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Had no luck changig avatar

Did buy a pressie though, even though t is not what we went out to get,it was on my list (in my head) of things I would like. It is a 6ft long trough for my strawberries, it was half a sale price and can't resisit a bargain. It's one of those manger types on little legs, stands about 18ins high. Son wanted to know why i have a coffin!!

Well peased with it and OH says we will attempt to make a cold frame, I have bricks but no windows - ideas??

Bulbs - let me see - 100 tete a tete, 25 crocus Joan of arc, 25 mixed crocus, Just bought a pack of 50 mixed iris reticulata, and a freebie 25 reticulata, have some tulips on order, will also get that GW order for them - No where near as many as other folk I know. but all have to start some where and this is first year of bulb planting

Oh and bought a white colchicum (1/2 price)


I've been twiddling my thumbs today too MrsG.  Got to Son's house, which is only down the road and they had gone out!!  Blooming cheek.  So, no cuddles and had to have a Crunchie for consolation.  Did do the eggshell topcoat on my skirting and that's about it.  Have spent the rest of the day on here, sending e-mails to Council about non road sweeping and trying to find a small mixer for Granddaughter who wants one for her birthday. Enjoys making cakes, etc. Found a nice little one on Tesco website so am about to order it. There's a method in my madness!!

Matty - OH made me a cold frame about 10 years ago - i posted pictures for someone else who wanted to copy his design. When i get home i will bump the thread up for you! Its wood with a polycarbonate lid - all easliy available from homebase or the like.
Ooo chicky ill be looking at that too.
Off out for.most of evening now so have a good evening chat everyone.(work not social im afraid)

two deliveries today.Some of my bulb order, and the bird food replacement order finally turned up at 6pm.


Just a few bulbs.....mainly allium,purple sensation and some daffs. ,got loads,in pots.....always separating them after flowerimg.

Mrsgarden I can recommend nepeta for dry border. Brilliant colour,that surpasses lavender for,colour and length of flowering.

Punkdoc, lucifer is great if managed.  For me it's best as clumps about 60 cm dia.   At that size they still flower well. There are some nice new varieties .....African series....that are less vigorous.  Along with Phormiums crocosmias seem to be left to their own devices generally and look worse for wear because of if.  Both are improved by regular division


Coldframe thread duly bumped (seeing as its a good deed, can I be let off detention??)

Stacey Docherty

It's so early not sure if I should be on here or the evening thread but morning!!!!! Yawn.......


Good morning Stacey  and anyone else who might be up!  I've woken at my usual time but still feel achy shivery and my throat is sore so it's another day on the sofa with you lot for me.  Hope none of you catch it.

Anyone want a coffee - if so I'll make a big pot .... 


Poor Dove - hope you start feeling better very soon.

And poor Stacey - that is an ungodly hour you got up.

Expecting yuccy weather today - don't forget your brollies - although they are not much use in a gale. Not a very cheery start to a day.

 But only two more days til the weekend, ..... And i'm going on a mini holiday



Good morning Chicky   

Sun's beginning to peep over the horizon - anyone for another coffee? 


You rest Dove, I'll do the coffee.

morning all.

Home late last night after another work course. Started scrabbling together bits for Harvest Festival (yep, I forgot), made a basket up in son's toy shopping basket. stressed over giving it away all night. Got up this morning and did the right thing, made a new box out of a cereal packet. Well, it's done now, just need a bit more light so I can have a look round garden for any decent flowers or aples to send in (already got my chillies in the box).

Have a good, if wet, day.


Cheers Mrs G  strong and black please

I've got a few tomatoes, some yellow courgettes and some raspberries - any good for the box?

Should be with you any minute dove
Cosmos, hot lips, asters and snowberries in harvest box.



Morning all - especially the patients...

A day at home sounds nice in this horrible weather but not so good when it's because of illness. Just keep taking the tablets Dove - and the coffee...and cake 

I can send you a few apples MrsG- and got a few nice ripe toms if that's any use? My Bramleys are definitely not Bramleys, unless they very suddenly change shape, size and colour...hmmm  Still- nice to have them.

Very excited as my bulbs have been despatched. Need the weather  to improve now so that I can finish constructing the beds to put them in!


Morning all 

A bright start here but not holding my breath that it lasts, just have to hope the weather forecaster has it right and it won't rain till this evening! 

Hope you rest today Dove, keep under the duvet and drinking the coffee!

Stacey, don't know how you do it!

Hope we all have a great day whatever we are doing