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The potty gardener

Morning all.

Bit too eraly for a Sunday but it is already beautifully sunny.

Blackest love the stones.

Have a great day all


Good morning Bev - yes it's early but absolutely beautiful - we've had a very sharp frost and my Fritillary Imperialis have gone all floppy - they should recover when they warm up - hopefully 

Morning those of you who are up.
Cloudy so far ...rain in the forecast but warmer !

Rain will be fine here, as long as it's warm rain.

Good morning Verdun 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all. Not a bad day here. Going to pot up my bare root plants for the time being. Have a lovely day, everyone.



Morning all. Bit cloudy and overcast here today ...ideal for visiting the nursery  

Typing this on new laptop but I need a teenager to help me move all my info. they're like policemen-never one around when you need 'em. And I need to alter the size of font -or get a magnifying glass.

'Oh bother' said Pooh.

Hope you all enjoy Beechgrove. I'm sure the female viewers will...

Confession time-I've never liked it 

Blackest-take it easy today 


Morning all

Minus 3C last night. Still frost in the shade. Got to get some seed compost todayand start the next round of sowing

Pottie Pam

Good morning all, 

I don't post very oftern but try to keep up with you all.

Lovely day yesterday as the wind had dropped and felt really warm.

Went to a car boot yesterday and got two lovely hellebores for £3.80 each. A white speckled on and a purple one. I've never grown them before. I'll go into the wood and get some leaf mould to plant them into and hopefully get some seedlings later on.

Have a lovely day all.

Gardening Grandma

morning, Pottie Pam. Are you getting infected with the hellebore bug, too? I've planted ten this year and am lusting for more.


I've caught the bug (I think Verdun gave it to me in return for the lurgy I gave him) and I've bought some hellebores this year - haven't grown any before other than a simple helleborus niger - now I've got some named varieties  - when I get a minute I'll have to make a note of them in my book and then put them on here and see what the Hellebore experts have to say about them.


Morning all - I've got a hellebore thing too!  Have a bed full of them now - but mostly leaves at the moment.  I have found the ones I grow from little plugs have ended up being much better plants than the ones I bought from GC - but the trouble is that the plugs don't seem to flower til yr3.  Still the older ones are flowering beautifully, so I know it is something to look forward to.

Will spend the day pricking out seedlings - I think I can finally trust my unheated greenhouse.  Fiddly job - but therapeutic.

Have fun everyone


Dove - I think mine are all quite common ones - they are all called "Ellen" something or "Harvington" something ....


Chicky, that doesn't sound 'common' to me - but then, what would I know - I'm a hellebore novice .............

I've just dosed OH up with a mug of strong freshly ground coffee and sent him out to empty the compost bin of the compost that is ready and spread it on the bare bit of veg patch, and then to turn all the compost that is still 'brewing' into the other bin - I'll do the washing up and ironing, put some gammon in the slow cooker for supper and then we're going out to look at art 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

 I'll do the washing up and ironing, put some gammon in the slow cooker for supper and then we're going out to look at art 

Impressive Dove! What art are you going to see?

I've got ironing needing doing but I'm going to the nursery instead 



Morning All

Today I have to clean the bathroom window - as tomorrow a man is coming to measure it for a new one - why am I cleaning IT????

I am also going to make a sample cake, to see what it comes out like and Next door are going to be my tasters - I don't like chocolate cake.

Then I will  attempt to do the shrub area I didn't do yesterday, but not looking frorwards to that - that's a fib - it's gardening of course I'm looking forward to it

And yes, weather forecast for here for Tuesday (top soil day) is rain 



Goodmorning all.  Lovely morning and I'll be pottering today as am feeling the effects if digging yesterday.  Lots of tidying and have to tackle the Passion Flower which is running riot.  Main job is to get son's motor bike removed from the middle of the patio!  He didn't take to Dove's suggestion to grow pots of nastertiums over it.

Enjoy your day.


Fairygirl - We're going to see a collection of Alfred Wallis paintings at the Time & Tide museum in Gt Yarmouth 


Good morning all. I'm getting a bit confused as I've just said my morning bit on Forkhandles. I keep writing the same thing on different threads!

Feels milder today, hope to rotavate the potato patch, if it's dry enough and if the rotavater starts.

Bjay, how can you not like chocolate cake?

Blackest, looks as though your garden is going to be stunning, but (I've said somewhere else too) please don't do too much at once at take regular tea breaks. Left arm pain is probably angina and if it hurts it's a sign that you need a break. Have you got treatment for it? I was a nurse so I can be bossy about these things! Health is so important. Exercise is good but don't overdo it.

Gardening Grandma

Its true that it gets a bit repetitive at times, but on the other hand it then develops into different conversations and one can flit from one to the other. Quite fun.


I rattle with pills i take, fairly good selection with minimal side effects. 

Today is cold and cloudy which is putting me right off doing anymore gardening with that easterly wind.  I was out at 7:30 getting another load of topsoil to join the two lawns so its easier on the mower. I reckon I should get another bed out of it too  

Missed GW this morning but managed to record A-Z and beech grove. A-Z was Interesting in natural gardening. but Dominic Littlewood naked, um no. and Daffs from seed seems like a bit too much dedication. Beechgrove was excellent, it's sparked an interest in rooting powder. I was impressed and i'd never seen it before in its 35 year history. To be honest it seems more  practical than gardeners world, however it seems a bit lagged shot in February and shown in April.. I'd rather be seeing what i should be doing now and next month rather than seeing what I should have been doing last month.

The perfect show would run current episode followed by a previous episode where it was close to current weather and conditions. It would be a great cheap option for the bbc.

I think today i will be mostly pottering round the house doing a bit of cleaning and not using my new tools i bought yesterday evening. Did get some mums pots from tesco's yesterday very wilted for 65 cents each after an overnight soak in a ban marie  they are looking good and healthy