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Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

I've got seeds for a beautiful looking white foxglove, but I'm a bit suspicious of biennials - 2 years before you get any flowers and then they die on you. I'm wondering about the perennial ones - developed by T and M, incidentally. The pink ones look great.


I've got perennial foxgloves in my garden although they can be difficult to find and are a little less robust than the biennial type. Worth the trouble imo


It's a day off for me today so I will be sowing seeds for the first time this year. I don't have a green house and no spare funds to buy a cold-frame, whilst last year's windowsill efforts were a disaster. Hopefully, an improvement in temps for next couple of weeks will get them off to good start.

It's raining here, but the ground needs it much



Morning.  Late again.  Raining here.  Not happy but pleased I cut the grass yesterday. 

Looks like housework, sorry to swear, is on the cards.  That's what I like about Summer, you can ignore all the dirt and dust and walk out the backdoor without a conscience. Perhaps I'll put dark glasses on.


I'm catching  up with myself.  Know this is the wrong thread as it's nighttime, but as all you sleepy heads have disappeared and, once again, I'm left all on my own, thought I would mention that Daniel hopes that whatever it is they are working on will hopefully be done this week.  I understand they are revamping the forum, or something like that and working flat out to get it done. That's probably why the site has been so slow tonight.

I expect Brum may know about this too and anyone else who has complained.

Also, I have been reading through lots of threads before I pop to bed and I have to say how great they all are.  Smashing people, all trying to help each other, all being pleasant. Ain't life grand.

We're simply the best - right Verdun.





Good morning all   Yes the site was slow last night wasn't it - I went to bed early.  

Figrat - thanks for the reminder - I did remember to go to the GC and get a garden thermometer - I've just been out to check and it got down to +1C last night (well, it's still there) but that's a definate improvement on recent nights I'm sure.

I also got a new pot for my lollipop bay which is in urgent need of repotting, some Blood,Fish & Bone, a big plastic saucer to use as a birdbath at work, some bird food and some wild-type foxglove seeds.  I've got a plan - you may remember that I'm retiring later this year?  What!  You didn't know?  I've mentioned it often enough I'm sure .......................... Anyway, where I work has Fox in it's name and is in the middle of some mature slightly unkempt gardens which I've sort of kept an eye on rather than leave it to the  random strimming of the chaps who mow the lawns.  I'm going to scatter foxglove seeds in sheltered spots under the apple  and cherry trees, in the bed by my window and some other little corners - no one will notice anything this year (they're not "gardeners") but next summer, when I'm not there, there will be foxgloves flowering all over the place - and they'll be there for ever - I'll have left an indelible mark 


Dove- that is such a lovely idea.  and leaving your 'mark' in a positive way for others to enjoy is really something special.

I had no idea you were retiring though- don't think anyone else did either as you've never mentioned it .. and at such a  young age too- only 27.....

Verdun sorry i didn't see your post here yesterday- was busy spring cleaning my wings..

Work today then hopefully do something in the garden before the rain comes. Need to order fence for front and still miles of it to paint in the back  Hope everyone has a good day today



Morning Dove and Fairy

Dove - what a lovely idea - you are a modern day Miss Willmott !

Went back to the GC yesterday lunchtime, reasoning went as follows:

Advantages of buying white foxgloves-

1.  I have a loyalty card at the GC so they would earn me points

2.  They were on 3 for 2 offer

3.  Deer don't eat them (or not the pink ones anyway) so I can plant them wherever I like

Disadvantages of buying white foxgloves-

1.  Couldn't think of any, no matter how hard I racked my brain ....


Purchase made


Do you know, it's so good to be able to go to work and not worry about what's going on on this board - last week I was quite anxious about people being hurt and upset, and I kept hiding in the loo with my iPhone   Never done that before.  Now I think we're all going to be fine and I can get on with my work (for just a little while longer ).  

Isn't it great that we can care so much about people we've never met - I think that means there's hope for the future of the world - why don't they put gardeners in charge?


Hmmmmmmmm - probably 'cos we wouldn't have the time, would we? 


Dove - feel the same.  Have never accessed the forum at work before last week - and hope never to feel the need to again !


Dove-sorry Miss Willmott- you're right- on every count

Chicky no disadvantages at all with your purchase after all- you're helping keep people employed at GC , helping the economy, helping wildlife...the gift that keeps on giving!

I believe people are inherently good if they garden but maybe I'm naive!


Fairygirl, I think they might not be good when they start, but by the time they've done a bit, and if they've learned to stick at it, then goodness grows, just like everything else 


Not sure about Mr MacGregor in Peter Rabbit !


I expect Mrs MacGregor could see his good points 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

I expect Mrs MacGregor could see his good points 


Brum have you been having a lie in? You're very late..

Everything you just said- ditto.

Have a good day whatever you get up to 

Gardening Grandma

I feel eactly the same - it is a relaxed, friendly place now. Sad that it had to happen as it did, but I like the new GW forum.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


Off to work now 

No cakes and tea for me...

Have a great day everyone


Morning FORKERS. It's true the forum is a relaxing place to be now. Some warm weather at weekend too.
Have nice day everyone

Good Morning All, a misty one here this morning, I'm late up this morning, got to decide if its warm enough to do something outside or maybe go to Cork for the day. Woodies has a 50 cent corner theres usually a selection of slightly frost damaged annuals worth saving.


Morning Brum. Sorry you're bit below par. Spoil yourself and get some plant goodies

Morning all. Made it at last. Not sure what I'm going to do today.  Bit murky at the moment, but looks like it might brighten up. Hope so as I need to tackle front garden.

Best get breakfast.