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same here I need more windowsill!

I built a box for a raised bed although right now the prime location is under two  truck loads of top soil I am thinking it might make a nice location for some of the plants to grow sheltered from the wind I also need 4 meters of bed for my cloche. And I can't find the spade!

Better drink some tea and get back out there. I was thinking earlier there should be a newbies section showing different techniques I reckon most of the gardeners on this thread don't need showing how to pot a plug.

Pottie Pam

I took this photo earlier on today. Quite often see adders here in the spring. They must hibernate in the rabbit holes in the bank. This one is a female as the male is a silvery colour. The first swallow yesterday so Spring has got under way at last.


Pam-wow! What part of the country are you? Swallows-They'll take one look at Scotland and get back on the bus I think... Maybe they'll come in about July! They are so beautiful.

GG you've been potting like a Trojan- but what will your reward be if your off the cake!!!! Don't eat too many buns on your holiday now!

Tina- washing... I didn't put any out today-no point here!

Blackest I think thats a good suggestion. Sharing tips etc is great and we all learn no matter how much we think we already know.



An Early Good Morning Forkers post as you can see we can now post past the first page.

Thats down to maybe chris and or daniel who have been spending the weekend fixing this forum. Don't get enough appreciation the back room guys who work so hard to keep things working well, only the opposite when things go wrong.

Although not perfect, I clicked on first unread post i got a tomato and had to navigate manually. see the 53 thats the 53rd page if it was 100 you would still go to the last page which is 53 currently 

Hope thats clear

Good Morning Brumbull fetched your thread for ya

I'm off for a snooze


Morning brum 

Yes thanks Blackest it was a great help yesterday!

Horrible wet day here so i'm glad I got so much done yesterday.

Tina- we had a huge wildlife pond at last house but it also had 2 huge koi and 4 golden orfe which had been there ages. It needed a fair bit of tlc and we spent a lot of time on it. My daughter had a swim in there too and I once sent her in with a bucket to help clear the blanket weed!When we were selling the house they all disappeared and we found 1 dead near one end of the pond half eaten by the foxes living in a 'wild' bit we had. It was heartbreaking. They had taken 3 young ones from a netted smaller pond -replacing the net- so they knew what they were doing. I loved watching all the wildlife there.

Hope you're all having better weather than me today 



Good morning all  Don't want to rub it in Fairygirl, but we've got bright sunshine - sky's a bit grey but it was mild overnight and we're forecast a good gardening day here in the east  Might even get the under gardener to give the lawn it's first haircut of the year 


My OH works near a GC - he's been told that last Thursday they had their best day's takings ever!!!

Morning everyone. ESP to blackest for enabling this thread
Wet and dark this morning...windy today......oops, that's me!
Doesn't look like gardenI weather.....supposed to improve after lunch
Be happy everybody

Well Verdun, if you can't get outside to garden I've a few indoor jobs for you - the spring sunshine has revealed that my windows need cleaning and there are cobwebs where they ought not to be!  You could also prep the veg for supper and there's the bread to make and something creative needs to be done with the lovely forced rhubarb that needs picking ....

That's the problem, the weather improves and now there aren't enough hours in the day 


Dove can I get some rhubarb- I'll make you a crumble...

I'm watching 'To kill a mockingbird'-can't beat a bit of Gregory Peck!

Verdun-it must be the sprouts...

Sorry-coat's on now.....


Dove- it would be right soggy by the time it landed here!

Ashamed to say I only got round to reading the book a few years ago  Have you read the book by Carson McCullers called 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'? It was made into a film starring Alan Arkin and isn't well known but he's brilliant in it. I saw it as a teenager and it's a very good adaptation of the book. If you like Mocking Bird you might like it too. Very moving. 

Off to do something- Nursery perhaps!


Goodmorning all and, once again, thank you Blackest.

Sunshining at present and am hoping for a rain free day. Just checked where the new fence was going up to make sure he hasn't trampled over my plants and, far from encroaching on next door's garden, which ex-neighbour once accused me of (moi ), I have gained some. Left my gardening shoes outside yesterday. Stupid. Hoping I can find something suitable. Not into suitable shoes though.

Fairygirl just counted 15 Koi and 7 goldfish. Water so clear at present but get a few sunny days and it will start clouding up. Didn't swim intentionally!  Overstretched and lost my balance.  Fortunately, it was during the summer so water warm. 

Thanks for the tip about the book. Always interested in a good recommendation, especially as I too enjoyed To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Just noticed there is a very strong breeze picking up. Not cold though.

Hope MMP is feeling a bit more perky today. She was the lonely little petunia last night, or should I say early this morning.

Dove, I would love to do all those jobs for you, er....that's it, I've got a sore back! disrespectful. I was referring to the wind outside. Lol. I'm a very refined person don't ??ou know

Morning folks

I've started on it all. Coffee break now, mild, mostly sunny but too much wind for real comfort. More germinations in the propagator.

Clearing back last year's growth so I can see this year's. That will take several weeks and would normally be done well before now. The tatty stuff should have gone in autumn and the upright about 2 months ago. Never mind. New growth is happening whatever I do.

OH out on a motorcycle run and has taken the camera so I'll have to wait to get my unidentified bulb IDd. Don't think it's anything unusual but I don't know what it is.


Gardening Grandma

Coffee break here, too, after frustrating morning. We are on our first hol in caravan and tried to put up new awning this morning, only to find that we had left the instructions at home. Won't say who left it at home, but he isn't female. Bought Caravan Club internet connection to look for instructions online but could not get sign in page. After much effort, took laptop to wardens' office where I discovered that you can only use Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. Fiinally got online, found instructions. By now OH and I communicating only with forced smiles and short sentences. Sometimes very short! Have decided to put awning up tomorrow, to save marriage.

Open garden this afternoon, if it does not rain. Sun shining at present. Should restore sense of relaxation, unless out in the wilds and very hard to find, which can occasionally be trying. Have a good week, everyone.  (Brave smile).

Enjoy your holiday GG not much room in a caravan if things are a bit fraught. My last holiday in a caravan i fell down between the 2 single beds, more like shelves really and couldnt get back up through laughing. Hopefully the work on the roof will get done this week.only been waiting 2 months

Gardening Grandma

Thanks Maud!  Love my caravan, really. I've read gardening mags and catalogues and chosen about 30 plants for my new borders, so will have to prioritise! Too much time on my hands?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Nut, thank you for letting me know I am not the only one who hasn't started on clearing last year's growth. I always leave it for 2 reason; the first to give the widlife a chance and, second, if I did it in the autumn i would probably have to have another go at it now.


Just in for a cuppa after transferring lots of tomatoes from the modules they germinated in to small pots.  I wish I would just stick to one seed per module with toms but no, I always seem to insist to myself that an extra seed per module is insurance when sowing them.  They all germinate of course (1), meaning I either have to make sacrifices (which I hate doing) or spend 4 times as long (very) carefully separating!

Sunny (but windy) here, very warm (currently at 19C)  Rain due at about 3pm though..

(1) except for those where I only planted one seed...