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Hmmm...a neighbour grows a very large clump.  Looks good but she likes just a few large plants so it suits her style.  Sure I remember a variety or two that were better behaved.  Have to check it out.


Morning all - pack tonight, mini holiday tomoz. Yippee!!

Hope you are on the mend Dove, and that everyone else has a good Friday


Morning all, dark again! Enjoy your holiday (mini or otherwise) Chicky. Hope your're feeling better Dove (hurry up and get well or we'll be thinking you're a man cos it's sounding like the dreaded manflu). Work again for me today.OH says he will 'think' about (I think that means price up in manspeak) the growhouse over the weekend. Only problem being that he's working all day Sat and I'm out most of day Sun.

Stacey Docherty

Morning all it's strange being at home when it's light.... Just watching false widow spider thingy on the news and how it's spreading ..... Interesting how ecology is changing.chicky have a fab fab time . We are supposed to be going to Wisley today but may not as lo has a cough but mmmmm decisions decisions......



No no no MrsG - Dove doesn't have man flu - she is actually ill...

Morning all!  Three Ds here - Dull, dark and damp. To stay dry so hopefully get on with my beds later.

Have a lovely break chick - hope the weather's kind to you. 


Good morning all 

I slept in a bit this morning, but was having some very weird dreams - walking through snow rescuing electric radiators and trying to find sockets in the hedges to plug them into and that was only part of it - there were horses in our garden too!

Very hot and sweaty in the night and still feel decidedly odd - another day on the sofa for me.

We've had a little rain overnight, but the skies are wall to wall blue again now, and we have bright sunshine and it feels really mild  more like midsummer except for the cobwebs stretched between the echinaceas and the leaves falling from the ash trees. 


Morning all

Dove that does not sound good  Wishing you a speedy recovery x

The fates conspired against me last night. Flushed from my bingo win I retired to bed early only for OH to be sick in the bed around 12.30  So that was him in the shower and me doing a complete bed change. Which kinda woke me up. He came back to bed and fell straight to sleep  

Hope you all have a good day. I'm going to be crossing my fingers for good weather tomorrow so I can start the great bulb plant!


Uuurghhh!  Hope you don't catch whatever he's got 


Morning all. Hope you get well soon Dove. Fg i will have you know that man flu is a vey serious illness only cured by cake or alcohol or preferably both.

Itching to get outside to catch up on weeks of inactivity but, it is peeing it down again in Sheffield.

Have done the Supermarket though.

Have a good day everyone and heres to a sunny weekend.


pd  Hope the weather clears for you - but don't overdo it !

Was the supermarket shop as exciting as the plant delivery??

Panda- not good  Hoping to get some of my plants and bulbs in this weekend too.


Morning all,

Huge thunderstorm overhead last night,causing power cut just as we were going to bed,must remember to put the torches somewhere easy to pick up.Then could,nt sleep beacuse of constant flashes and claps of the thunder,rain like stair rods.

At least its dry this morning,sun trying to break out so I am going to do the supermarketshop first and hope to get outside later.

Chicky.... have a good mini holiday,

Dove........ hope you soon start to feel better.

Panda........keep OH in isolation,the rest of us don,t want it !

Have a good day all.


"Hope you get well soon Dove. Fg i will have you know that man flu is a vey serious illness only cured by cake or alcohol or preferably both."

Thanks Punkdoc - given your medical background, I'm willing to take your advice - will cake and alcohol help recovery from proper lurgy as well as from man flu?  I'm willing to try anything 

PD - can you get prescriptions for cake?

Dove - cake cures every known disease - thought you knew that? Punkdoc will back me up on that I'm sure...

I'd prescribe regular dosage - a large slice every 3 or 4 hours for at least a week.

Works for me...



OH says he'll bring a Ginger Loaf cake home from the farm shop this afternoon   we can have a TGIF tea party about 4.30  - any other requests?


My birthday soon so I'll definitely need a little something....

Lemon drizzle is a favourite and I do like a good teabread.

Coffee and walnut? 

star gaze lily

Morning! Nearly happy birthday fairygirl.  Pouring here and a bit breezy.  

   Yes I likelemon drizzle or carrot cake or chocolate fudge or Victoria sponge or ------ the list is endless! Just cakes really yummy


I'll have to phone him - which one? - he's only got his back pack on his bike and he's got to bring ginger cake and some milk as well .... 

star gaze lily

I don't mind you choose, a surprise would be fine. 4 3o you say, I'll have the kettle on. Very nice of him to do the cake run hope its stopped raining then!