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Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

hope you feel better soon Brumbull. It's very catching this lurgy. I think I'll start wearing a mask when I go on this site. 

I'm behind with sowing veg seeds. Got lots of flowers on the go but only leek seeds sown so far.

Have you sown the runner beans direct, Verdun? That's the only way I enjoy runner beans not too keen on them cooked.


plenty of rain to go round I want a bit of sun. maybe just maybe my cold is slowly going.

Pottie Pam

Oh your poor OH, GG.

We've had a couple of days of showers and the garden is looking so much fresher. Can't believe we needed some rain after the winter we've had.

Morning pottie Pam
No, sow in shallow trays to germinate in matter of 4 days or so. I plant in bigger trays, well spaced and grow on in cold greenhouse. Prob in 2 weeks they will go in the ground and covered with fleece. They grow like mad then
Love carrots, rhubarb, beans etc raw
Have nice day,pottie

Used to grow mange tout just to pick and eat raw. Every time I hear 'Mange Tout' I want to put 'Rodney' after it ...

Might do carrots if I can find somewhere- couldn't live without them!

Off to work now..


Gardening Grandma

Finding somewhere in my problem, too, FG. We do have a vast planter next to the drive, built by OH to hide next door's broken down shed and provide a view from the side of the conservatory. I'm thinking of taking out the flowers from there are planting runner beans to go up the trellis and maybe something else in the area in front of them. Was once reduced to tears by the beauty of the potager at Rosemoor so I know it could be beautiful, as well.

Morning gardenIng Grandma
That would look good and would make a screen quite quickly.
Just a thought, off the cuff, but maybe room for tumbling tomatoes at the base too?
Morning Brum
Can you unpack them?
My routine?
The packing system is very simple......remove plant from cardboard base...slides down
Admire flowers.
Place pot outside, water. Preferably place where you can see them from your window before planting.
They will not suffer from not being planted immediately....they have been in that state all their "lives"
Plant when you are able to give it best attention. Best to group them so they dont blow over
Do you like them Brum?
I'm still bit affected by the lurgy.......only slightly now. Don't know how she did it but Dove did it to us. Gave us that lurgy! Ha ha So Brum it might be a few days of not getting cold or doing too much. Plenty hot drinks gardenImg friend

Good morning all sorry to hear your not feeling good Brumbull get better soon as always we can all get the best of advice from Verdun which is great. Rain here this morning postman just delivered 30 hardy mums and 50 freesia bulbs so if it dries up i will plant them.


Morning everyone.  So this it's what it's like early morning.

Started hammering down yesterday evening and is still going.  Just as well I have other things planned for today.

I am not political at all, but am alone in my thoughts that this constant referral to Mrs T as 'Thatcher' by those who spit the name out, is disrespectful.  Perhaps I am being over sensitive. Just my thoughts.  Not trying to start a debate.

Brum, sorry to hear you are proper poorly.  It's really affecting you as you sounded just like someone else I know with the 1000 threads.  

I feel I'm digging my own grave.  Must be getting up this early.

Verdun wrote (see)
Morning FORKERS.
Get fit soon Brum
Looking bright and feeling warmer
Will sow runner beans seeds today......raw runner beans picked and eaten as a snack perfect on summers day
Have lovely day everypne

Morning everyone

It's raining here too, but a lot warmer, 20°C due on Monday, yooo hooo Seed planting will definitely begin.

Verdun, it's funny you should mention eating raw beans. I used to do that as a kid in NZ too, even now every now and then. Here they say never eat green beans they are poisonous and only 5 can be deadly! Strange that I'm/we're still alive then, isn't it?

Got to go and buy some jiffy thingies today, the type that swell up when watered, have decided to sow my tomatoes in them this year.

Have a great day everyone and get well soon all the ones that are sniffeling!


The potty gardener

Morning all. There are some great pics of Beechgrove behind the scenes on their facebook page.

See if I can drum up some energy to get out and finish mulching and feeding the rest of my pots this morning.



GG saw that about runner beans I always grow them up one of those cheap metal arches. Each year it can be placed in  different area and it's rather nice walking under the arch and picking the beans. And so much more attractive in a small garden (less space take up as well)


Its Friday - thank goodness

Hope you all have good days - I will spend it making mental lists of the things I will do tomorrow - nearly all of which will involve  spade !

And "my posts" seems to have lost its squashed tomato - so well done to the boys and girls behind the Forum scenes



Good morning, yes it's Friday - Hurrah!!! that's a considerable improvement on yesterday!!! 

Chicky, could you possibly make me a list for Sunday and Monday please (on Saturday I will be visiting my parents).


Dove - will be pleased to - lists are my speciality.

There is a very special satisfaction from crossing things off when you have done them.  Have to admit to occasionally adding something to a "to do" list even if I have already "done it" - just for the pleasure of crossing it off.

Ok - enough already - exposing dodgy personality traits must stop



Morning everyone. Friday again already!

Oh chicky I thought I was the only person who did that! I just tell myself that it's so that I don't 'unintentionally' redo something...

Wet here today but doesn't feel so cold-only 4 degrees at 2pm yesterday. Wish Spring would hurry up!


Morning All The next 48 hours we should feel a difference in the air as the cold artic air is pushed back and we feel the benefit of being in the path of the gulf stream. I couldn't resist getting a few plants yesterday I aim to plant a herb garden section so i needed a couple more and i have a vision of petunia's cascading over the small wall i built so got a couple of those to help make it sooner rather than later. There are tonnes of top soil to move into position ready for planting. So lots to do


Right, off to work - then a three day weekend - have a good day everyone - see you later