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Dove, they were and are nice people, and there are lovely people here too, but here gets many more people and some are much nicer than others. You know yourself there have been a few strange ones here recently. I like people in both and it's true that I do post on both. You obviously read the other one if you picked that up. You did post on it some time ago and decided you prefer here, you are one of the sensible nice people here with lots of good advice. I am a good guy with a foot in both camps, I never really wanted trouble or a split but people I liked went to the other one. I've also met some of the people from both so I know I like them.

Will you start PM ing as this is causing confusion to those not in the know. The timing is dreadful as we are trying to recover from the problems with the new hello thread. Its all becoming cloak and dagger, non inclusive, worrying and I just want to feel free to read any thread I want without feeling like a fly on the wall. This is obviously a private argument so please take it somewhere private.

That's just how I thought you were BL - and then you stuck out your tongue and waggled your fingers at us - not nice, not grown up. Made me very sad.

In the past when there's been difficulties with GW there have been snide comments made on FH - you know I'm right  - so I had a look today, and there are remarks about people on GW being 'disillusioned .... like frigging lemmings ..... blinkered'. 

Then there are people on FH talking about inviting a few from GW to join FH - I take it I'm one of the ones referred to as not being suitable as being 'too bossy'.

You can't blame me for taking an interest when I'm being talked about like that. Then you make that remark and use those smileys .  What do you expect me to think?  It's pathetic.


I would happily have PMd BL about this, but she doesn't accept PMs.


I do accept PMs, but there is a problem and Daniel has tried to get it sorted but it didn't work, so may I PM you please, then perhaps you will be able to PM me and we can keep this off the site. It's not fair on everyone else.



Oh blinking heck. Two of the people that made me so welcome when I joined this "at it" . I honestly think as a person who has never been on a forum before that all was well before certain people who I can now spot, who upset me terribly a few days ago, or should I say a certain person taking the p... DAVE.

Let's just ignore all the stirring, if people are on 2 forums fine. But if you want to stir and don't have enough to mix it with on one forum please don't do it here.

Not fair to newbies and to recent niave folks like me. So endeth the lesson.

star gaze lily

I'm new on here too and also have never been on a forum of any kind, including facebook and twitter. I hope I haven't caused any of this by going on both. I just wanted to chat to the ones who have been so helpful to me these past few weeks.

  Also what does PM mean. Must get used to these abbreviations. 


Oh KEF, I really hope you aren't upset. This is the first forum I ever went on and not really hugely long before you. I always enjoy chatting to you.

Dove PM is on it's way.


PM is private message, or personal message, star gaze lily. You can usually do it, like a private email, by clicking on someone's picture. But mine isn't working. If you hover the mouse on someone's picture you see their number of forum posts. If you click on mine it may go to my personal page where you send a message. Sometimes it just says Wyre Forest, which isn't me.


Lily don't worry now't to do with you or me really. Just some old issues and someone upsetting us all. It will get sorted, nearly everyone one here is lovely. Just post as usually and ignore the back ground stuff.


Lily I'm on Hello Forker now, showing off my culinery skills LOL

Woodgreen wonderboy

You can also PM by going into your own settings at the top of the page where it says your name. If I can, anyone can....

Good morning,been up since 3.00am, cant sleep.I have at least made my plans for the day,compost heap to be turned,clean greenhouse glass and plant snake head frittileries in damp grass area.


thanks for good wishes, have a good day too.

The potty gardener

Haven't seen the marty mower thread. Will have to catch up when I get home. Have a great day all and roll on next weekend

star gaze lily

Morning all, well at least its not raining. Off to work see you all later. Oooh by the way Dove -------- bubble wrap  sorry too much 


Oh Brumbull, you are upset, I for one respect your principles and will continue to post here if I may.

Dreary morning is looking slightly better, sun is trying to come out. Got postcard to say my spectacles are ready to pick up, so will go this afternoon. Am looking forward to something a bit more modern!


otnorot but just call me Bill

Hi! I'm new here but older than the hills.Today its raining and I'm trying to get my Dahlias,Glads,Cannas,Callas dug up cleaned dried and stored before the frost,the trouble is I'm 87 and I must sit down every ten minutes and rest.Oh well if they freeze then they freeze.