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Morning FORKERS.

Relax and get better soon Dove.  But look,  I'm ok     You have extra time to prepare superb planting choices for next year.  Actually, a few bugs and sneezes down here too so I will be wearing a polythene bag with holes over my head 

Dry right now but supposedly heavy rain mid morning clearing to sunny dry tomorrow and weekend.  

Oh dear!  Rain now 


It is a glorious day to be at home in East Anglia - bright golden sunshine, wall to wall blue skies and only a few tiny white fluffies.  

OH is at home in the studio today so I'm being provided with lots of coffee and he's changing the bed linen and putting it in the wash to make the most of the drying weather while we still have it. 

I've said that I'll start off a Bolognese ragú in a while and set it to simmer through the day - that way he can cook some fettucine later and voilá - supper will be served. 



Dull very humid and awaiting this heavy rain. Have rain gauge set up to see how much falls. The hills are totally pbscured by fog, in fact there isn't even a shadow of them - wouldn't know they were there!

Have already been out trying to sort GH, but hard when both compost and wheely bin are overflowing. The other compost bin needs emptying but if I start am sure to get a soaking.

Found leaves on Christmas potatoes are going black - any ideas?

Oscar had another restless night but it has been worse and he is now curling up on his bed which he wasn't - just hope the vet was correct.

Back later


Black Matty?  In what way black?  Not black like 



Heavy rain at the moment,but t does look a bit brighter.

.Making large chicken stew ( large stew not large chicken) some for the freezer,wet days are made for cooking,also doing some baked apples with sultanas,raisins and brown sugar Mmmmmmmmmmmmm



They are not shrivelled, leaves are right shape with black patches on! Did occur to me it may be blight but not really sure what I'm talking about. I'll take a photo.

Back in a minute


Just looked beginning to shrivell I think 



Well I'm happy because the rain's gone off and I came home from work to find my box of bulbs waiting for me at the back door - hurray! Only 450 to plant then - plus the others I bought locally. At least if it's dry I get can get the planks onto the posts for the beds and maybe get some in. 

Daughter made a lovely ragu the other day so she's now been promoted from layabout ...errr I mean head chef. Made a nice meal last night too -  chicken and lardons sauteed with chilli/courgettes/onions/tomatoes and garlic with pasta. Very tasty. Some left over for me when they're at their Dad's too!

Dove- clean bed linen when you're not well - lovely!


Oh dear Matty - that does look like blight to me   And you said the weather is dull and humid - perfect blight weather.  Are there any potatoes down there?  I'd salvage what you can and quickly!

FG - I know, I llove clean bedlinen - aren't I lucky 


fg. Its great when plants arrive isnt it. i have just got home in the rain and fog to find a parcel from Crocus on the doorstep, and I only ordered 2 days ago. Definetely perked me up.


Yes tell us what you got pd!

I got : White Anemone de Caen,  Crocus Cream Delight and Joan of Arc, Iris Purple Gem, Thalia daffs, Dutch Iris White Excelsior and Cheerfulness Daffs. Nicely packaged and all look fine. Plus a voucher code for 10% off any further offers till end of year.

I've already got some alliums, crocus, narcissus and tulips from GC etc.

May have to get more tulips now....


Well now you ask.1 Eryngium agavifolium, 1 herbaceous phlomis and 1 persicaria amplexicaulis. All of which are large enough to divide before planting. Like the sound of the white theme running through those bulbs fg.


Always good when they're big enough to split pd. They grow on so quickly anyway that it's an economic way to buy.  I do have a little white theme running through half the garden-the shadier sides. Purples and whites and burnt orangey colours at the sunnier ends. Lots of contrasting foliage in the other plants I already have.

I'm going for cool, sophisticated and restful in my old age...


Saw lots of persicaria at East Ruston over the weekend - it was looking particularly good in the low afternoon sunshine 



I've got a lovely palish pink persicaria, no name about 3' which never falls over, unlike the darker pink one which always does. Just bought 'Inverleith', darker and shorter and hopefully more upright


At the show on Saturday I ordered 2 climbing roses - Handel and Iceberg. They phoned on Monday to confirm details and have delivered today. Very strong healthy looking plants about 90cm tall, glossy foliage etc. Very pleased

Praise to Fryers Roses please

 Drat, blight, no Christmas spuds then 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Have lost my Cristmas spuds to b.... blight too,   grrrrrr    

No blight for me. .........oh, I don't grow spuds 

Persicarias?  Bit invasive ? Grow red dragon though.


Hi Verdun, I think invasive describes persicarias fairly well and great hard woody lumps to remove eventually