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Woodgreen wonderboy

I was advised to download the ad blocker on my mac. Can't remember how I did it but it has been a great help on lots of sites. Somewhere in your set up will be the button to press?


Know how you feel MrsG and, no, can be of no help.  Did get my now 18 year old grandson one of those huge beanbags a couple of years ago so he could play his games in comfort!  He did want it  - wasn't my idea. Perhaps not a good idea for you. My problem was what to buy an 11 year old who, IMO, has far too much and seems to have everything.  Present from parents is a Blackberry.  No PAYG cheap phone for her!  Bloody rididculous. Made a decision that this year I was not going to be blackmailed into paying any more than £50 and that's what I have done.  Bought her a small food mixer as she's very keen on cake making. Hope I reap the benefits of this!

I have to confess I watch lots of TV - not daytime but evening. I am also one of those awful mothers/grandmothers that allowed my kids to watch TV and play game consoles when and for as long as they liked.  If, once they got to being teenagers, they didn't do homework, it was their problem, not mine. I could not get myself worked up at their tardiness.  Believe it or not, they have not suffered.

Have just come in having moved several plants.  Started with just two and ended up doing 6.  Had to finish as I didn't want to wear myself out and it was very hot out there.  Best go and give them a bit of a water as ground getting quite dry again. 


Thanks Star and tina. Clothes it may be - but he does say 'no thanks' and not interested in going to buy his own either. He's not into anything other than computer games so maybe take your experience Tina and leave him to it, he's only with us an average of 4days a fortnight. Blackberry is what he has at moment after much pleading last birthday. Maybe a new xbox, old one apparently 'died the ring of death'. Could be useful for all of us, they play DVDs ya know! By the way Tina your grandaughter is very lucky to have a food mixer, what a thoughtful present.

star gaze lily

Sorry I couldn't be of more help mrsgarden,  good luck. 

What a beautiful day, washing on line, veg patch sorted. Put chillies in pots for over wintering.  Varnished table. Now sitting in garden having a bit of lunch. Hope this sunshine lasts a few more weeks. Not a lover of the cold



Wasn't expensive MrsG.  Nice neat little thing which will be just the right size for her.  Me thinks there was a method in my madness!!  Can't wait to taste the results.  Apparently, she makes lovely cookies and sponges. 

Mrs G,  you can either work yourself up and get angy with the laid back attitute and mess or just let them get on with it.  I was once told to stop and think 'how important is it'.  I never found it that important! Where the mess in the boys' room was concerned, I would, when in the mood, tackle it with black bags and put everything lying around in them and leave them to find whatever they wanted.  Anything not retrieved within a few days would go in the bin.  Daughter has always 'suffered' with OCD so wasn't a problem! 

Afraid my sun has disappeared.


Glad your having a good day StarGL, thought it was beyond hope anyway!

Tina, so right, I keep reminding myself this is the attitude I need for them both - and me - we've had the same tactics as the bin bags (called it the six o'clock box, at 6pm it goes in the bin), problem whenOH did it to me as well! Not known for my tidyness.

Keep trying to put clean washing away but then find myself outside testing soil again, the tester doesn't seem right to me (like I know!)


What to get a 16 yr old boy for his birthday  MrsG....a 16 yr old girlfriend....

I did the adblocker too at someone's recommendation. Can't remember how but it was easy. I think you look at your settings and just search for one. I did it without help so it can't have been difficult! Don't get any of the ads at all. Hurray!

Just bought a slow cooker today.  

Perhaps the children might learn to use it now and again...


No you are wrong fairy. Thats what you get a fifty year old man for his birthday!


punkdoc .....

Is that along with the sports car?


Slap your hand Punkdoc ! That's another kettle of fish FG !



Just had the people around who cut our hedges, and top the trees,went out to show them the paper as someone in Somerset had won 1.88 million on the lottery and the young lad says that is my girlfriends parents.OH and I both shook him by the hand and said we hope some of the good luck is passed on to us,no harm in wishing.

Apart from that,moved the banana plant into the greenhouse,in preparation for cold weather due,packed away garden furniture and was going to cut the grass ,when it decided to rain,but it is still quite warm.


That idea didn't go well then did it MrsG?

Hydrangea paniculata grandiflolium (easy for you to say), was just sprwled out like a ground cover or weeping plant. Looked it up, saw one trained as a standard - oh that looks good though I. Straight back out to begin removing lower branches. How exciting. Snip. Swear word. Off with the main stem I wanted to train And the ONLy flower. Oooops.


Puncdoc. You're obviously feeling a little better.

Daughter, 2 kids, Son and wife, eldest grandson and baby came for a cuppa and cake.  Well not baby. They've all just gone - thank goodness.  Can't be doing with all that noise at my age.    Granddaugher was delighted with her mixer.  Pity her Mum tonight as I can see she will be pestering to use it. 

Was tempted to have a go at my Hydrangea today MrsG but decided to leave it until I can see what's what.  Got it propped up with those green plant holders at present as it was falling all over the place.  Has to be about 3ft + high and as wide.  Shame about yours, but it will grow again.


Daniel has posted about forum problems on Kef's thread 'Still got problems with forum' if anyone's interested. 


star gaze lily

Slow cookers are great fairygirl,  prepare your meal in the morning and then home from work and your dinners ready! I use mine alot in the winter. Did a lamb tagine type dish in it earlier on in the year very yummy.

Lovely sunny day today till about 4ish, but still not cold. Hope its the same tomorrow. 

Did you have a nice time at your granddaughter 's TT and did you get your goodie bag?

Any luck with the pressie yet mrsgarden,  apart from the 16yr old girlfriend!!!


Good morning all   I just posted on the evening thread by mistake - well it was very early in the morning 

I've been out in the garden in the pjs and slippers with a torch, putting the fear of God into a black and white cat that was hiding under my Blue Angel hostas.  About 10 days ago OH planted two rows of garlic - the row nearest the edge of the bed is now nearly 4" tall - the row 9" further in hasn't appeard yet 


Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Dove have amusing images of you in pjs and a balaclava scaring the poor mog!!! Well I'm still dying a death this lurgy has firm hold  which isn't convenient due to the amount of work I have on ATM..... At least it's a semi decent time today was up at 4 yesterday yuck...... Haven't seen the garden at all but I know it's v v dry. The wisteria in the pot out front looks like it's suffering  so must must attempt to water it tonight ..... Just fed the chickens and from the crunchy acorn carpet I am also assuming there is some raking to be done in the woods..... La la have a good day peeps 


Morning Stacey - hope you're feeling better soon   Think we've got rain on the way, probably won't need to water tonight. 


Morning all. Dampish here but the cold weather to come later on and tonight.

I'd have very muddy slippers if I went in the garden! You need a catapult Dove.

I have a neighbour who takes his cats for a 'walk'. And yes - my garden is part of the route....

I will get  them one day...