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Morning FORKERS.
Birds singing
Sun coming out
Enjoy your weekend everyone
Gardening Grandma

Morning, Forkers. Hope you soon feel better, Verdun. Brum, take it gently!

Grandkids gone home (sorry, grandchildren).   Dicussed with them yesterday the fact that I have the best grandchildren in the world.

'Aw, Grandma, all grandparents think that!' they explained kindly.

'All grandparents think it, but all other grandparents are wrong, that's all,' I replied.

They laughed, tolerating the elderly and eccentric.

Have been looking at photos of beautiful gardens this morning, trying to translate them into the reality of my small garden. Wish I were better at garden design.




Just thought I'd mention that email notifications aren't happening at the moment - even for Private Messages - so if you think you might have a PM from someone, have a peek in your Messages 


Morning folks. Sun is shining and I'm going out to play


Morning all!

Feel I've missed an awful lot- went out yeterday morning and was busy all day then watched G's W etc. Beautiful day here but another sharp frost. 

Nut-woodpecker They're so lovely. Hope the newt's ok. Birds have been having a feeding frenzy here.

Repotted indoor plants and did lots of those little annoying things that need doing. Daughter put together a small table for the kitchen and I looked at it and thought-hmm-more room for seeds! Lettuce seed are all poking through and sweet peas doing well (GG!! )  Daffs were at last through so I've cut some. Spring's definitely coming!

Did anyone else enjoy the Hepaticas feature on G'sW as much as I did? 

That's an alpine house I need to add to the list...




Morning everyone - sun is shining, sky is blue, and its the weekend

Loved the hepaticas too !

Gardening Club has its spring show today, so just about to deliver the cakes we baked last night (fruitcake - me, cupcakes - daughter).  Is there an unwritten law somewhere that garden activities can never happen without cake ??

Then I had some leucanthemum (white daisy things - not sure I have spelled right) arrive during the week - need potting up for a brief spell in the greenhouse.

Have a good day everyone.



Cake ???

Can I see a whole row of gardeners with their hands stretched out .............. ?


I'll put the kettle on 


Eaten too much cake this week 

Need to go a good walk now!


Looks like spring has arrived at last.

I wonder if our dafs will finaly open today. They are quite late now...

Have a nice day all!


Morning all. Really need to get on with my new bed and planting anything that should be planted, not the GH plants of course, as we are off to England on Tuesday. Hope the weather is getting warmer there. Never know what to pack, at least it's by car not RyanAir this time.

Hope you're better soon Verdun, lots of colds about - Dove had a shocker and I've had one too.

Blackest, if you think it could be angina then please don't work too hard all at once. Do it bit by bit with plenty of tea breaks!

Pennine Petal

Morning all, lovely day here, but no time to garden Marking to do, I'm getting behind. Hairdressers appointment, turned up yesterday on the wrong day Visitors tomorrow, need to do a tidy up.


Morning all.  Sun is, opps, was shining and notice that it's considerably warmer than yesterday. Sooo, I may venture in the garden.  Grass dry, rain forecast for Tuesday, so perhaps a quick spin with the mower.  Need someone with a big fishing net so I can safely get something from the bottom of the pond.  Wouldn't attempt it with the usual small one otherwise I could be swimming with the fish.  Wouldn't be the first time.

Before I go, this is my thought for today:

Just for today, I will be agreeable.  I will look as well as I can, dress becomingly, keep my voice low, be courteous, criticise not one bit. I won't find fault with anything nor try to improve or regulate anyone but myself.

If I do this, I will be a much happier bunny.





And we don't want you 'swimming with the fishes'...

Off for a walk otherwisethe smalls I'm hanging out will have to be in a bigger size!

I'll catch up with all you lovely people later

Happy gardening!


Not this time of the year Fairygirl!  Water freezing.  It would take my breath away.

That's for Verdun.



Went into town yesterday and got cold wet and very miserable. I am so fed up with being cold even with thermals on. Had some seedlings in my greenhouse and the cold has ruined them too. I now have a cold. Today is not a good day even if the sun is shining. Bah humbug


Morning all

Have been to butchers and then to a local nursery (prize winning) in search of that tree, Verdun, Taxus standishi. They had one called 'David' but it only reaches 2m long term, nice though _ golden foliage. Do you know anything about it?

Rest of the day is attemPting to dig the 'concrete' that has become the soil in my shrub patch ( was waterlogged)

Back later


Had 72 summer bedding plugs delivered thsi morning, so just back from buying 10 new seed trays and module fillers as I'd run out.  Rapidly running out of space in the GH, cold frame and conservatory and still have a lot of seeds to sow.  If we have another really cold snap, they'll be big trouble!



Maud is in the garden wrote (see)

Went into town yesterday and got cold wet and very miserable. I am so fed up with being cold even with thermals on. Had some seedlings in my greenhouse and the cold has ruined them too. I now have a cold. Today is not a good day even if the sun is shining. Bah humbug



GG bride has made up her mind about something - posted pic on other Fork thread