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Pottie Pam

Thanks, Stacey.

Ginger is my favourite. I'll look out for it.

Have a lovely weekend, B.Lizzy.


Pottie Pam

I've got a pond, Dove. Your right! Mammy hen would worry if they went on here.

I don't know if you can make out from the photo but the liner keeps coming up to the surface. It has old carpets underneath then a plastic liner. We keep bursting the liner and a gas of some sort bubbles out. I don't know if the gas is from the old carpets rotting down. Does anyone else have this problem? the pond has been there for about 10 years.

star gaze lily

Looks more like a lake. Is that the locness monster in there?


Pam, my pond does that, athough i's nowhere near the size of yours and could be a totally different problem.  Mine is, I'm told, due to the water table. My garden, along with adjoining neighbour, is the lowest of 10 houses. Excessive rain causes the lining to rise and the sides to bulge.  First time it happened, kept draining some water out and was puzzled when the pond remained the same level.  Now don't bother and just make sure fish are safe.  Having looked again at your picture, that's probably no help at all!



No - I had Nessie in my old pond lily! 

Pam we had the same problem in our old pond - it  had been there a long time and was big. There was a lot of wildlife and a lot of silt in it so we just left it as I think we could have created a huge problem if we'd tried to do anything about it. I don't know what was underneath ours but I think it might be a common problem with bigger ponds. I've heard that it's the reason not to use carpet for lots of things - there's so many chemicals in them - so perhaps there is something unpleasant in the carpet which is causing the gas. Does the water not leach out if you're making holes?


star gaze lily

PP is that your horse by the lake, looks really cute.  I've always wanted a horse,  gave up riding years ago wish I'd kept it  up. Looks like you have plenty of land to keep them on lucky you  


Would a load or two of gravel tipped into your pond and spread out help matters do you think?  Perhaps it would encourage the 'gas' to creep out of the edges of the pond rather than accumulate in the middle.


Thank you P. Pam.

Were they wool or man-made fibre carpets? Carpets are recommended in some books to help stop the liner puncturing.

A friend of mine, who also lives in Dordogne, had probems with her swimming pool, the sides cracked and the liner floated up. It turned out there was an underground spring under where the pool had been built.

Star gaze lily, I have horses. I'm lucky to live in Dordogne where land is cheap. My dog costs more to feed!


Kitchen spam reported!

Morning all!


Well done Sue 

Good morning all  from a decidedly snotty Dove - hopefully that means that the end of the virus is nigh!

star gaze lily

Morning all, busy wkend trying to finish off base for new shew before the rain arrives! So I'm being 'buiders mate ' today  Need to do food shop too might leave it till tomorrow and have take away tonite!

           Busy lizzie your so lucky to have a horse! And you live in France too!       

star gaze lily

Shew?? Meant shed!!! Must still be sleepy!!

Cloudy but dry (for now) in Peterborough.  Taking my daughter to her activity group then home via town centre to pick up Gardeners World magazine if any are still on shelves.  this will be the first of many to come magazines, I love magazines  Maybe a visit to Café Nero to peruse it over a Mocha? Maybe not, decisions, decisions. Sometimes life can be too exciting......


Morning all. Hoping it clears a bit here - rather cool and dull. Dry though so that's good.

Pam - BL could be right - our pond was spring fed so that's probably what caused it to lift. Not as much as yours certainly! There were lots of springs in our area too.

Good luck with shed base lily. Or perhaps you meant 'shrew' base which would be a lot less work..

Dove- you're on the mend. Does that mean no cake today? I missed it yesterday as I was out side painting and bulilding. Any left?

Paddy - if you subscribe you get it much earlier...about a week before the start of the month  

Morning all, sunny here.
Morning Paddy, my day starts much the same as yours, taking son to his drama club, stop off to buy card for his friends birthday, GC, maybe lunch, then homesweet home to the garden.



Morning all.

Dove, I hope your lurgy will soon be a thing of the past, but I suppose there was one advantage - time off work! Think how good it will be when no cold and no going to work.

We are off to adorable granddaughter's Baptism, 4 hour drive, back tomorrow evening.

I will certainly be subscribing, lot cheaper to

Mrs Garden, Saturday mornings like this May appear to be a waste of garden time but are good for contemplation.  I like contemplation so much I must remember to get a small seat of some kind to put in the garden to fine tune the art of contemplation, and an insulated mug for my tea, so many things to plan!

Not dirtied the spade yet but loveing this gardening lark.....


Paddy - contemplation is what makes it so enjoyable! 

And it's what tea was invented for too - I'm busy 'contemplating' right now..


Contemplation so far - is the lavender going to stop flowering or am I going to cut it back now, flowers and all! Don't want to hurry the darling but if it's left much longer mr frost will come for a nibble on fresh cut stalks. 

Contemplation 2- where do I put all those fallen apples

3- will GC have enough compost, will I ever get on with it 

4- how am I to plan plant positions when I can't decide, and I'm planning where cutting go but they may not survive...

5- whens my next coffee due?

yup, I'm great at contemplating but not so good at getting on with it.


Warm and sunny here today. coffee and contemplation in the garden seems like a good start to the day, in fact it may also be the middle and the end of the day as well.

Have a goood day all forkers and I hope that various lurgies [ note the medical term ] are improving.