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Hello folks   Come and join us on the Hello Forkers! thread where we can chat to each other morning, noon and night without getting detention for posting on the wrong one 


Hurray, that's what I've been wanting for ages and didn't have the courage to do after some people were doubtful. Thanks Mrs. G.


Hello Pennie,

We are no longer using this thread,see posting above by Mrs Garden.

See you on Hello Forkers.


Pennies, the chat thread was in 2 places so now it's been changed to one, simpler. It's called "Hello Forkers".

Hi pennies, glad you found us. Must check out the news, not heard about poor queenie.


Morning penniesfromheaven

We have now moved to Hello FORKERS .  Check it out 


Pennies, theres a newer general discussion thread called Hello Forkers, if you post on there you'll get some answers, might be worth starting a new discussion in the Plants section thinking about it.  If you could give us a starting point - soil type, aspect, style of planting that you'd like etc, you'll get plenty of ideas.


Pennies, most people seem to chose a 'screen' name, some use their real names.  I suppose if you had loads of Paula's we'd end up with Paula1, Paula2 etc.  I think screen names make it easier to remember and differentiate people.  The little faces in the posts are at the top of the message box, click on the smiley face and you'll see a box full of icons, just click on one and it'll appear in your message.  Hope Charlie gets on ok at the vets 


Is Charlie a cat/dog or something else?

Hello Pennies, no they are tiresome and unphotogenic. I generally borrow other people's when I'm out and about. 

Hello Pennies. Yes, but they are unphotogenic and extremely dull. I generally hire escorts when I go out.

One post got lost so now you have two. Neither is true.


Lol WB X



Apple or a bar of chocolate--- both the devils work of course.

Er.....Summat odd going on here. Bar of chocolate? Apple? Father's lawn? Time for a pill, I think.....


time for  'ignore' for me I think...pressing now....

Oh.... Aye, I see what you mean....


I thought this thread was deceased, no more detention for all no more cake. Get you all to hello forkers.