of colour on the sleepers, if at all.


Oh, now I can see you all again!

Stacey - amazing pumpkins, I will not be trying to compete! lovely aut*** (getting there) colours too.

Done some shopping to give presents in 3 months time, don't suppose I'm allowed to use that word either...

BL - sounds like a fun evening in your parts...

Swisssue - huh? How do you empty the cache? I got an email to say Daniel replied to Pm but of course it's not there!

Everyone - good morning, afternoon and probably this is it for the evening too..   Keep calm it's only our garden sanity!

NDN redoing their front (to gravel and pots) asked if I wanted a 'sea holly' - just what i've had my eye on for a couple of years, bright blue. oh yes please was the reply. I've tried similar but never found the one she has! She was also telling me about the house the other side of her. It was sold a few weeks back but the buyer has pulled out because 'they won't cut the trees down, oh and do you need your hedge that high?' thank goodness she pulled out!

I'm inclined to believe Woody, it IS still summer - i've never had as many flowers in Sept before (yes, ok, it is something I worked on for this year) and so much green as well, nothings dying back yet (oops kiss of death there).



Stacey Docherty

I concur it is still summer however we are on the downwards slope as wasn't the equinox last weekend?



My post above was yesterdya,can,t seem to get posts to register,is anybody there?


We're here Gilly - in part anyway! If you clear the cache ( use your back/history button) it seems to work although you may have to then refresh each page by pressing Control and f5 at the same time.

I'd forgotten how to do the refresh thing so not been on in the last day or two.

Been doing a lot of reading though.....


Gardengirl, to empty cache open your browser preferences and go "Advanced", second position, and click on "clear now". This is on Firefox though, don't know if/where you can do it on other browsers/ipad etc.


Love the Cornwall sign, Sue.

Swiss sue.  We do dress accordingly.  In Cornwall we spent the summer entirely nude except for when we had a bath or shower.  Then it was wellington boots time 

Woody has something there..... Look, it's not A....   It's simply late summer and it's not kidology.  

Stacey Docherty

Just a quick morning folks if u can see me( I could do with being invisible ATM!!!!) late night early start... Have a great one xx

Morning all. Lets hope we are fixed this afternoon. Pitch black outside but nice n cosy inside. Work today and tomorrow. Roll on the weekend.

Hello folks!  Couldn't see any of you at all yesterday - now I find you've all been chattering away - looks like things started going downhill when I gave you that raspberry jam and cream cake - better not do that again 


I've discovered that if I post something, or click submit on a blank post, I can see recent posts - otherwise time stands still - anyway, can't hang about - got to get to work - hopefully the techies can get it sorted soon - shall we offer them cake?  Or bacon sarnies? 



Found you - thanks Dove! I just keep pressing stuff and clearing history- it seems to work but I have to keep logging in again!

It deffinitely wasn't the cake....Mmmm 

Bright here if I look out the back windows but dark clouds at the front  Supposed to stay dry though. going to the nursery later - anyone want anything?



Morning all! Not much time this morning, refresh seems to be stealing my time before work! 

Hope we al have a good day, sun is shining here, so something is going well 


Morning  everyone. Grey here. Might plant some bulbs in patio pots.

Good morning FORKERS.  Grey, misty,but warm here.  Like the sun but there's something quite magical about conditions today.  Taking my dog out there soon.  

Some plants look their best at this time of the year I think.....e,g, aster frik monch has been looking really good duriNg the summer but now it is glowing.  It loves this time of year

Stacey Docherty

I love a#€$$@ the low sun, misty mornings and the different smell in the air the whiff of slight decay and sweet smell of bonfire smoke mmmmmmm

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Lovely to find you all again, hope it lasts. Very misty here in Verdunland. the spider's webs look amazing this morning draped over the gorse bushes.

Still lots of colour in the garden, dahlias, fuschias and cosmos mainly.  The cobaeas I sowed in the spring have lots of buds but not opened yet so hope the weather stays warm enough for them.