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And following up in the rear..........

Morning everyone. Hope all the sickly ones are feeling a little better today.  Must have caught the 'dream' bug as mine was about overflowing ponds! Daft or what. Think I ought to give my pond a bit of a clean today and downsize the lilly. Will be going out suitable attired so no nasties can feed off me. That is as long as the promised sun shines. Otherwise, it's settee and book.

I love contemplating. Have a list of all the things I have contemplated doing. Have made a start with the 'touching up' painting and the bathroom is next for a small makeover. All I need is to get myself motivated.

Correction to my post on disposal of loft hoarding, duvets and curtains went on Freecycle not recycled.

Lily, the VHS tapes would be taken by a company in Bristol. They will accept 100 but you have to get them there!  Anyone happen to be going that way!!?

Best get brekkie. Yes, FG, the usual.


Think that perhaps should have read 'at the rear'. No edit button so can't alter.


Morning pd - lurgy is a great word isn't it?

MrsG - I'm still contemplating too. Indecision's aterrible thing! Once I get going though, I find it hard to stop 

Was watching G'sW. Very pleasant.


Morning all! To echo others, hope we are all feeling better. Dove, glad you seemed to have turned the corner 

Cheer you up pot is planted, hope it does the trick  If not, may have to get some cake 

Am off for pork for the olds who are coming for Sunday lunch tomorrow and then to get my nails done (does that tell you what kind of gardener I am Tina?). Then begins the great bulb plant! I have my long handled bulb planter for the grass (hoping it will work this year - ground is wetter) and trowel/spade for the borders. Fingers crossed it stays dry!


Mornig Tina - you were posting at same time as me. Not weetabix surely? 

Right I've had enough toast and tea so better shift or I'll get nothing done and I think it's to rain tomorrow. Would like to get some bulbs in too Panda.



LOL tina, rear-ly good!

Have now walked and looked in addition to contemplation! And made a list of established plants so can decide where to move them to. Unfortunately this will only work with those showing now - need to go back and think about spring and summer...

Off to Drama.


Woodgreen wonderboy

For me bulbs are always best planted in small groups, say 3 or 5, rather than singley, so an easy way to plant in grass, or bed for that matter, is to use a good honest spade. Just slice down in a square the sides being the width of your spade. Ease out the "clump" in one go. Just enough space for your bulbs and the depth is about right. Plant out your bulbs, replace clump of soil/grass and Robert's your uncle. No need for any fancy gadgets .

 Light blue touch paper, stand back and wait for the explosion of colour.


Hello again - I've been to the farm shop for food and the local supermarket for prescription, cleaning stuff and alcohol  - now sitting down with a coffee recovering

Cake?  You want more cake?  

Well, it looks as if OH has left a couple of slices of the ginger cake - otherwise if I can summon up some energy I might bake something for us all this afternoon - if we all deserve it 

Just got back baring gifts.  A magazine with a pack of 'Romanesco natalino' seeds, or as I call it, weird looking cauliflower!  Well, if things go to plan, that is a splendid dinner in July sorted.  Now it's bacon butty time with coffee and read magazines, perchance to dream of cauliflower cheese and ham (humble apologies to vegetarians).  Mmmmm, need some new potatoes to go with that.  B&Q later this afternoon To look for a cold frame and some suitable salad seeds.

Pottie Pam

thanks for all the comments about my pond. It is definately a gas that's inside the lining that's coming up. I've got an old pair of waders and sometimes go in the pond and trample the liner down ( when no-ones watching) and big bubbles of gas come up. I think we may have constructed the pond wrongly.

We did it as cheaply as possible and bought a roll of polythene that farmers wrap those big bales in. We put a layer of that in first then did lots of runs to the recycling dump and got loads of old carpets,then another layer of liner on top.  that's probably where we've gone wrong trapping the carpets in between the liner.

This winter I intend to put lots of soil in the bottom and hopefully that will help.

Pottie Pam

My son having  a swim in  the pond when it was being constructed.

star gaze lily

Going great guns with shed base, stopped for tea and sandwiches.  Could do with more cake dove, can we have lemon drizzle please.

PP that looks more like a lake than a pond or even the sea!

Bristol is a bit far for me TT but thanks anyway.

Well back to being builders mate see you later. 



Just stopped too lily.  Dove has cake- can I have mine now as I've done  alot of sawing and painting and stuff....

Pam - that really is a shame. Our pond was done with a very heavy duty liner - as I discovered when I had to cut sections away which went about 4 feet up the adjacent bank . They had obviously put a lot of sand in the bottom but allowed a lot of silt to build up etc so perhaps that's why ours wasn't so bad -that helped keep it down. We dredged bits out round the edges but we couldn't have done much more. Dove's idea of gravel would work as well as anything as long as you were careful not to tread too much in those bits, in case it pierces it, or some large rocks. Your only other option would be to put another heavy liner on top, and weigh that down, but it would mean emptying it.....

I sent my daughter in with a bucket to get excess blanket weed out! She had a little swim in it too!


Fairygirl said: "Dove's idea of gravel would work as well as anything as long as you were careful not to tread too much in those bits, in case it pierces it, or some large rocks. "

I suppose as well as weighting the liner down in the centre of the pond, you would also need to let the gas out - possibly some judicious puncturing of the liner well above the water line

Just had some Thai green chicken soup for lunch - very nice - now I've got my feet up again - feeling considerably better than I did but if I do much I get all hot and sweaty and feel quite weak.  

There's so much that needs doing in the garden but I just can't do it this weekend - I've got next Friday off as well as the weekend, so it'll all have to wait until then - unless there are any volunteers?



Finally been to GC, got compost, wallflowers (only because i keep reading about them on here, Im sure I dont like them!) and orange pansies.

Also got my first ever bag of manure - started digging over recently cleared area but now have found some white bits in soil, like mould or fungus I don't know, have posted a pic on new thread and will change job until I know if it's ok to continue or sure death of the garden...

Right - potting on is the term i think is used for my next job...

PottieP - what a water feature that is !


I've just helped a neighbour find his cat. His is one of the gardens on the long edge with the oaks in. His cat is an "indoor cat" it saw the back door open and made a run for it into my garden. I found it out on the pavement ,sunning itself. It stared at me, but as soon as it saw the owner coming, it legged it again....... maybe it doesn't want to be an indoor cat with all that jungle on it's doorstep.

I've made 4 pots of bulbs for the patio in winter. I've trimmed all the onion tops and put them into store in the garage, and dug up the last of the kifli potatoes.

 Now for coffe and a macaroon.


Pam, that's not what I call a pond!  It's humongous! Hope you manage to sort it out soon. Did have a swim in mine once - unintentionally.

Bristol's too far for me too Lily. Did think though that perhaps I would contact the local recycling dept at Council and see if they can come up with something. If not, sorry, but they will gradually go in the bin!  Shush - don't tell anyone will you.

A very sensible one Panda.  One must keep up appearances. My nails are very important to me and I always wear gardening gloves, even though I don't like them.  Have to get my priorities right.

Cleaned the pond, removed the plants around the edge which the fish seem to have taken a liking to and have totally destroyed. Now have 2 grandchildren here.  One is sitting next to me eating crisps and it sounds like a cement mixer going. 

Now for lunch.


Oooh, a macaroon!  Has Mrs Overall had them on a low light since Wednesday?

Impulsive guy that I am, I've made a start in cutting back hardy and  tender perennials.

Not going to risk all my agastaches so lifting some and leaving some in the ground.  So much has grown so big this year that im going to change a new border slightly. (always thinking I can improve on this year) I'm a bit ruthless too...some plants  just have to go   Yep, dont like them anymore  

Had a busy morn at friend's garden ....she drives me mad sometimes.  She doesnt see the "quality" of some plants  if they aren't in totally full flower.     And, when things need pruning she says " can't they stay like that a little longer"?  

Got lawns cut ....sounds biggish one and not so biggish one .........